Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday 13 and houses and stuff...

Here I am hiding behind Mini, and standing with Oldest while on vacation in Vicksburg, MS. (Actually, I'm holding Mini in place - he's got his eyes on this really BIG hill that rolls down to the battle museum. Perfect for him to break his neck on, ya know.)

Since summer is fading fast, it seemed like the thing to do - post one of the pics from our vacation. I plan to hang on to summer with both hands to the very end. (Have I mentioned Oldest returns to school tomorrow. Arg!)

Hubby didn't make it into any of the pics, by the way. I didn't realize that til we got home. Ho hum. Sort of like our first anniversary trip to New Orleans. I didn't end up in any of those. They're all pics of hubby because I was to blockhead toting the camera. When will we ever learn?!

Hubby and I are viewing another house today. It's near the local airport, one of those tiny, tiny private airports that we didn't even know existed in our town until after we've lived here for a good 8 years. The house not in our current school district, but we thought for the price it was worth a look. It's a brick 3 bed, 2 bath with an inground pool, 1800 or so sq feet on about half an acre. Hubby has been out there already and has sent me some cell phone pics. I'm going to take the boys out there for a peek once Mini wakes up from his nap. The realtor told us to just climb in through the front window and do a self-tour. Ha!

Goofy as that sounds, I'm gonna do it. I'm curious to see just how much work it will take to clean up this "potential" house inside. I'm of the understanding the floors will have to be completely redone, and the pool needs a new liner. *sigh*

We've done so much wrangling since we started our hunt, I'm pretty much of the mind "Just pick something already!" My parents have been whining now and again about us designing to move far, far away... and I'll admit the prospect is tempting. But we'll see this house first, and if it's something we can work with we'll take a drive to the bank.

It's that time again. Here are Thirteen Things On My Desk Right Now

1.) my laptop
2.) diet cola and ice in a plastic Beauty in the Beast tumbler :P
3.) my fave black pen
4.) a red notebook
5.) a copy of Claudia Dain's The Courtesan's Daughter
6.) a copy of Christine Warren's The Demn You Know
7.) The Running Man Special Edition DVD
8.) my cell phone
9.) Oldest's art camp diploma
10.) my goddess deck (tarot)
11.) a housewarming party invitation
12.) a white, plastic comb
13.) a bag containing gifts for a few friends (I need to mail this stuff!)

Today I'm giving a special shout out to Demon Hunter, who has recently gone through surgery. Get well soon, my friend. :)

That's it for me today, folks. I hope you all have a super snazzy Thursday! ^_^


  1. Cool list. Good luck on the house hunting.

  2. Geez, Cora, I didn't know you thirteened! I saw you over at Ann's and decided to stop by and say hi.

    Hope the house was a keeper, despite the need for new floors. I'm hunting for a fixer-upper, preferably that we can fix up for my parents but that we can flip if need be.

  3. Beauty and the Beast, my favorite disney movie.

  4. moving gah! i'll have to do that in a few years and not looking forward to it. good luck on the house hunt! sigh - i miss my pool.

  5. First of all, congratulations on the July Bestseller! :D You totally deserve it darling.

    Secondly, what a cute family pic. There is always the one stuck behind the camera. Ha, ha. Hubby and I have gotten better at just asking someone to take our pic.

    Want to hear something random? I have a red notebook on my desk too. LOL Don't know why I find that so funny.

  6. Wow. Another house. What a long process, huh? I remember since I just did it less than a year ago.

  7. I've been so hit and miss with blog hopping lately, but I can't believe you're still house hunting! That must be soooo frustrating. I hope this one was the keeper. ;-)

  8. Hi Ann! Thanks a bunch. :-) I dropped by and paid you a visit.

    Susan! Yes, I T13 most weeks. Oh boy, that house we visited... a horror palace! *_* I'll be posting about that a little later.

    Scooper: that's my favorite disney movie too. ^_^

  9. Rhian: thanks for dropping in! Oy, I know... I hate moving. This house hunting is taking it out of me. Luckily it's not a short notice thing - we have until the end of the year. We were just hoping it wouldn't take that long.

    Isabelle! I'm glad you like the pic. It's one of the few I actually appeared it. LOL! We ended up mostly with pics of the kids. Thanks for the congrats on the book, too. It's exciting. It's my first #1 spot. As for the red notebook... that's pretty cool! You know what they say. Great minds think alike. ^_^

  10. Kelley: Arg, yes... another house. If only the second one would have appraised for value!! I really liked that one, but it's a reoccuring problem. We've checked into 3 houses that wouldn't appraise for what the owners wanted, so we couldn't get financing for them. It's a mess out there. 2 of the houses were in jaw dropping bad shape. I never realized how hard it is to find decent housing in our area.

  11. Hi Samantha! Yep, still hunting here. It's not getting any easier either. We're looking out of state now, because the local options have been mostly shot down. We never realized there were so many bad neighborhoods in this area, but they've started cropping up in the local newspapers. In the past month - two arsons. Unreal! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

  12. Holy cow, Cora. You don't look old enough to have a kid so tall!

  13. Thanks, Annie! That's always good to hear. ^_^


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