Friday, August 31, 2007

Fast As Lightning

TGIF! Good grief this has been one long week. It's been a fairly productive one though, considering two birthdays cropping up and all.

Last night I stayed up after everyone went to bed and worked on my wip. Made pretty good progress, too. About 1500 words. By the time I dragged off to bed, I felt mildly faint. I've been working too many long hours, I think. Today I've been taking it slower, and napping on and off to try and catch up on sleep. I feel a little less zombie-fied, but still like I could go on back to bed for a few hours.

Late yesterday, one of my Neopets buddies called me up and we chatted on the phone for about two hours. I had a blast! We've known each other for about 5 years now, and we're both married with kids, and yet still refuse to grow up. LOL! Hubby kept coming in the room and asking, "Who are you talking to?"

I'd try to tell him without interrupting the conversation, but he just wasn't getting what I was saying. Finally I came out of our bedroom (I'd been lounging in there chatting so I could hear over the chaos of the house - TV, kids yapping and squealing, hubby horsing around on his computer, etc. etc.). Hubby looked up as I walked into the dining room, "Well, was it a good conversation? You sure were on there a long time!"

I came very close to telling him it was my hot young lover Manuel on the phone, but instead admitted it was my neofriend. Not that I was about to make any excuses for chatting for two solid hours... Hehehehe! ^_^

Tonight I'll hit up on the wip again, and do a bit of demon slaying. *kung fu snap* Can't stay up too, toooo late though. Gotta get up in the morning and run to Petco. Traffic over in that plaza is bonkers. I'd prefer to do it in the AM as opposed to after lunch!

That's it for me today. Hope you all have a fun Friday and a naughty weekend!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Slackassedness and Thursday 13

I'm dog tired today. I stayed up writing last night, until I got too bogged down to focus. I planned to go straight to bed but got wrapped up in this documentary (um...yeah) about UFO sightings in the 1970s.

As a product of the 70s, myself, I thought this would be interesting, and slouched down in the recliner to watch.

In one part of the documentary a deputy was riding along in his Ford LTD cruiser *snicker*, and he saw lights off to his side, up on this access road. He thought it was a small plane or crop duster having trouble, so he turned off to head up there and offer assistance. Soon as he did, these extremely bright lights flashed in front of him, and collided with his car. He radio-ed in for help, saying something had slammed into his car. The other cops got there and noticed he was extremely confused. His watch, and the dashboard clock of the car, had frozen to the time of the accident, and the man had basically lost 14 minutes of time. Well, the car suffered some dents and dings - busted headlight, busted windshield, cracked siren light, and a ding on the hood - so the police station took it and shelved the car as "evidence". Yeah, yeah...

They left the car AS IS, and put it in a garage where it sits to this day untouched since the accident. The deputy was taken to the hospital, and treated for what basically amounts to "welder's burns" to his eyes. Yikes! Of course, nothing else has ever come of the case, leaving everything up to speculation, but it's interesting none the less and worth mention.

That was just one portion of the show, I was getting pretty sleepy about then, and watching something about a craft with blue lights when the next thing I know, hubby is tapping me on the foot (which is hanging over the side of the recliner and tingling from lack of circulation). I'd fallen asleep, and hubby wanted to know why I'd not yet come to bed.

It's a miracle I didn't dream about being abducted or some such thing. To be honest, when I hit the sack, I was out. I think it was around 2 AM I finally made it to bed? Anyway, Mini woke me up sometime around 6 or 7 AM and I vaguely recall murmuring something about, "Okay, go find daddy..." He did, and thank the saints I managed to log in another two hours worth of sleep. Bad enough, I have been like a zombie for most of the day. :P

It's been a loooong day. It didn't help that I learned of Rob Ashton's death. He's like my superman of romance cover models. Then there's the laundry that seems to have multiplied overnight. Ho hum. Friday, anyone? Where is Friday, and why isn't it here yet?

On to other things... AKA, more slackassedness from me to you. (With love!)

Thirteen Signs You're Tired (Okay, in reality it's 13 shining accomplishments I've managed should all be so proud.)
1.) You read the same paragraph in a book over and over and over... and still can't remember what you've read.
2.) You have space out... moments at random. Huh?
3.) You can't remember where you put your coffee cup.
4.) You walk out of the house and realize you've forgot your shoes.
5.) You keep thinking you hear someone drive up in the front yard. Neighbors think you're nuts 'cause you keep looking out the window.
6.) You go to fill up a container of water for the dogs - and find it full, sitting on the counter 30 minutes later. (It's a two step process. TWO steps. Fill and POUR.)
7.) What was the question again?
9.)<----See that! See, tiredness. I screwed up the numbers! 8.)<----Ditto! (RATS!) 10.)Where the heck is that effing coffee cup??
11.)Doors become dangerous objects to yourself and others.
12.)13.) Dang it! I keep messing up the format right. Oh what the heck...

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

La Night Shift Domestique

It's 4 AM. I just made a thorough run through of the house: I've swept and mopped, swabbed down furniture, cleaned countertops (and tabletops), and tucked away a bit of laundry. I'd do more, but I'm afraid I'd wake the house, and Oldest has to get up in a bit to get ready for school.

Soon as I finished my cleaning rounds, I thought I'd take advantage of the quiet and plopped down into the writing cockpit - where else would an erotic writer sit, I guess. I turned on the ol' laptop and planned to hunt down a few crazy pics to add to my collection, but of course the Virus software begins to update. *counts seconds off my life waiting for this darn thing*

Speaking of seconds ticking by, today is officially Oldest's sixteenth birthday. It honestly doesn't seem like I've had him long enough for him to be turning 16 - it doesn't seem like it's been that long since I brought him home from delivery. That old saying, "seems like yesterday" has a ring of truth to it. *_* Kids (and teenagers) are the surest measurement of time once you become a parent. There is suddenly never enough time to do everything you want to do, or enough time to spend it with who you want to. I'm not going to elaborate on all that. I'll get weepy. *sigh* Yep, my babes is growing up...

Yesterday was a great day. The party went off without a hitch. I didn't worry and fuss over details like usual, and probably for that reason, I enjoyed it more. Although officially it was my birthday, mostly the event revolved around Oldest getting his big gift - which was totally, absolutely worth it. Hubby and I have only been anticipating this great revelation for a solid month. We let Oldest open the presents from his grandparents first - a gorgeous handmade quilt set - then we handed him the box with the laptop in it, and stepped back to watch. We took shots of Oldest while he began stripping off the wrapping paper down to the box.

I think he probably thought it was a game system at first, from the shape and size and all that, but then he saw "Toshiba" and looked really confused. A second after that, I think it must've clicked because Oldest froze with his hands on the box, his face turned bright red (as he tends to do) and he just started rambling, "No way... NO WAY!!!" A frenzy of paper tearing ensued, along with much knuckle biting, some hugging the box, and then of us.

