Sunday, August 26, 2007

Your Eyes Got Me Dreamin'

Today has been a pretty good day. Oldest went off to church with his grandparents this morning, and hubby and I hung around the house with Mini. It's been nice having hubby home this past week. He's mostly lounging around, playing with the kids and doing this and that... honey-do's, handyman stuff, and what not. That and gaming - playing Huntsville and World Poker Tour on PC. It's good to see him doing something just for fun. He rarely has time to do anything like that. It's usually work, bath, eat, sleep, work.

I've been keeping hubby and Mini company in between writing (and playing Neopets :P)on and off all day. The demons took a severe whippin' from me this afternoon, and I'm up two more chapters. The story has taken a few interesting turns, and I'm liking my characters more than ever. My heroine is still a little flat, but conceptually, she has good potential. Overall, I'm happy with the story, and it won't be much longer now before I have it to the editing phaze. *JOY*

This coming week is birthday week. Oldest and I have back to back birthdays. We try to keep them separate most of the time, but I think this year - because he's getting "the" mondo gift, one he's going to flip over - we're going to celebrate one big party. That's A-ok with me. We'll typically buy two cakes - one like what Oldest likes, and one to my taste - as well as a carton of ice cream, then invite the family over. Not too shabby.

I'm looking forward to the cake :*>, but I have to admit I'm starting to get in that "oh my god, I'm aging again" mindset. I really need to shake it. I have to look at it that right now - this very minute - is the youngest I am EVER going to be. And that is a truth that holds true every day - every birthday year. I can only go up in age, so savor the moment. (Besides, 32 is not that damn old.) :P

That's it for me. Tomorrow is Monday, and hubby has jury duty. Gah! Our family is constantly being trapped in jury duty. It's a curse, I tell you. Off for now. Hope your weekend was a pleasant one!


  1. Oooh, great progress on your demon story. I can't wait to read that one.

  2. Yeah, me too! I bet you'll be glad to whip those demons once and for all!


    So, what kind of cake do you like?
    I hope its chocolate! :P

  3. Thanks, Annie. It's coming along slowly but surely.

  4. Cass, you know me. Cake is cake = YUM! Yes, I will be so freakin' glad to get those demons out of the way. The book has turned out very interesting to say the least. Completely different than what I'd planned.


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