Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tin Roof... Rusted

The trip to Lafayette is over and done... 'nuff said there. Hubby's company truck is back in the clutches of the Man, as it were, and the project has finally closed. Or so we hope. There is the possibility he may be called back out to the jobsite this week to do the final walk through with the inspector. I hope not.

Now that Hubby's Stress Project is completed, the household has mellowed out. For weeks hubby has been on edge. First there is the housing stuff going on, then he's been having to wrap up loose ends on the jobsite. They are talking about sending him to PA next, we really don't know. There is a "job layover" while they get things sorted out, and his boss gets new bids in place. Hubby and I don't mind that one little bit. We all need a break.

Now for my question of the day: Is it possible to become addicted to Swiffering?
If you aren't sure, or don't know what Swiffering is, continue to read before making your decision...
Our oldest dog has been chasing the neighbor's dog's booty for the past two weeks. Remember me telling about my neighbors who collect dogs, then never take care of them? This is another prime example. They have had two female dogs running loose in the neighborhood lately - and I mean permanently, never go inside the house, kind of running loose. Both of these females are in heat.

Poor Old Chancey Von. He's close to 14 years old, fat, and part border collie - so he is mega-hairy. He chases tail for about two hours every day in the scalding summer heat, and comes in looking like he's about to have a stroke.

Well, we never had a flea problem before this. But now that the Von Fuzz-ster's been chasing Bitch-in-Heat-#2, he has been coming in and gnawing on his feet. See! See, what fooling around has cost you, Chancellor?! Fleas: a type of doggie VD.
We bathed Fuzzybunz, and that mananged to just stir the fleas up worse, it seems. At times he'll be in midstride, and then do this wonky "Oh, oh! A flea is biting me! Make it stop, make it stop!" kind of wobble. So we are going to dip the dog today.

Since all this drama with Fuzzybunz, I have bought a Swiffer Wet Jet. Dogs who gnaw fleas and have long hair leave doggie hair tumbleweeds rolling through the house. And I am finicky about my floors. The shoe gnomes only manage to steal my shoes because I rarely wear them. Next to never when I'm in the house. My floors have to be clean to go barefoot because I can't stand it otherwise, and never mind that Mini likes to lay on the floor to play with his trucks.

So I got this Swiffer thing, and chased Fuzzybunz' hairballs with it. And then I began attacking a smidge of dirt and dust here and there. Next I began using it in the tiny space between the fridge and the stove. Ooh, that worked so well, I've since been using it just about every time I go to leave out of the kitchen, and everytime the dog gets up and moves to sleep in a new area. Muahahahaha!!

I've come to the conclusion that Swiffering is an ugly, evil obsession!But it works, I tell you. It works!

And so that is my wisdom for today. Swiffering is addictive. You have all been warned. :P

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Heh. I haven't seen a Swiffer since I moved out of the US. But they do work. I remember them fondly.

  2. AHHA! So its the Wet Jet that gets the spot between the stove and fridge! Good to know! My dry Swiffer just doesn't have the same effect.

    And not that you need to know this, but it serves as a great fake microphone stand. :D

    Best line I've ever read in a blog post: Fleas: a type of doggie VD. That's gonna stick with me for EVER. lol

  3. Oh gosh, Annie, I'd be lost without the Swiffer. Not sure why I never bought one sooner... They're like the lazy person's mop. I love it!

  4. Isabelle! Yes, they do work between the stove and fridge. I usually get down there and scrub with one of those Chore Boy things, but the Swiffer has the lil scrubby thing on it so it works too. ^_^

    LOL @ the flea line. Glad to have inspired you. Hehehehehe...

  5. Love the wet jet so easy for us clean freaks.
    My dog has a flea allergy so he cant get any fleas on him or he chews himself till he bleeds you can get this pill from the vet and all the fleas are dead within a half hour. good luck

  6. Thanks for the heads up, Jeanelle. I will definitely be calling my vet about those pills.


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