Saturday, August 25, 2007

Feeling Much Like The Devil

Hubby shaved Fuzzybunz this morning. He's a punk rock lookin' border collie now. Er, well, he's got hair on his head, ears, tail, and feet, but that's it. The rest of him is shaved down to the nub. Poor Fuzzy. But he was still gnawing after being dipped, so this was a last resort. We're keeping the poor ol' geezer outside in a shady part of the yard until we can get him to the vet and have him properly dipped and medicated. This way he stays cooler, and has less chance of reinfestation. Now if the neighbors would just do the same with their dogs - FAT CHANCE, I know, but a woman can dream.

We took Mini and Oldest out to eat at the El Patio this afternoon, and I popped into the antique store on the strip. Hubby asked if I saw anything interesting, and I'm assuming he's gathering birthday ideas. All I've given him for ideas this year is a Dremel multi tool - something to use for rerooting cabbages. :P

As for the rest of the family, they just kind of tagged along about town. Mini is down for a nap now that we're home, and Oldest is off in his room pouting on me. He wanted to rent a video game, and I warned him in advance, that he could rent it for a week if he wanted, but it will be confiscated from his room Sunday night just like all the others. I have rules about video games during the school year, and this was NOT boding well. His grades from last year speak for themselves. He's lucky to have the PS2 at all right now after that final report card, and even so, he of course he doesn't like that his games are limited. Tough love, babes...

I'm coming right along with my wip, and I've actually managed to get more done in the past few days than I have in weeks, even though Hubby is home with me all day. Funny how that works out.

Well, that's it for me. I'm about to go curl up with Mini and take an afternoon snooze. Ah, what better way to spend a Saturday? ^_^ Happy weekend, folks!


  1. I think an afternoon snooze sounds quite nice. I'm headed in that direction myself.

    Sounds like a fun, leisurely afternoon. :D Family time can be nice, huh?


    Have a great weekend sweetie.

  2. I normally take a nap on Saturday but after work got over this afternoon and my weekend started, I had more energy than normal and didn't. Now I wish I did. Now I'm drained. LOL.

    "Punk rock lookin' border collie" sounds like an interesting haircut!


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