Monday, August 13, 2007

I Should Be Sleeping

We're home! Hubby, the kids, and I had a fun stay in Jackson, MS over the weekend. We went shopping and swimming, and zipped around town before the traffic got too bad. I have to say it was wonderful to get away for a while.

Mini had the most fun out of everyone, I think. He was excited about all the "big trucks" he saw on the interstate, and the tractors in the corn fields east of Monroe. The hotel rooms were equally fascinating for him - so much to get into, so little time.

A few hours after we arrived in Jackson, the lot of us went down to the pool. (The pic above was taken early, early morning... we had full sun while we were down there.) Hubby and I bought a special float for Mini - one of the small ring floats with a seat in it for toddlers. It had this big squeaky dolphin head on it, and his fins were sticking up in front for Mini to hold onto. Anyway, we slathered him down with SPF 60 and the kid went NUTS in the water. He kicked and paddled and squee'd. He called to his "bubba" who was content to float buns up in the deep end of the pool. *lol* (Actually, he was just goofing around with a pair of swim goggles.)

Right before Mini started looking a little sun flushed, hubby took him out of the swim float and supported him on his arms so Mini could "really swim". He'd hold him on his arms and coast him slowly through the water, and Mini would kick his feet and hold his chin up. He thought that was super snazzy.

We tempted him out of the pool with the promise of food, and he gave no fuss when we took him out of the water and went back upstairs. *miracle* However, it was clear a few hours later that swimming was definitely one of his favorite parts of the trip, because he kept crawling up onto the coffee table in the suite, and laying on his belly like it was a surf board. "Swish, swish..." ^_^

As fun as it all way, I am glad to be home. I think everyone else is too. Oldest immediately ran off to his room, and hubby began rummaging through the fridge. Mini flopped on the couch for an episode of Wow, Wow, Wubzy! and soon had managed to drag every one of his favorite toys: tricycle, toy school bus, Cozy coupe, etc. into the den around the TV. I hadn't thought about it til I saw him laying in the living room floor with one of his trucks, but I think the mini bear missed those comfortable "homey" things. Or in the very least, he was ready and glad to have them back again.

Now that I'm home, I have laundry to tackle, but I think I'll wait til the sun comes up. I couldn't sleep - I guess too much excitement - so I came in here to blog without distraction.

On the writing front...

I found out yesterday that Dominant Territory made #1 on the Cobblestone Press best seller list for July. Yay! And I also learned that I will be among the featured authors this coming week in TRS' "The Buzz" - a reader's choice online newsletter.

You can sign up for The Buzz here:
Anyone can join up, but I'm of the understanding that if you join today, you won't receive this week's edition. Your subscription will start next week. **

Exciting stuff! Anyway, that's about it for me. It's 2 AM, and I'm starting to feel a wave of sleepiness coming on. I think I'll follow it through. :)

Hope your Monday is a snazzy one!

**Update! The link to the current TRS "Buzz" issue:


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome trip! Congrats on the number one spot!

  2. Thanks, Kristen! :) Yes, it was a fun, very much needed trip. Hopefully we won't have to wait so long before we can do that again.

  3. So glad you went and had a good time! :D

    Much needed vaca's are the best. *hugs*

    Glad you're back.


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