We took tons of footage of the whole thing - too hilarious! He was just so excited. It totally made my day. Hubby got a bit teary eyed. I noticed my dad did too. My mom just looked at me, and I'm not sure if she was surprised, or a little concerned when she asked, "Have you ever seen him like that before?" ^_^

Of course, Mini didn't understand why he didn't have presents, and right after Oldest had stripped all the paper off the box, Mini climbed up into a dining chair to check things out. Oldest seemed a bit nervy about opening the box himself, so I went over and began to help him pull the computer out of the packing. Mini, ever eager to see what it was that caused such a frenzy with his bubba, leaned up on the table top for a closer look and said, "What's 'ere?"

And like only a rump would do *lol*, Hubby told him, "It's a truck!"

Mini is only BONKERS about trucks. He lives and breathes Tonka, monster trucks, and all that jazz. And so when Hubby told him that, he got very excited. "A truck, Bubba! Givvit the truck!"

Um, translated into toddler talk that would be : "Hey, bro, if that's a truck in there, then it's MINE!"

I pulled out all the comp parts, and as Oldest and I were setting it up, Mini snatched the box off the table and sat in the floor with it. The hunt for the mysterious birthday truck was now on, and even after Oldest finally disappeared into his room with the new laptop about thirty minutes and two slabs of cake later later, Mini was still looking for the truck du jour.

At one point, he went over to his brother's bedroom door and rattled the baby gate. "Hey, Bubba, gimme dat truck!" :P ROFL!!

And there you have it. That was my birthday. Worth every single minute. Lots of laughs and memories...

Oh! Wait. I did get gifts. Someone asked me to reveal that. *tries to remember* Just for a rundown, I got a new Dremel cordless and attachment kit (Beware a woman who requests power tools for her birthday. MUAHAHAHA!), a gorgeous silver and turquoise Goddess necklace from the lovely Cassandra Curtis, a handmade quilt set that is absolutely stunning - and extra special because my mother made it for me, and a gold necklace with a interlocked sun and moon surrounded by a thumb sized-disc of all the zodiac symbols. A beautiful, and frighteningly delicate, piece of jewelry.

Today I know I'll be thinking about Oldest all day. Remembering what an adorable mini munchkin he was and thinking about how much he's grown. ARG! Tissues... where are the bloody tissues! It's one of those days, but I don't mind it so much. :-)

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gonna Party Like Its Ma Birfday

Cass, I *heart* you. You know that, right? Check out this spanking good birthday cake she left for me on Myspace! ^_^

That's right, it's my birthday! I'm the grand old age of 32 - pish, posh on that "woman's not s'posed to tell" garbage. I'm a young 32, dammit. At least, at heart. *wink*

Just for trivial purposes, did you know that the mother of the demon possessed girl in William Peter Blatty's book "The Exorcist" was 32? Creepy!

Hubby gave me a card this morning (the party is this evening). It has Spock and Captain Kirk on the cover and it reads: Analysis, Spock. If all the candles on that cake were to be simultaneously lit... -And you open the card about now, and Spock's voice says- "Annihiliation, Jim. Total, complete, absolute annihilation."

How's that for romantic?! (Nevermind he has more candles on his cake than I do. :P) Actually, it is a funny card. I've got it on my desk in an effort to thwart hubby at will.

I've received lots of fun birthday wishes on Myspace, and one friend, Douglas, left this bit of wisdom. It's a quote by Larry Lorenzoni: "Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest."

I concur! What a wonderful bit of brilliance. (Isabelle, should there be any doubt you have inspired me with your recent quotes... *smile*)

Hubby will have his job cut out for him today. He must go pick up 2 cakes. One for me, and one for Oldest. (Vanilla and caramel cakes. Oh, and ice cream, too. Yum!) Oldest's birthday is tomorrow, so we're celebrating both today. Gotta get the video camera out - we MUST get footage of the Oldest Monkey when he opens his big gift. He's gonna freak! I can hardly wait!

That's it for me. I'm about to go check my Neopets, then it will be time to break the whip up on some demons. They love me for it. :P I hope you all have a snazzy-delic day! *breakdance*

Monday, August 27, 2007

Mommy Doesn't Have Her Head Anymore

Hubby went in for jury duty this morning, and thankfully they cut him loose. For whatever reason, they ended up not needing a jury. The guy pled guilty, or some such thing. After court, he went and bought wrapping paper for Oldest's gifts, so you can guess what I'll be doing later on this evening. ;)

My parents are starting to get antsy over the housing situation. They dropped by to visit the kids on Sunday, and my mom nearly fell to tears at my dining table. Hubby and I have done everything we can, and we could get them into the house faster if they weren't so adamant that we stay in the area. I know it's good to be close to one another in case we need help, or they need help, but when you need housing, you need housing...

Mom told me they asked about a tract of undeveloped land down the road from us, and could hardly believe it when the owner quoted them 50k. I think they are finally grasping the struggle hubby and I have been going through. There is a housing slump across the nation, yes. But if people are pushing to get into your area, that really doesn't matter too much. Prices will remain high. And they have here because of people pushing to get into our school district. Land and housing in this zone doesn't stay on the market long, and the prices are damn ridiculous unless you somehow manage to pick off a shack.

We lucked out when we got our current house. We just happened to be searching when the prices had sunk. That was over ten years ago. Since then, a lot of the area schools have been lumped into one or two larger schools, and the one in our district is one of those that took the least hit from all the consolidation. You wouldn't think that would effect housing much, but it does. There are fewer than five houses available here, and while they are lovely, they are well out of our price range.

I'm not sure what my parents expectations are, but finding a 1 acre tract in this area is nearly impossible. Hubby and I are now thinking of clearing off the back of our acre, and having a house built for them. We've also thought about buying a more expensive land tract and using it for collateral to have a house built for us. These are just the latest options. The pic above is one of the housing plans we've actually looked at. If we don't find anything between now and the next project, once hubby is back on the job site, we will set up a consultation with a home builder just to get some estimates. This is a last resort.

Onto the writing things...
I haven't posted much updates on the wip lately. It's been hard to focus. The demons are coming along nicely, I'm adding a bit daily, and aside from that I've been scrawling down ideas for another story into a notebook - a contemporary. It may end up a paranormal before it's all said and done, but for now the folks are barebones normal.

That's it for me today. Mini is asleep in my arms and my right thigh is going numb. :P Hope you all have a pleasant Monday!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Your Eyes Got Me Dreamin'

Today has been a pretty good day. Oldest went off to church with his grandparents this morning, and hubby and I hung around the house with Mini. It's been nice having hubby home this past week. He's mostly lounging around, playing with the kids and doing this and that... honey-do's, handyman stuff, and what not. That and gaming - playing Huntsville and World Poker Tour on PC. It's good to see him doing something just for fun. He rarely has time to do anything like that. It's usually work, bath, eat, sleep, work.

