Saturday, August 18, 2007

Are We There Yet?

On Friday, Hubby and I loaded up Mini in his car seat, and while Oldest was in school we went driving around house hunting. Our intent was to find a specific house we'd seen listed, but we drove around and around these backwoods areas until we reached a Wilderness Management Area, and gave up. After that, we drove past Ruston and out to the Lake Darbonne area, which is quite a little haul down the road, I must admit. I wasn't too impressed with the town itself, but we didn't go out to the far reaches. There are potentially some really nice places out there. Nonetheless, we came home empty handed. We made it back to our place around 4pm. Oldest was already home and flopped out on the couch with his gameboy. :P Altogether, it wasn't a bad way to spend the day.

We went again today to try and find this ellusive house near the Wilderness Management Area, and once again we came away without having found it. We tried mapquest, and even tried doing a lookup of parish roads, but we couldn't find the place even then. We came home around 2 pm to have a rest, and that's when my parents arrived for a visit. My parents thought it hilarious we couldn't find that one house, so my dad set about trying to find it on his navi system. Oh, he found it alright. The house is out in the middle of the WMA. Um, wild boars and black bears, anyone? Can you imagine waking up to find one of those taking a dip in your pool?

We're going to try and find this house again tomorrow, just to say we looked. Maybe it's not as bad as we're thinking it might be. We have blow-by-blow directions this go around, so maybe we'll get lucky. Either way, the next few days will be spent traveling about the state. Monday morning, we're taking Hubby's company work truck back to Lafayette. I'll be driving behind him in the Jeep, so he'll have a ride home. I'm breaking out my driving shoes (a pair of ratty, plaid Rocketdogs) in preparation!

Now, for an update on some of the houses we've looked at in the past few days. The first one we looked at - I was in shock. We were told the house was a brick fixer on an acre with an inground pool. We left our offer with the realtor, who then told us to go on out and let ourselves into the house for a peek. When we got there, some young woman - I assume to be one of the owners of the house - was there. She asked us, "Don't you have a realtor with you?" And we told her the agent told us to come on over. She was very sniffy toward us after that, but let us in anyway.

I stepped across the threshold, and noticed right off there was a "step up" in the foundation. Two feet inside the doorway there was a web shaped crack in the slab. The previous owners had ripped up all the tile, and so the web was completely visible. I pointed it out to hubby, and he walked over to it and prodded at the center of it - two fingers fit in the HOLE in the center of it. *_* Right away, I looked at hubby and gave him "the look". Interpretation: Not no, but hell no.

Then the sniffy lady led us on the grand tour of this house of horrors. There was a HOLE in the backboard of the cabinets - the island section visible to the den. The sliding glass doors out to the pool revealed a science project in the back yard. The liner of the inground pool had sunk down, and there was about 6 inches of green pond scum floating in it. There's no way to tell if the pool was even salvagable. We then went down the hallway... and that's when the real horror story started.

The bedrooms had colored carpet in them - carpets with mysterious two foot wide BLACK SPOTS on them. Like someone poured something greasy, like motor oil on them. I am not squeamish about dirty carpets, but I would not walk into bedrooms one or two. Next... the bathrooms. The master bathroom toilet looked like a science experiment all it's own. The porcelain had actually changed colors inside from no one taking care of it. I looked at Hubby and told him, "No way would I sit on this." If I was the poor fool who bought that house, all the toilets would have to be replaced. I peeked in bedroom #3, and didn't even bother to check out the attached bathroom. I turned around and walked out.

Hubby went right away to the realtor and retracted our offer on the house - we made the offer to hold off other buyers until we had a chance to look at it. All this because the realtor had made the place sound so promising. He wanted to warn her about the foundation problems with the house for future reference, and she said, "Well, you know, if you really liked the house, but I could call a structural engineer in to inspect the place for you. It would only cost you four hundred dollars."

Bitch, you must be crazy.

The second house I really, reaaaaally liked. Nice two acre lot with a storage shed, a work building/potential guest house, and an inground pool in immaculate shape complete with wood privacy fence. Inside, the house has three bedrooms and two tile bathrooms, and a large walk in pantry that they were using (and had set up) as an office. Very well maintained by an elderly woman who just recently moved to live with her son and his daughter in Florida after her husband died. All the house needed was the carpet replaced. The drawback: the location.

It's a very small neighborhood, closely contained. No sidewalks, and with narrow walk-way sized streets. It looks nice from that yard, but you drive around the corner - less than 20 feet away, and lo and behold, there is the local crack house. I'm not joking. I really wish I were.

Crackville. Great place to raise two boys, no? Hubby and I knew that as nice as this house was, it was a lost cause. The neighborhood is already in decline.

So we're back to square one. We going to look at "the wilderness house" tomorrow - if we can find the blasted thing. I'm not about to go trekking through raw woods to find the place though. I do have a Jeep, but if I have to engage the 4 wheel drive to get out to the house - ix-nay on the operty-pay.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Wow, you must be busted.

    House-hunting absolutely sucks. How's the time factor? I mean, are you gonna wind up with your mom and dad living with you or something? I hope you find something soon.

    It makes me want to start Googling real estate on your behalf (Not that it would do any good).

  2. It's true. I feel like I've been run through the ringer. We still have a bit of time left - the parents have until the end of December/first of January to get out.

    If we must, as a last resort, hubby and I have talked about building a small guest house behind our current house. BUT I really don't want to do this. It's not good for us to live so close. We'll end up bumping heads if we have to share property. So it's ideal that we find another place.

    Keep your fingers crossed for us!


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