Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ready Steady Roll

This weekend, hubby and I have to take his company truck back to Lafayette. It's a long drive, and we'll be taking the kidlings along with us. Once there, we'll head for vacation land - where ever that may be. We still haven't decided.

Yesterday I took Oldest to the library and dropped him off for a while. He wanted to look up a few books, tinker around on the net, and stuff. I left him there at 11, and went back for him at about 2, which we agreed on. He saw the Jeep and waddled out of the library with this MONDO stack of books. So what is he doing this morning... uh, playing video games! *shakes head*

Now on to my Thursday 13...

Thirteen Things Necessary for Preserving my Parental Sanity

1.) Coffee
2.) Sanitizing wipes
3.) If kids start acting goofy - don't ask too many questions *quicksand effect*
4.) Be aware of the dog's location at all times.
5.) Keep crayons on the top shelf to avoid toddler Picasso moments.
6.) Take deep breaths.
7.) Don't come running just because I hear screaming/shrieking. (Shout across the house to find out "What's going on in there?!" first. :P
8.) BC Powders - tastes gawd awful but will kick a headache in no time flat.
9.) Close my eyes and count to ten. After a while, the kids learn to run while they still can.
10.)Cell phones at the ready!
12.)Read a new book every chance I get. It keeps the mind fresh.
13.)For emergencies - break out the chocolate.


  1. Your werewolf looks kind of haggard. I'm sure he's glad the job is almost over, uh?

  2. YES, definitely. He was sooo tired that day - Tuesday, I think. We're just ready for this project to be over. It's dragged on far too long.

  3. That is one GOOD mommy list if I've ever seen one. :D *hugs*

    Wherever you go on vaca, have a WONDERFUL time.

  4. You forgot to add kicking chickens to that list, roflmao!

  5. I second that, Annie. I wish I had chocolate right now.

  6. Thanks, Isabelle! ^_^

  7. Have a great vacation.

  8. Most of your list applies to my sanity as well. We don't have pets, so one less thing to worry about.


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