I've been keeping hubby and Mini company in between writing (and playing Neopets :P)on and off all day. The demons took a severe whippin' from me this afternoon, and I'm up two more chapters. The story has taken a few interesting turns, and I'm liking my characters more than ever. My heroine is still a little flat, but conceptually, she has good potential. Overall, I'm happy with the story, and it won't be much longer now before I have it to the editing phaze. *JOY*

This coming week is birthday week. Oldest and I have back to back birthdays. We try to keep them separate most of the time, but I think this year - because he's getting "the" mondo gift, one he's going to flip over - we're going to celebrate one big party. That's A-ok with me. We'll typically buy two cakes - one like what Oldest likes, and one to my taste - as well as a carton of ice cream, then invite the family over. Not too shabby.

I'm looking forward to the cake :*>, but I have to admit I'm starting to get in that "oh my god, I'm aging again" mindset. I really need to shake it. I have to look at it that right now - this very minute - is the youngest I am EVER going to be. And that is a truth that holds true every day - every birthday year. I can only go up in age, so savor the moment. (Besides, 32 is not that damn old.) :P

That's it for me. Tomorrow is Monday, and hubby has jury duty. Gah! Our family is constantly being trapped in jury duty. It's a curse, I tell you. Off for now. Hope your weekend was a pleasant one!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Feeling Much Like The Devil

Hubby shaved Fuzzybunz this morning. He's a punk rock lookin' border collie now. Er, well, he's got hair on his head, ears, tail, and feet, but that's it. The rest of him is shaved down to the nub. Poor Fuzzy. But he was still gnawing after being dipped, so this was a last resort. We're keeping the poor ol' geezer outside in a shady part of the yard until we can get him to the vet and have him properly dipped and medicated. This way he stays cooler, and has less chance of reinfestation. Now if the neighbors would just do the same with their dogs - FAT CHANCE, I know, but a woman can dream.

We took Mini and Oldest out to eat at the El Patio this afternoon, and I popped into the antique store on the strip. Hubby asked if I saw anything interesting, and I'm assuming he's gathering birthday ideas. All I've given him for ideas this year is a Dremel multi tool - something to use for rerooting cabbages. :P

As for the rest of the family, they just kind of tagged along about town. Mini is down for a nap now that we're home, and Oldest is off in his room pouting on me. He wanted to rent a video game, and I warned him in advance, that he could rent it for a week if he wanted, but it will be confiscated from his room Sunday night just like all the others. I have rules about video games during the school year, and this was NOT boding well. His grades from last year speak for themselves. He's lucky to have the PS2 at all right now after that final report card, and even so, he of course he doesn't like that his games are limited. Tough love, babes...

I'm coming right along with my wip, and I've actually managed to get more done in the past few days than I have in weeks, even though Hubby is home with me all day. Funny how that works out.

Well, that's it for me. I'm about to go curl up with Mini and take an afternoon snooze. Ah, what better way to spend a Saturday? ^_^ Happy weekend, folks!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Fandango

Hubby dipped Fuzzybunz this morning, and so now perhaps we should have some peace from his gnawing. If this doesn't work, off to the vet for a shave, a dip, and flea pills. Fuzzybunz has been warned.
After dipping the dog, hubby ripped out the bathroom carpet. After much procrastination, today I paint the bathroom floor. So before the weekend is out, I'll be buying epoxy and adding sparkles to give it a showroom finish. Ah, don't you love waking up to find heavy tasks for the day on your plate before your first cup of coffee? On the otherhand, with the bathroom carpet gone, I'll be able to Swiffer in there. :P

This weekend, I have to finish a painfully slow romance novel. I asked to review it because I've been itching to read another historical. I do like historicals from time to time, but this one makes me grind my teeth. I'm trying to look at it from a fair perspective: the book does have it's merits. The writing is great. Tight writing, great dialogue, and the plot itself is on cue. But the heroine... Oh, gods, the heroine. In the famous words of Bill the Caveman: "When will the hurting stop?"

I do not have a problem with innocent heroines, particularly in historicals. Hey, we're all virginal for whatever brief period in our lives. But an innocent trying deliberately to turn herself into a society slut - when she doesn't even know what being a slut requires - because she thinks she's been ruined for marriage? Oh, I'm sure there has been more than one dimwit to have created this very drama for herself over history, don't get me wrong. But living it and/or gossiping about it around the dinner table, is very different from slogging through 300+ pages about it. As a story, it makes for a very annoying reading experience.

Maybe it's just me. Hell, blame my age and the years of living streetwise. I have an astute ability to spot a dirty old man from fifty paces. The point is, I am very hard pressed to finish this novel.

The sad thing about it all, I have wanted to take a chance on this author for some time. Her books always sound so interesting by the blurb, but after reading this one, I know I'll never pick up another by this author. I know some people would likely flay me alive in defense of her, this book, and even the subgenre itself... it can't be helped. Say what you will - this is not the type of book for me. Alas, I will read it (because I promised) and I will be fair. I would never slam a book, because I know how bad that sucks. It's in these cases, I prefer to accentuate the positive, and make a general remark about certain elements that don't work for me.

With that said, I do thoroughly believe the use of the innocently dumb heroine is tired, and extremely outmoded. It makes the stories themselves seem dated. It brings to mind old 1980s historicals - which I loved back in the day - but now when rereading a book with an overactive, goody-two shoes heroine all it makes me want to do is force feed the poor waif a dose of Ritalin.

In the case of this review novel, you'd think by convention alone a Regency woman would strive to better herself even if she had been compromised - not the reverse. They didn't base marriage on love back then, after all. Boy, do I have my work cut out for me this time. I am swearing off anymore historicals for review purposes after this one.

Out with that, though. It's Friday! *moonwalks in socks* Once I get in my writing quota this weekend, I have a new game to install on my laptop: Huntsville. It's one of those cheapy games, but soooo involving. It's a hidden picture version of Clue. I've been watching hubby play since yesterday. Time to get my own before the craziness starts next week. Oldest and I have birthdays coming up next week. Hope Hubby can handle the impending mayhem. He's usually off working when this time of year rolls around.

Happy weekend, everyone!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hazy Thoughts

Yesterday Hubby and I put Mini in his car seat and drove around the lake - which is only about 5 minutes from our house. We dipped off down these roads we've never bothered to check out in the 10+ years we've lived here. It was more of an adventure drive than anything, but we did note the way the houses are arranged out there - too darn close to one another. You could barely see the lake in certain subdivisions because of the bloody boat houses. Even with the upper scale homes, if the yard is cluttered, it tends to be an eyesore.

