Wednesday, August 29, 2007

La Night Shift Domestique

It's 4 AM. I just made a thorough run through of the house: I've swept and mopped, swabbed down furniture, cleaned countertops (and tabletops), and tucked away a bit of laundry. I'd do more, but I'm afraid I'd wake the house, and Oldest has to get up in a bit to get ready for school.

Soon as I finished my cleaning rounds, I thought I'd take advantage of the quiet and plopped down into the writing cockpit - where else would an erotic writer sit, I guess. I turned on the ol' laptop and planned to hunt down a few crazy pics to add to my collection, but of course the Virus software begins to update. *counts seconds off my life waiting for this darn thing*

Speaking of seconds ticking by, today is officially Oldest's sixteenth birthday. It honestly doesn't seem like I've had him long enough for him to be turning 16 - it doesn't seem like it's been that long since I brought him home from delivery. That old saying, "seems like yesterday" has a ring of truth to it. *_* Kids (and teenagers) are the surest measurement of time once you become a parent. There is suddenly never enough time to do everything you want to do, or enough time to spend it with who you want to. I'm not going to elaborate on all that. I'll get weepy. *sigh* Yep, my babes is growing up...

Yesterday was a great day. The party went off without a hitch. I didn't worry and fuss over details like usual, and probably for that reason, I enjoyed it more. Although officially it was my birthday, mostly the event revolved around Oldest getting his big gift - which was totally, absolutely worth it. Hubby and I have only been anticipating this great revelation for a solid month. We let Oldest open the presents from his grandparents first - a gorgeous handmade quilt set - then we handed him the box with the laptop in it, and stepped back to watch. We took shots of Oldest while he began stripping off the wrapping paper down to the box.

I think he probably thought it was a game system at first, from the shape and size and all that, but then he saw "Toshiba" and looked really confused. A second after that, I think it must've clicked because Oldest froze with his hands on the box, his face turned bright red (as he tends to do) and he just started rambling, "No way... NO WAY!!!" A frenzy of paper tearing ensued, along with much knuckle biting, some hugging the box, and then of us.

We took tons of footage of the whole thing - too hilarious! He was just so excited. It totally made my day. Hubby got a bit teary eyed. I noticed my dad did too. My mom just looked at me, and I'm not sure if she was surprised, or a little concerned when she asked, "Have you ever seen him like that before?" ^_^

Of course, Mini didn't understand why he didn't have presents, and right after Oldest had stripped all the paper off the box, Mini climbed up into a dining chair to check things out. Oldest seemed a bit nervy about opening the box himself, so I went over and began to help him pull the computer out of the packing. Mini, ever eager to see what it was that caused such a frenzy with his bubba, leaned up on the table top for a closer look and said, "What's 'ere?"

And like only a rump would do *lol*, Hubby told him, "It's a truck!"

Mini is only BONKERS about trucks. He lives and breathes Tonka, monster trucks, and all that jazz. And so when Hubby told him that, he got very excited. "A truck, Bubba! Givvit the truck!"

Um, translated into toddler talk that would be : "Hey, bro, if that's a truck in there, then it's MINE!"

I pulled out all the comp parts, and as Oldest and I were setting it up, Mini snatched the box off the table and sat in the floor with it. The hunt for the mysterious birthday truck was now on, and even after Oldest finally disappeared into his room with the new laptop about thirty minutes and two slabs of cake later later, Mini was still looking for the truck du jour.

At one point, he went over to his brother's bedroom door and rattled the baby gate. "Hey, Bubba, gimme dat truck!" :P ROFL!!

And there you have it. That was my birthday. Worth every single minute. Lots of laughs and memories...

Oh! Wait. I did get gifts. Someone asked me to reveal that. *tries to remember* Just for a rundown, I got a new Dremel cordless and attachment kit (Beware a woman who requests power tools for her birthday. MUAHAHAHA!), a gorgeous silver and turquoise Goddess necklace from the lovely Cassandra Curtis, a handmade quilt set that is absolutely stunning - and extra special because my mother made it for me, and a gold necklace with a interlocked sun and moon surrounded by a thumb sized-disc of all the zodiac symbols. A beautiful, and frighteningly delicate, piece of jewelry.

Today I know I'll be thinking about Oldest all day. Remembering what an adorable mini munchkin he was and thinking about how much he's grown. ARG! Tissues... where are the bloody tissues! It's one of those days, but I don't mind it so much. :-)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Oh sugar, that is just so cute! So, where is the truck? LOL.

    Maybe when Mini grows up he'll be a truck driver. Then he'll really have a truck! :P

    And wow on the laptop! You are a lucky young man, Oldest! My parents never bought me a computer. Okay, they didn't exist back then, but still, it's way cooler than a brontosaurus steak. LOL.

    Cora, I am so glad you liked the necklace. May you always be blessed by the Goddess ((hugs)).

    Sounds like you had a great birthday.

  2. Awww... I just love how you speak about your family. I get the warm, fuzzy, loving feeling. It's wonderful that you guys had a great time. And YAY for Oldest! I'm jealous. ;)

    Enjoy the day, reminisce. You're a momma of a wonderful 16 yrs old. You deserve it.

  3. I got all smooshy and sniffly reading that post. Thanks for sharing, Cora.

    Your family sounds great.

  4. Awwwww. Mine turned 16 last year. My baby's driving and working!!!!!! That seems soooo wrong!

  5. LOL, Cass! Mini finally resigned himself - albeit none too happily - that he was not going to score a new truck. ^_^ It was indeed a great birthday.

  6. Thanks, Isabelle. :*)

  7. Thanks, Ann. :) We have our moments as a family, but I wouldn't want to do without 'em.

  8. Working AND driving, Samantha! I don't think I'm ready for that yet, LOL. Oldest has a friend who has a regular job, still attends highschool, but has moved out of the house. Now Oldest isn't likely to want to move far - he always calls to check on me that I'm still home, even when he's only staying the night over at his gran's. (He'd probably smite me if he realized I'd posted that, but...)He does however like money and has been trying to convince me he wants to go to work. He's gotta get his grades up before he can do anything else, but geez, just the thought...


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