Thursday, August 30, 2007

Slackassedness and Thursday 13

I'm dog tired today. I stayed up writing last night, until I got too bogged down to focus. I planned to go straight to bed but got wrapped up in this documentary (um...yeah) about UFO sightings in the 1970s.

As a product of the 70s, myself, I thought this would be interesting, and slouched down in the recliner to watch.

In one part of the documentary a deputy was riding along in his Ford LTD cruiser *snicker*, and he saw lights off to his side, up on this access road. He thought it was a small plane or crop duster having trouble, so he turned off to head up there and offer assistance. Soon as he did, these extremely bright lights flashed in front of him, and collided with his car. He radio-ed in for help, saying something had slammed into his car. The other cops got there and noticed he was extremely confused. His watch, and the dashboard clock of the car, had frozen to the time of the accident, and the man had basically lost 14 minutes of time. Well, the car suffered some dents and dings - busted headlight, busted windshield, cracked siren light, and a ding on the hood - so the police station took it and shelved the car as "evidence". Yeah, yeah...

They left the car AS IS, and put it in a garage where it sits to this day untouched since the accident. The deputy was taken to the hospital, and treated for what basically amounts to "welder's burns" to his eyes. Yikes! Of course, nothing else has ever come of the case, leaving everything up to speculation, but it's interesting none the less and worth mention.

That was just one portion of the show, I was getting pretty sleepy about then, and watching something about a craft with blue lights when the next thing I know, hubby is tapping me on the foot (which is hanging over the side of the recliner and tingling from lack of circulation). I'd fallen asleep, and hubby wanted to know why I'd not yet come to bed.

It's a miracle I didn't dream about being abducted or some such thing. To be honest, when I hit the sack, I was out. I think it was around 2 AM I finally made it to bed? Anyway, Mini woke me up sometime around 6 or 7 AM and I vaguely recall murmuring something about, "Okay, go find daddy..." He did, and thank the saints I managed to log in another two hours worth of sleep. Bad enough, I have been like a zombie for most of the day. :P

It's been a loooong day. It didn't help that I learned of Rob Ashton's death. He's like my superman of romance cover models. Then there's the laundry that seems to have multiplied overnight. Ho hum. Friday, anyone? Where is Friday, and why isn't it here yet?

On to other things... AKA, more slackassedness from me to you. (With love!)

Thirteen Signs You're Tired (Okay, in reality it's 13 shining accomplishments I've managed should all be so proud.)
1.) You read the same paragraph in a book over and over and over... and still can't remember what you've read.
2.) You have space out... moments at random. Huh?
3.) You can't remember where you put your coffee cup.
4.) You walk out of the house and realize you've forgot your shoes.
5.) You keep thinking you hear someone drive up in the front yard. Neighbors think you're nuts 'cause you keep looking out the window.
6.) You go to fill up a container of water for the dogs - and find it full, sitting on the counter 30 minutes later. (It's a two step process. TWO steps. Fill and POUR.)
7.) What was the question again?
9.)<----See that! See, tiredness. I screwed up the numbers! 8.)<----Ditto! (RATS!) 10.)Where the heck is that effing coffee cup??
11.)Doors become dangerous objects to yourself and others.
12.)13.) Dang it! I keep messing up the format right. Oh what the heck...

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. My recent post is a great example of tired!

  2. MINE TOO! Ha, ha. Looks like its an epidemic.

    Hey, I've stayed up to watch weird stuff like that. Or crappy movies that I've never seen. Or other such weirdness although I'm ready to pass out from exhaustion. Like now. I should be sleeping. Its nearly 4am. *shakes head*

  3. ha! i did number four the other day - on my way to a business meeting - that woulda been bad!

  4. Please, go back to sleep! :*) Get you some rest this weekend! :*)

  5. OMG! I did number 4 just this past Monday - walked out of my apartment, locked the door and started out of the building for work...when I suddenly realized that shoes would maybe be a good thing. In my defense, this lapse was partly due to being frazzled by the sudden torrent of water pouring into my hall and walk-in closet from upstairs, just minutes before I was to leave for work. I really hate some of my neighbors....

  6. LOL! Thank you for the mention, Annalee. ^_^

  7. I keep those weird hours too, Isabelle. And really I shouldn't because there is rarely a time during the day I can just sit and rest with Mini on the loose. Gotta watch him constantly! If I'm lucky I can get him to take a nap (so I can take a nap - lol). ^_^

  8. Rhian, that makes me feel a bit better. I'm bad about not wearing shoes to start with, but when I did it the other day, it was more like just a space out moment. *_*

  9. Demon, I'm sure gonna try! Maybe I'll be able to get some good rest tonight. I certainly need it. My brain's been threatening to shut down on me all day today. :P

  10. Whoa! Water pouring into the closet! :( I'd have been forgetting my shoes too, Heather. Hope they didn't make too much of a mess for you!


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