There was a place or two for sale out there, well out of our price range, mind you, but we looked all the same. We found our way down to the shabbier end of the lake - where the roads are no longer maintained by the parish. At one point a deer jumped out in front of the Jeep. Thankfully the hubster had the brakes serviced this past Monday or we might've been in trouble. No worse for wear, we finally did a turn about and came back home. It was a nice drive, but we came no closer to finding whatever it is we're looking for.

Hubby and I will be going to a house viewing this afternoon. We're not too familiar with the subdivision, but it's worth a look. After that, I hope to take a walk through the antique store. I bought an aqua blue shelf that hubby swore wasn't worth the paint coating it, but I brought it home, sawed the legs down, and it turned out to be a very sturdy, functional piece. I plan to paint it a deep, cherry brown, or maybe a barn red, and put it in my doll room. I have a heap of soft sculptures I hope to display on it. For now, it's standing in the dining room, holding a fan and parts to a quilt top I plan to finish this evening.

Now we're down to the business end of it...

Thirteen Yummy-licious Foods I Really Need to Avoid: stuff currently on my banned substance list (at least til I drop 10 pounds)
1.)chocolate coated bing cherries
2.)Oreo cookies
3.)Reece's peanut butter cups
4.)Otis Spunkmeyer's chocolate, chocolate-chip muffins
5.)pizza - of any kind
6.)lasagna - of any kind
7.)boxed breakfast cereal - Pops, especially
9.)Blue Bunny ice cream sandwiches
10.)Nutella Hazelnut spread
11.)cookie dough *wimper*
12.)Sonic tater tots with cheese *moan*
13.)Jalapeno poppers with ranch

Geez, I do believe I am a masochist....
Happy T13, everyone! =^_^=

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tin Roof... Rusted

The trip to Lafayette is over and done... 'nuff said there. Hubby's company truck is back in the clutches of the Man, as it were, and the project has finally closed. Or so we hope. There is the possibility he may be called back out to the jobsite this week to do the final walk through with the inspector. I hope not.

Now that Hubby's Stress Project is completed, the household has mellowed out. For weeks hubby has been on edge. First there is the housing stuff going on, then he's been having to wrap up loose ends on the jobsite. They are talking about sending him to PA next, we really don't know. There is a "job layover" while they get things sorted out, and his boss gets new bids in place. Hubby and I don't mind that one little bit. We all need a break.

Now for my question of the day: Is it possible to become addicted to Swiffering?
If you aren't sure, or don't know what Swiffering is, continue to read before making your decision...
Our oldest dog has been chasing the neighbor's dog's booty for the past two weeks. Remember me telling about my neighbors who collect dogs, then never take care of them? This is another prime example. They have had two female dogs running loose in the neighborhood lately - and I mean permanently, never go inside the house, kind of running loose. Both of these females are in heat.

Poor Old Chancey Von. He's close to 14 years old, fat, and part border collie - so he is mega-hairy. He chases tail for about two hours every day in the scalding summer heat, and comes in looking like he's about to have a stroke.

Well, we never had a flea problem before this. But now that the Von Fuzz-ster's been chasing Bitch-in-Heat-#2, he has been coming in and gnawing on his feet. See! See, what fooling around has cost you, Chancellor?! Fleas: a type of doggie VD.
We bathed Fuzzybunz, and that mananged to just stir the fleas up worse, it seems. At times he'll be in midstride, and then do this wonky "Oh, oh! A flea is biting me! Make it stop, make it stop!" kind of wobble. So we are going to dip the dog today.

Since all this drama with Fuzzybunz, I have bought a Swiffer Wet Jet. Dogs who gnaw fleas and have long hair leave doggie hair tumbleweeds rolling through the house. And I am finicky about my floors. The shoe gnomes only manage to steal my shoes because I rarely wear them. Next to never when I'm in the house. My floors have to be clean to go barefoot because I can't stand it otherwise, and never mind that Mini likes to lay on the floor to play with his trucks.

So I got this Swiffer thing, and chased Fuzzybunz' hairballs with it. And then I began attacking a smidge of dirt and dust here and there. Next I began using it in the tiny space between the fridge and the stove. Ooh, that worked so well, I've since been using it just about every time I go to leave out of the kitchen, and everytime the dog gets up and moves to sleep in a new area. Muahahahaha!!

I've come to the conclusion that Swiffering is an ugly, evil obsession!But it works, I tell you. It works!

And so that is my wisdom for today. Swiffering is addictive. You have all been warned. :P

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nowhere Is A Place

Nowhere is a place, and today I found it. Hubby and I took off first thing this morning - around 7:30 am to find what we've been calling The Wilderness House - which is supposedly a relatively new brick home, 2100 sqft heated, vaulted ceilings 3bed/2bath, with ceiling fans throughout the house and on the back patio.

So, bright and early we went over to the Wildlife/Wilderness Management Area, and tried to follow the general mapquest directions. What a backassward mess. We didn't end up lost, so much to say - we just ended up in another parish!

We basically drove from one end of the WMA to the other, and saw NOTHING. Not a highline, not a trailer, not a deerstand or a sign. The entire area is nothing but pine trees, and red clay and gravel roads. Think Deliverance. Or Wrong Turn.

We were just about to throw in the towel, turn around, and go back the way we came, when we spotted a self check-in station. (A self check-in station amounts to a large board sign that warns you it's $100,000 fine to shoot a black bear.) We passed the sign, and on a whim I threw the Jeep in reverse.

I pulled up next to the sign and told hubby to go look in the little bracket shelves to see if there was a map. Lo and behold, there was ONE map in the box. A poorly charted, Xerox copy fascimile of a map.

Not all the roads were shown on the map - not a good thing when you're driving through an area with no distinctive marks, and no street signs. Above is an actual picture of the WMA taken from my Jeep this morning. Hubby took the pic, as I was driving. I guess he did it as a bit of photographic evidence - sort of like the Blair Witch video tape footage. Just in case we came up missing, I guess. :P

After we found the map, we went on past the check-in station and basically came out of the WMA to find ourselves a highway between Arcadia and the Hodge papermill. *_* We had basically looped around BEHIND our original starting point. Since this was the case, we started the hunt over from scratch.

This time through we had the map. It helped partly, but since all the roads weren't listed, we had to guess where we were going. Finally when we came out on a well packed gravel road, we knew we were on the right track. Fifteen minutes later, and one turn around, hubby shouted, "I think I saw it!"

I backed up the Jeep - nearly into a ditch - and there it was hidden off through the trees. The now fabled Wilderness House!

There was no markers, no mailbox, no driveway indicator. We pulled into the gravel drive, and bounced our way up toward the parking patio. The two acres were a bit shabby, but not too bad. The house didn't look to bad either. Mini had fallen asleep by this point, so we left the Jeep running, and got out to go peek in the windows. Right away, I noticed dozens of red wasps buzzzzzing around the eaves of the house. *_* I walked through the breezeway and peeked in through the front doors - double glass, with redwood trim. I was very excited. The living room was white tile, with HUGE bay storm windows overlooking the back yard. You could see all the way through!

