Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You call that waterfront?

Hubby and I browsed an ungodly amount of house listings today, and we found a cute little red brick ranch style house with double carport, 4 br., and on waterfront property. Sounds good right? We began flipping through the portfolio on this house and we're like - where's the money shot? We wanna see some water!

We get to the second sheet of photos and there is the waterfront. About a 10 feet stretch of pond scum with lily pads floating on what looks like an open sewage pit in the back yard. Uh...right.

That's what you call a "creative marketing" real estate listing, in my book. What do you say?

At least the demons are on track. I added another 1200words today. Woot! More of that tomorrow I hope.

As for today's pic - I absolutely love it. That cat kills me! *lol* Does he look seriously pissed off or what? ^_^

Happy hump day, everyone!


  1. A pond is a waterfront? They gotta be kidding! I was expecting some kind of lake, or at least a river. Sheesh! Maybe the waterfront was the frogs.

  2. Probably so, TK. Seeing frogs in it might've actually made me feel better about it - you know, at least they could survive if they fell in. We live five minutes from the lake where we're at currently, so their not fooling me on what the water is supposed to look like. I've seen the coves, and that place was a swamp in comparison.

    I just kind of looked over at hubby and made googly eyes at him once I saw the water picture. It didn't look like waterfront at all. Truthfully, it looked like a crawfish ditch to me. ROFL!

  3. LOL -- I've seen photos for the town we live in and have thought much the same thing... man did they ever know how to work that photo!!!! :-)

    Great job on the word count!



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