Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Fandango

Hubby dipped Fuzzybunz this morning, and so now perhaps we should have some peace from his gnawing. If this doesn't work, off to the vet for a shave, a dip, and flea pills. Fuzzybunz has been warned.
After dipping the dog, hubby ripped out the bathroom carpet. After much procrastination, today I paint the bathroom floor. So before the weekend is out, I'll be buying epoxy and adding sparkles to give it a showroom finish. Ah, don't you love waking up to find heavy tasks for the day on your plate before your first cup of coffee? On the otherhand, with the bathroom carpet gone, I'll be able to Swiffer in there. :P

This weekend, I have to finish a painfully slow romance novel. I asked to review it because I've been itching to read another historical. I do like historicals from time to time, but this one makes me grind my teeth. I'm trying to look at it from a fair perspective: the book does have it's merits. The writing is great. Tight writing, great dialogue, and the plot itself is on cue. But the heroine... Oh, gods, the heroine. In the famous words of Bill the Caveman: "When will the hurting stop?"

I do not have a problem with innocent heroines, particularly in historicals. Hey, we're all virginal for whatever brief period in our lives. But an innocent trying deliberately to turn herself into a society slut - when she doesn't even know what being a slut requires - because she thinks she's been ruined for marriage? Oh, I'm sure there has been more than one dimwit to have created this very drama for herself over history, don't get me wrong. But living it and/or gossiping about it around the dinner table, is very different from slogging through 300+ pages about it. As a story, it makes for a very annoying reading experience.

Maybe it's just me. Hell, blame my age and the years of living streetwise. I have an astute ability to spot a dirty old man from fifty paces. The point is, I am very hard pressed to finish this novel.

The sad thing about it all, I have wanted to take a chance on this author for some time. Her books always sound so interesting by the blurb, but after reading this one, I know I'll never pick up another by this author. I know some people would likely flay me alive in defense of her, this book, and even the subgenre itself... it can't be helped. Say what you will - this is not the type of book for me. Alas, I will read it (because I promised) and I will be fair. I would never slam a book, because I know how bad that sucks. It's in these cases, I prefer to accentuate the positive, and make a general remark about certain elements that don't work for me.

With that said, I do thoroughly believe the use of the innocently dumb heroine is tired, and extremely outmoded. It makes the stories themselves seem dated. It brings to mind old 1980s historicals - which I loved back in the day - but now when rereading a book with an overactive, goody-two shoes heroine all it makes me want to do is force feed the poor waif a dose of Ritalin.

In the case of this review novel, you'd think by convention alone a Regency woman would strive to better herself even if she had been compromised - not the reverse. They didn't base marriage on love back then, after all. Boy, do I have my work cut out for me this time. I am swearing off anymore historicals for review purposes after this one.

Out with that, though. It's Friday! *moonwalks in socks* Once I get in my writing quota this weekend, I have a new game to install on my laptop: Huntsville. It's one of those cheapy games, but soooo involving. It's a hidden picture version of Clue. I've been watching hubby play since yesterday. Time to get my own before the craziness starts next week. Oldest and I have birthdays coming up next week. Hope Hubby can handle the impending mayhem. He's usually off working when this time of year rolls around.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. I know what you mean about Regencies. I really like historical stuff. But I'm hard pressed to read those because of the constant appearance of a flighty, dumb, or overly innocent heroine. Come on. Even in that time there were conniving, intelligent, manipulative women. Where are they?! Ha, ha. I like reading about those.

    Sorry to hear about the book though. I know that can be pretty disappointing and frustrating when you were kind of looking forward to it. You're great for still trying to point out the positives though. And for finishing. I'd have slammed it shut by now.


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