We went around and peeked into the kitchen, but it was so dark, you could hardly see anything. Next window - the bathroom. We went around the side of the house, and noticed the soil had eroded away from the foundation by about two feet. That's not good. We continued around the central air unit, and to the back yard. More wasps were swarming here. Even so, we managed to get close enough to the house to peek in the window. The room here was TORE UP. The electrical outlets were pulled from the walls, the floors were down to bare cement, and there were patches on the walls. I think my heart sank at that point. Each window after that revealed the same - unfinished walls, water damage stains, bare floors. The utility room had a large, jagged crack in the foundation.

We found the back door open, so we gave it a push and peeked inside. Talk about a heart attack! There were SWARMS of red wasps inside the house. They were dropping from the ceiling fans on the living room floor. We quickly backed out, and closed the door.

When we walked back to the Jeep, Mini was still sleeping. I climbed in and felt kind of numb. Hubby said nothing. He took over driving, and we followed the paved roads out to HWY 167 - which leads back to our hometown. I couldn't speak for a good way. I was near to tears. It was evident from the design of the house, it had been a very, very beautiful construction at one time. It's enough to make you heartsick.

I had high hopes for this one, but I can't see us having enough to pay for the house AND closing costs AND then the 20 thousand in repairs it would take to make the damn place liveable. A damn shame. Maybe next time...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Are We There Yet?

On Friday, Hubby and I loaded up Mini in his car seat, and while Oldest was in school we went driving around house hunting. Our intent was to find a specific house we'd seen listed, but we drove around and around these backwoods areas until we reached a Wilderness Management Area, and gave up. After that, we drove past Ruston and out to the Lake Darbonne area, which is quite a little haul down the road, I must admit. I wasn't too impressed with the town itself, but we didn't go out to the far reaches. There are potentially some really nice places out there. Nonetheless, we came home empty handed. We made it back to our place around 4pm. Oldest was already home and flopped out on the couch with his gameboy. :P Altogether, it wasn't a bad way to spend the day.

We went again today to try and find this ellusive house near the Wilderness Management Area, and once again we came away without having found it. We tried mapquest, and even tried doing a lookup of parish roads, but we couldn't find the place even then. We came home around 2 pm to have a rest, and that's when my parents arrived for a visit. My parents thought it hilarious we couldn't find that one house, so my dad set about trying to find it on his navi system. Oh, he found it alright. The house is out in the middle of the WMA. Um, wild boars and black bears, anyone? Can you imagine waking up to find one of those taking a dip in your pool?

We're going to try and find this house again tomorrow, just to say we looked. Maybe it's not as bad as we're thinking it might be. We have blow-by-blow directions this go around, so maybe we'll get lucky. Either way, the next few days will be spent traveling about the state. Monday morning, we're taking Hubby's company work truck back to Lafayette. I'll be driving behind him in the Jeep, so he'll have a ride home. I'm breaking out my driving shoes (a pair of ratty, plaid Rocketdogs) in preparation!

Now, for an update on some of the houses we've looked at in the past few days. The first one we looked at - I was in shock. We were told the house was a brick fixer on an acre with an inground pool. We left our offer with the realtor, who then told us to go on out and let ourselves into the house for a peek. When we got there, some young woman - I assume to be one of the owners of the house - was there. She asked us, "Don't you have a realtor with you?" And we told her the agent told us to come on over. She was very sniffy toward us after that, but let us in anyway.

I stepped across the threshold, and noticed right off there was a "step up" in the foundation. Two feet inside the doorway there was a web shaped crack in the slab. The previous owners had ripped up all the tile, and so the web was completely visible. I pointed it out to hubby, and he walked over to it and prodded at the center of it - two fingers fit in the HOLE in the center of it. *_* Right away, I looked at hubby and gave him "the look". Interpretation: Not no, but hell no.

Then the sniffy lady led us on the grand tour of this house of horrors. There was a HOLE in the backboard of the cabinets - the island section visible to the den. The sliding glass doors out to the pool revealed a science project in the back yard. The liner of the inground pool had sunk down, and there was about 6 inches of green pond scum floating in it. There's no way to tell if the pool was even salvagable. We then went down the hallway... and that's when the real horror story started.

The bedrooms had colored carpet in them - carpets with mysterious two foot wide BLACK SPOTS on them. Like someone poured something greasy, like motor oil on them. I am not squeamish about dirty carpets, but I would not walk into bedrooms one or two. Next... the bathrooms. The master bathroom toilet looked like a science experiment all it's own. The porcelain had actually changed colors inside from no one taking care of it. I looked at Hubby and told him, "No way would I sit on this." If I was the poor fool who bought that house, all the toilets would have to be replaced. I peeked in bedroom #3, and didn't even bother to check out the attached bathroom. I turned around and walked out.

Hubby went right away to the realtor and retracted our offer on the house - we made the offer to hold off other buyers until we had a chance to look at it. All this because the realtor had made the place sound so promising. He wanted to warn her about the foundation problems with the house for future reference, and she said, "Well, you know, if you really liked the house, but I could call a structural engineer in to inspect the place for you. It would only cost you four hundred dollars."

Bitch, you must be crazy.

The second house I really, reaaaaally liked. Nice two acre lot with a storage shed, a work building/potential guest house, and an inground pool in immaculate shape complete with wood privacy fence. Inside, the house has three bedrooms and two tile bathrooms, and a large walk in pantry that they were using (and had set up) as an office. Very well maintained by an elderly woman who just recently moved to live with her son and his daughter in Florida after her husband died. All the house needed was the carpet replaced. The drawback: the location.

It's a very small neighborhood, closely contained. No sidewalks, and with narrow walk-way sized streets. It looks nice from that yard, but you drive around the corner - less than 20 feet away, and lo and behold, there is the local crack house. I'm not joking. I really wish I were.

Crackville. Great place to raise two boys, no? Hubby and I knew that as nice as this house was, it was a lost cause. The neighborhood is already in decline.

So we're back to square one. We going to look at "the wilderness house" tomorrow - if we can find the blasted thing. I'm not about to go trekking through raw woods to find the place though. I do have a Jeep, but if I have to engage the 4 wheel drive to get out to the house - ix-nay on the operty-pay.

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday 13 and houses and stuff...

Here I am hiding behind Mini, and standing with Oldest while on vacation in Vicksburg, MS. (Actually, I'm holding Mini in place - he's got his eyes on this really BIG hill that rolls down to the battle museum. Perfect for him to break his neck on, ya know.)

