Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday Ramblings

This weekend our temperatures have soared into the low hundreds. Our air conditioner is working overtime, and it's been a trial to keep the house cool - even at night. This is the hottest summer I can remember in a while. The humidity is stifling. Makes me want to make a break for icier climates.

I still have a cold, but it's waning a bit. Finally I can sleep at night again - no more fever. Mini has fully recovered, and Oldest is fairing better too. Hubby, miraculously, never so much as hiccuped at the ick in the house. The man must have an ironclad immune system.

I've been reading Claudia Dain's The Courtesan's Daughter for review at Romance Divas. So far so good. It's been a long time since I've read a historical, but I'm needing a change of pace.

My website revamping is nearly complete. My html goddess has done a fabulous job - I can't get over the change. It's a lot naughtier and romancier than the previous site, and soon as the major changes are finished, I will go in and update everything. Add Heart on Fire, and put up a new Bio, etc. I'm looking forward to tinkering around in there. ^_^

I've got some new writing things going on - the demons are going well, and I have a radio show interview coming up in November. A friend emailed me to say my book Dominant Territory has been voted by her blog readers as Best Summer eBook. Woot!

Right now it's a strain to try and stay focused on writing, what with the house hunt still in effect, but I realize if I don't put something down on paper, nothing will get done. I've made an effort this weekend, but starting tomorrow I must get back into my usual routine. I haven't been getting enough sleep at night, so I plan to change my writing time to mornings. We'll see how that works out.

This is just a rush through update on what's happening around me. This coming week I have to begin gathering things for Oldest to go back to school - hair cut, new shoes, uniforms, and putting back for his yearly lunch and lab fees. Gosh, kids are expensive. LOL!

Happy Sunday :-)


  1. OMG! That pic of the seal bathing in sun is sooo darn cute! I wanna hug him, and squeeze him, and kiss him. Hehehe!

    Sorry to hear the temps are so high. It was pretty hot summer here. But lately it has been raining almost every day. Then again, so are things in tropical islands. Hahaha!

    I can't wait to see your new improved website!

  2. Kids sure are expensive. Ha, ha.

    Love the revamp by the way. Woah. :D Very sexy. Fitting, with that edge of paranormal.

    I agree with Tempest. The first thing I thought of when I saw that seal is how much I wanted to cuddle it! LOL Weird!

    Weather here is finally breaking. I was able to open the windows last night and actually feel cold. :D Well, cool. Cold is a foreign concept until at least Novemeber. But yea, it was nice, to say the least, not to feel like I would die of suffocation in this heat.

  3. We'll be doing the back to school shopping after we get back from Cozumel. I'm ready for my dear offspring to be educated several hours a day, how about you?

  4. Hi, TK! I love that seal pic. I think he looks like a little... seal loaf or something. LOL He's shaped like a loaf of bread. ^_^

  5. Hi Isabelle! LOL, well, I guess I should say my kids are expensive. Oldest is always moping around about something he wants. Poor thing... :P

    Gosh, I'd love for it to be cool here even if it's just at night. It feels like no matter how many fans or how low we run the A/C it's still too hot.

  6. Annie : YES! I will be so glad to send Oldest to be educated several hours a day. I am counting the days...

    Hope you have tons of fun in Cozumel!


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