Friday, August 31, 2007

Fast As Lightning

TGIF! Good grief this has been one long week. It's been a fairly productive one though, considering two birthdays cropping up and all.

Last night I stayed up after everyone went to bed and worked on my wip. Made pretty good progress, too. About 1500 words. By the time I dragged off to bed, I felt mildly faint. I've been working too many long hours, I think. Today I've been taking it slower, and napping on and off to try and catch up on sleep. I feel a little less zombie-fied, but still like I could go on back to bed for a few hours.

Late yesterday, one of my Neopets buddies called me up and we chatted on the phone for about two hours. I had a blast! We've known each other for about 5 years now, and we're both married with kids, and yet still refuse to grow up. LOL! Hubby kept coming in the room and asking, "Who are you talking to?"

I'd try to tell him without interrupting the conversation, but he just wasn't getting what I was saying. Finally I came out of our bedroom (I'd been lounging in there chatting so I could hear over the chaos of the house - TV, kids yapping and squealing, hubby horsing around on his computer, etc. etc.). Hubby looked up as I walked into the dining room, "Well, was it a good conversation? You sure were on there a long time!"

I came very close to telling him it was my hot young lover Manuel on the phone, but instead admitted it was my neofriend. Not that I was about to make any excuses for chatting for two solid hours... Hehehehe! ^_^

Tonight I'll hit up on the wip again, and do a bit of demon slaying. *kung fu snap* Can't stay up too, toooo late though. Gotta get up in the morning and run to Petco. Traffic over in that plaza is bonkers. I'd prefer to do it in the AM as opposed to after lunch!

That's it for me today. Hope you all have a fun Friday and a naughty weekend!


  1. Wow Cora, sounds like it has been a long week for you! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, btw. :D

  2. Hey buddy, mind snapping that whip for me? I seem to have passed out comatose over here beside my computer open to the chapter that is determined to kill me.

    ROFL. I so would have said it was my hot young lover Manuel. Just to watch his eyebrows go up. ;) Ha, ha.

    Take it easy this weekend girl. You deserve it!

  3. That cat pick sure matches demon slaying. LOL. Have fun writing this weekend. I've got a 3-day weekend for the first time. My normal day off is Monday so normally my shift doesn't get holidays that fall on a Monday but this week the company decided to give us all off our tomorrow in exchange.

  4. I love that cat! I have a were-bear I need tamed. Can I borrow him? :P

    1,500 is awesome! Very proud of you. I managed 320, yep that is all. ::sigh:: Life, writing, and were-bears––not a good mix. LOL

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Yolanda! ^_^

  6. Oh, Isssabelle... *whip-POW* Get crackin', sugah! Love the new blue layout, btw. I paid you a visit. ^_~

  7. Annalee, I *LOVE* the demon slaying cat. ROFL! Looks like he's saying "waaaa", getting ready to throw down on something. Don't you think? ^_^

  8. Cass, hon, you've been so busy lately... don't sweat the 300. It's better than nothing. There are days I won't even get 150 words in, but I have to take it as I get it.

    BTW, you need to collar that werebear. If you want, I can send you Karate cat. Maybe he can teach Pendragon some Kitta-jitsu?? =^_^= LOL!


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