Since summer is fading fast, it seemed like the thing to do - post one of the pics from our vacation. I plan to hang on to summer with both hands to the very end. (Have I mentioned Oldest returns to school tomorrow. Arg!)

Hubby didn't make it into any of the pics, by the way. I didn't realize that til we got home. Ho hum. Sort of like our first anniversary trip to New Orleans. I didn't end up in any of those. They're all pics of hubby because I was to blockhead toting the camera. When will we ever learn?!

Hubby and I are viewing another house today. It's near the local airport, one of those tiny, tiny private airports that we didn't even know existed in our town until after we've lived here for a good 8 years. The house not in our current school district, but we thought for the price it was worth a look. It's a brick 3 bed, 2 bath with an inground pool, 1800 or so sq feet on about half an acre. Hubby has been out there already and has sent me some cell phone pics. I'm going to take the boys out there for a peek once Mini wakes up from his nap. The realtor told us to just climb in through the front window and do a self-tour. Ha!

Goofy as that sounds, I'm gonna do it. I'm curious to see just how much work it will take to clean up this "potential" house inside. I'm of the understanding the floors will have to be completely redone, and the pool needs a new liner. *sigh*

We've done so much wrangling since we started our hunt, I'm pretty much of the mind "Just pick something already!" My parents have been whining now and again about us designing to move far, far away... and I'll admit the prospect is tempting. But we'll see this house first, and if it's something we can work with we'll take a drive to the bank.

It's that time again. Here are Thirteen Things On My Desk Right Now

1.) my laptop
2.) diet cola and ice in a plastic Beauty in the Beast tumbler :P
3.) my fave black pen
4.) a red notebook
5.) a copy of Claudia Dain's The Courtesan's Daughter
6.) a copy of Christine Warren's The Demn You Know
7.) The Running Man Special Edition DVD
8.) my cell phone
9.) Oldest's art camp diploma
10.) my goddess deck (tarot)
11.) a housewarming party invitation
12.) a white, plastic comb
13.) a bag containing gifts for a few friends (I need to mail this stuff!)

Today I'm giving a special shout out to Demon Hunter, who has recently gone through surgery. Get well soon, my friend. :)

That's it for me today, folks. I hope you all have a super snazzy Thursday! ^_^

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday. Yik!

I ate entirely too much junk yesterday. Hubby called me from work and said he was dropping by the house to get Oldest and they'd go pick out movies, and buy supper. Hey, I'm all for that. I handed Oldest the movie rental card and sent him on his merry way.

When they returned, there was no supper in site. They bought a bounty of junk food - chicken rings, corn chips and salsa, buffalo wings, and the like. I thought, to make a meal out of this?? Well, the chicken rings are like nuggets, so Mini ate those for supper. I snacked on the salsa and chips, and by the time I sat down to watch Pathfinder with the guys, I didn't think I would make it through. Yik! Today I think I better roast chicken breast, and put on brussels. Something to counteract all the junk.

On the book front...
I must, must, must finish reading Claudia Dain some time this week. Oldest starts school on Friday, and I need to have that review out of the way. It's going to be a grab for time sort of thing when he goes back, and I'll need every minute of that for writing. So, now is the time for tying up loose ends.

A special shout goes here to Isabelle Santiago, fellow blogger in crime. I dropped by her blog and discovered she's had her appendix out! *_* Get well soon, lady!

The coffee has just finished brewing,so that's a signal for me to go. I need a cup so I can get started on my wip. Hope you all have a pleasant Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Something Different

Hubby sent me this picture from work yesterday. It's part of the set of a Jessica Simpson movie being filmed here in Louisiana.

The set, I'm told, is made up to look like parts of Fort Jackson, SC, which is where my husband went to basic training and AIT. You see Victory Tower in a lot of military movies, like in Rennaisance Man (Danny DeVito, Mark Wahlburg) where they have to climb the huge wooden tower with rope bridges on it, then repell down the flat side of it using ropes. That's the real Victory Tower, that's in Fort Jackson.

No Victory Tower here in La., but apparently they've made something to look similar to it. They've set it up in a way so they can film it so it looks vastly larger. That's movie magic for you. ^_^

It got soooo hot yesterday, I very nearly went out and bought another air conditioner. The heat index is like 111. Or something like that. I checked our back yard fur baby throughout the day, and made sure all around they had water. I also called and checked on mom, and dad and hubby at work - especially since they have to work out in that heat. We've definitely got to get a new top for the Jeep. The back glass won't zip on anymore, and when you ride, the wind hitting you is like having a hair dryer turned on high blowing in your face. The air isn't cool at all; it's stifling.
On to writing things...
I'm about to hit a long writing jag on my wip today - I've been slacking a bit lately, so I'm looking to make up for lost time. I want to put out at LEAST two more books this year. But if I'm going to do it, I need to get crackin'!

That's it for me today. I better get the laundry in the dryer before it gets too hot out. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I Should Be Sleeping

We're home! Hubby, the kids, and I had a fun stay in Jackson, MS over the weekend. We went shopping and swimming, and zipped around town before the traffic got too bad. I have to say it was wonderful to get away for a while.

Mini had the most fun out of everyone, I think. He was excited about all the "big trucks" he saw on the interstate, and the tractors in the corn fields east of Monroe. The hotel rooms were equally fascinating for him - so much to get into, so little time.

A few hours after we arrived in Jackson, the lot of us went down to the pool. (The pic above was taken early, early morning... we had full sun while we were down there.) Hubby and I bought a special float for Mini - one of the small ring floats with a seat in it for toddlers. It had this big squeaky dolphin head on it, and his fins were sticking up in front for Mini to hold onto. Anyway, we slathered him down with SPF 60 and the kid went NUTS in the water. He kicked and paddled and squee'd. He called to his "bubba" who was content to float buns up in the deep end of the pool. *lol* (Actually, he was just goofing around with a pair of swim goggles.)

Right before Mini started looking a little sun flushed, hubby took him out of the swim float and supported him on his arms so Mini could "really swim". He'd hold him on his arms and coast him slowly through the water, and Mini would kick his feet and hold his chin up. He thought that was super snazzy.

We tempted him out of the pool with the promise of food, and he gave no fuss when we took him out of the water and went back upstairs. *miracle* However, it was clear a few hours later that swimming was definitely one of his favorite parts of the trip, because he kept crawling up onto the coffee table in the suite, and laying on his belly like it was a surf board. "Swish, swish..." ^_^

As fun as it all way, I am glad to be home. I think everyone else is too. Oldest immediately ran off to his room, and hubby began rummaging through the fridge. Mini flopped on the couch for an episode of Wow, Wow, Wubzy! and soon had managed to drag every one of his favorite toys: tricycle, toy school bus, Cozy coupe, etc. into the den around the TV. I hadn't thought about it til I saw him laying in the living room floor with one of his trucks, but I think the mini bear missed those comfortable "homey" things. Or in the very least, he was ready and glad to have them back again.

Now that I'm home, I have laundry to tackle, but I think I'll wait til the sun comes up. I couldn't sleep - I guess too much excitement - so I came in here to blog without distraction.

On the writing front...

I found out yesterday that Dominant Territory made #1 on the Cobblestone Press best seller list for July. Yay! And I also learned that I will be among the featured authors this coming week in TRS' "The Buzz" - a reader's choice online newsletter.

You can sign up for The Buzz here:
Anyone can join up, but I'm of the understanding that if you join today, you won't receive this week's edition. Your subscription will start next week. **

Exciting stuff! Anyway, that's about it for me. It's 2 AM, and I'm starting to feel a wave of sleepiness coming on. I think I'll follow it through. :)

Hope your Monday is a snazzy one!

**Update! The link to the current TRS "Buzz" issue:

Friday, August 10, 2007

Live From Vicksburg

Hubby came home this afternoon and asked where I wanted to go. I was washing my hair when he asked me this, and I said, "What do you mean?" He said he called his boss, took off for the weekend, so it was time to load up the kids and GO.

I quickly packed a few bags, washed dishes, set up the dogs with plenty of water and kibble, and when Mini woke from his nap we hopped in the Jeep and took off. We decided to make a run to Jackson - do some browsing here and there. Since we left so late in the day and we didn't want to brave tooling around Jackson afterdark, we decided to spend the night in Vicksburg. We drove by the battlements, viewed the river, then went down the interstate a bit and got a hotel room for the night. Hurray for wireless!

Mini has had a blast exploring the hotel room, and I think Oldest is about to hop out to the pool. It's almost 8:30pm, but the pool stays open til 10. I'm about to lounge across the bed and write for a while. Tomorrow - shopping before we hit the road! ^_^

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ready Steady Roll

This weekend, hubby and I have to take his company truck back to Lafayette. It's a long drive, and we'll be taking the kidlings along with us. Once there, we'll head for vacation land - where ever that may be. We still haven't decided.

Yesterday I took Oldest to the library and dropped him off for a while. He wanted to look up a few books, tinker around on the net, and stuff. I left him there at 11, and went back for him at about 2, which we agreed on. He saw the Jeep and waddled out of the library with this MONDO stack of books. So what is he doing this morning... uh, playing video games! *shakes head*

Now on to my Thursday 13...

Thirteen Things Necessary for Preserving my Parental Sanity

1.) Coffee
2.) Sanitizing wipes
3.) If kids start acting goofy - don't ask too many questions *quicksand effect*
4.) Be aware of the dog's location at all times.
5.) Keep crayons on the top shelf to avoid toddler Picasso moments.
6.) Take deep breaths.
7.) Don't come running just because I hear screaming/shrieking. (Shout across the house to find out "What's going on in there?!" first. :P
8.) BC Powders - tastes gawd awful but will kick a headache in no time flat.
9.) Close my eyes and count to ten. After a while, the kids learn to run while they still can.
10.)Cell phones at the ready!
12.)Read a new book every chance I get. It keeps the mind fresh.
13.)For emergencies - break out the chocolate.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mr. Von Fuzzybunz

Today hubby and I talked to a realtor about a house in Mer Rouge. We walked away when we found out the sellers would not include the mineral rights with the sale. Drat! That's all we need... a house in a wooded area where we don't own the trees. Wouldn't that be lovely? You wake up one morning to find someone harvesting the trees in your yard and you can't do a damn thing about it. Uh... yeah. We'll keep looking.

Hubby has fallen for a property in Virginia - I don't know a thing about Virginia! I'm kinda wondering if he was just teasing me, or if he's serious. He seemed serious enough... he was talking abou trying to get the cost of a pool included in a loan for the home. *_* I don't know why, but that seems like a very scary move for me. Whatever the case, the hunt continues...

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

PS. The dog in today's pic is our actual, real, live-in-the-house dog. No cover models this post. LOL! ^_^

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It Wasn't Me!

I have a mountain of laundry I'm slowly chipping away at this morning. The day after sheets and blankets day is the worst - there always seems to be excess clothes!

Aside from the laundry detail, it's been a nice, quiet morning. Mini is jammin' to the Backyardigans, and in a few minutes I'll have to wake up Oldest so he can break out the lawnmower. The yard inside the dog fence looks a bit like a contained jungle - time to give it a snip.

I am counting the days until hubby's job ends. We talked about vacation plans last night, and I'm not really sure where we should go. We talked about going to Six Flags, but since hubby hates going on the rides, and Mini is too small for them, that kind of defeats the purpose, in my opinion. So we're still debating.

Today it's demons and laundry for me. Toward the afternoon I have to drag the oldest furbaby into the tub and give him a wash. Oi, the dog is not going to be happy with me when he realizes the bathwater running is for him. (That's not him in the pic, btw. If only my dog was that tiny!)

Not sure what it is, but our dogs seem to have some kind of psychic understanding the minute we start the taps running that they are about to get dunked. Then the war begins. I imagine it will take both me and Oldest to drag Sir Fuzzy Buns into the bathroom. He digs his toenails in when you start guiding him toward the hallway of doom. :P

That's it for me. Time to tackle laundry. Hope you have a snazzy Tuesday!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Gabba Gabba Hey

What a day! I did a bit of writing early on, albeit not as much as I had hoped. Still, it's a step in the right direction. I tweaked the demons a bit - a chapter I already had written - and plan to do more tonight once Mini is asleep.

Hubby came home early today, and he'd just flopped down on the couch when the phone rang. I checked the caller ID and thought, Louisiana State? First thing that crossed my mind: taxes. Shit! But hey, wait a minute. HnR Block has that guarantee right? Hubby nudged me, "Well, are you gonna answer it?" so I stopped hand wringing and picked up the phone. The woman asked for me by my full name, and I kinda went blank. "Yeees..."

It wasn't the state calling me, per se. It was the nurse from the local clinic where I used to take Mini for his infant shots, and monthly weigh-ins. Believe it or not, she was calling to offer me a job. :-o

Bizarre as it sounds, she remembered that I had breastfed Mini for his first year, and had been impressed with some of the things we'd talked about while I was taking him in for his regular checkups. She said a new position has come about at the clinic - "a peer counselor" position, which is someone who talks to women about the positive side to breastfeeding. She said that I came straight to mind when the position was created, and that I was her first choice for the job. That kind of floored me, since I didn't realize I'd said anything extraordinary. However, she gave me the details about the job, how many hours and week and the pay. The pay stunned me a bit. I'd thought we were talking volunteer work, but apparently that's not the case. I thanked her for considering me, and while I told her I wasn't really looking for work at the moment, I also said I'd discuss it with my husband. She said she'd leave an application for me at the front desk to pick up tomorrow, and hoped I'd come in.

Well, there's my shocker for the month. I am very busy these days, and we are not sure where we will be from one day to the next, but I am considering very hard in taking her up on the offer. The money is good, and I'd only have to work a few hours a week. I really need to think it through though, because I wouldn't want to leave Mini in daycare. I've never liked having to do that - too many day care horror stories on the news these days. Maybe I could leave him with a relative for 10 hours a week? That's the only way I could do it. I'd worry too much otherwise. Again, lots to consider on that front...

Speaking of jobs, hubby's boss told him the project needs to end "this week". So, as soon as all the job materials get sorted and crated up, hubby will be able to have a break. He needs it. We're all burned out and tired, and we're all plotting where we're going to go on vacation once he's home. I personally want to go to Babyland General in Georgia, LOL, but I imagine we'll be going somewhere like Hot Springs. It all remains to be seen.

And that's my Monday. Odd, but good. Hope you all had a good one, too! ^_^

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday Ramblings

This weekend our temperatures have soared into the low hundreds. Our air conditioner is working overtime, and it's been a trial to keep the house cool - even at night. This is the hottest summer I can remember in a while. The humidity is stifling. Makes me want to make a break for icier climates.

I still have a cold, but it's waning a bit. Finally I can sleep at night again - no more fever. Mini has fully recovered, and Oldest is fairing better too. Hubby, miraculously, never so much as hiccuped at the ick in the house. The man must have an ironclad immune system.

I've been reading Claudia Dain's The Courtesan's Daughter for review at Romance Divas. So far so good. It's been a long time since I've read a historical, but I'm needing a change of pace.

My website revamping is nearly complete. My html goddess has done a fabulous job - I can't get over the change. It's a lot naughtier and romancier than the previous site, and soon as the major changes are finished, I will go in and update everything. Add Heart on Fire, and put up a new Bio, etc. I'm looking forward to tinkering around in there. ^_^

I've got some new writing things going on - the demons are going well, and I have a radio show interview coming up in November. A friend emailed me to say my book Dominant Territory has been voted by her blog readers as Best Summer eBook. Woot!

Right now it's a strain to try and stay focused on writing, what with the house hunt still in effect, but I realize if I don't put something down on paper, nothing will get done. I've made an effort this weekend, but starting tomorrow I must get back into my usual routine. I haven't been getting enough sleep at night, so I plan to change my writing time to mornings. We'll see how that works out.

This is just a rush through update on what's happening around me. This coming week I have to begin gathering things for Oldest to go back to school - hair cut, new shoes, uniforms, and putting back for his yearly lunch and lab fees. Gosh, kids are expensive. LOL!

Happy Sunday :-)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Once Again

I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows today. I won't unleash any spoilers here - I hate spoilers - but I will say that I loved the book. The ending met all my expectations, and I didn't walk away disappointed, or feeling like anything was left unfinished. What a relief! *lol*

I have a bit of writing to do over the weekend, and then come Monday I need to start reading a book for review. It looks like it will be a good one, so I'm looking forward to that. I do have to whip the demons into shape and finish them this month - happy with them or not. I have proposed to have them in by the end of August/early September, so I will strive to do that. To be honest, I'll be happy to set them loose out of my hands.

On Thursday evening, a rare book arrived to me from England. I happened across an affordable copy at an online bookstore a few weeks ago. = an OOP book called Dictionary of Demons by Fred Gettings. It's considered one of the best books on the subject, and looking through it, I can see why. I heard there's an error in it - something falsely attributed or reported about Crowley, but I didn't get the book for his purpose. I figure anyone wanted to know about Crowley can find that information just about anywhere. Overall, it's an amazing book with full color plates, and photos and diagrams. And since it's arranged much in the way of a dictionary or encyclopedia, everything is handy, and very easy to find. Great research material for my current project. There are a few things I intend to cross reference before subbing my story.

No great plans this weekend. I hope hubby and I can run off to the bank sometime Saturday. They are rounding out that project at work, and his office trailer will go off rental on Monday. Hubby has to call and take care of all that. We do not know where his next project will be. There has been some talk about them sending him to Iowa, but I'll believe it when I see it. In the meantime, we need to do what we can to hurry and get in a new house. If hubby is sent off somewhere, it may be a while before he can return home. That can be a problem in the face of paperwork. So we've got to work fairly fast.

Aside from all this, all seems right in the world. Mini is over his cold, I'm feeling better, and Oldest seems to have hit the cold's peak. I'm sure by tomorrow he'll be feeling much better too.

That's all for me today. I am going to go curl up on the couch and watch Dracula 2000. I thought for sure I'd have bought or rented 300 by now, but alas...

Happy weekend!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summer Colds and Thursdays

Sorry I haven't blogged in a day or so. I've come down with Mini's cold, and haven't been feeling well.

At least he's feeling better. That makes it more tolerable. Oldest, on the otherhand, has been staying up until the wee hours of the morning gaming, then spending the days at art camp - which is making him tired and grumpy. I had to give him fair warning in the parking lot of the grocery store after camp today. He started in with the teenage ranty stuff, and I had to warn him off my case. Not too hard to do after I gave him the look imparting bodily harm should his attitude continue uncorrected.

He got in a better humor, and we went grocery shopping - bought just enough things to make it through to Saturday, as well as a box of sinus/allergy pills to keep me from appearing on the 11 o'clock news tonight. Both the kids picked out yummies from the freezer section for tonight. Thank the gods for microwave dinners!

While resting yesterday evening, I picked up Oldest's copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So far so good. I'm about 250 pages in, and hopefully tonight I'll be able to read a bit more - if I can stay awake that long. And if Mini rests well. I've been looking forward to this book for a while, and after this one I have a Claudia Dain I must read for a review. So here's hoping I can get a little quite time in on this one.

Tonight hubby and I have more paperwork to fill out. We have the documents/proof of income and other stuff to take to the bank, and once all that is in, they will look it over and hopefully send an appraiser out to the house that we hope to buy. Oooh, for better or worse, I hope it goes by fast, fast, fast! Oldest starts school on the 17th, and I hope to have the preliminaries out of the way by then.

Now for the Thursday 13...I think I'll keep it light this week.

Thirteen of my favorite summer car trip CDs: (directly from my carry case)

1.) Sublime - Sublime
2.) Bob Marley - Legend
3.) Tom Petty - Wildflowers
4.) Rancid - And Out Come the Wolves
5.) The Cult - The Cult
6.) No Doubt - Return of Saturn
7.) Sonny Landreth - Outward Bound
8.) Alice in Chains - Unplugged
9.) Sum 41 - Does This Look Infected?
10.)Stone Temple Pilots - Core
11.)Misfits - Walk Among Us
12.)Bryan Adams - So Far So Good
13.)System of a Down - Toxicity

And there is my