Monday, July 09, 2007

Waiting For News

I'm waiting for a call from Hubby this morning. We're making an offer on yet another house today. He's going to call me sometime early on and if necessary, I'll go put down a retaining fee on the property. If we were to get this place, it would mean that we would be moving, and we'd be giving our current house to my parents. So, two moves instead of one. I'm a bit nervy, but I think if it goes through I'll be okay with it. When it's time to move on, it's time to move on...

I colored my hair yesterday. I had to do something about that gray hair. It was driving me nuts to look at it. So, I went and bought a box of L'oreal Natural Match 7W - Dark Natural Blonde. I'm usually pretty skeptical about anything claiming "completely natural results" but hands down this is the BEST haircolor I've ever bought. I would've settled for anything, really, as long as it didn't turn out green, or too light at the roots. But it really is a perfect match. You can't tell I've colored my hair at all, and that @$%&! single gray hair has been colorized to boot. Mauahahahahaha!!! My hair does have a residual chemical smell though... I'm gonna slather some Pantene ProV on it later and hope the scent soaks in.

Oh! A bit of good news... I found out yesterday that Dominant Territory had debuted at #4 on Cobblestone's Best Seller list for June. Woot! Thanks to everyone who helped push me into that spot. I appreciate your support!

As for other writing things, the 1 year blog anniversary celebration is still going on over at the Midnight Moon Cafe. Lots of good stuff is going on over there, so be sure to drop by and partake in all the festivities. You could win some really cool prizes.

I gotta say... I'm really proud of the MMC and the ladies who devote so much of their time to the Cafe: Tempest Knight and Cassandra Curtis. They really pull out all the stops, and their work on the Midnight Brews is top notch. Gotta love my Moon Sisters. ^_^

I'm out for today, I think. I have writing to do. I hope you all have a snazzy Monday!


  1. Yay! #4 is great! :D

    And the hair color sounds great. :D I love it when the results are better than you expect. Maybe I'm just weird... I strangely adore the smell of hair dye. Then again, me and hair dye have been friends since I was 15 years old. LOL So, we kind of go way back.

    I'm getting my hair done today! I'm really excited. I don't even know what I want, but my stylist is brilliant and I know she'll give me something that will work perfectly for me.

  2. Well? Well? What happened?! Did your DH call?

    BTW, you gotta send me a pic of you blond. Hehehe!

    Congrats on your latest being in the best seller's list! Yayy! I knew it would. It's just such a grrrrreat story. :)

  3. Thanks, Isabelle! :) I don't usually mind the smell of hair dye so much. That garnier nutrisse doesn't smell bad at all. But this stuff... it's that bleachy-chemically smell. I washed my hair again last night, and it's still in there. Hm...

    Let us know what the new 'do looks like when you get it done! :)

  4. Hubby did call, Tempest. We're supposed to sign papers for a backup deal today. Hopefully our offer outbids the other, and they'll consider selling to us. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

    I'll try and snap a pic of my hair for you. The dye turned out honey blonde color, btw. It's not much different than the old color I had on it. It just pretty much covers that dreaded gray hair. ^_^

  5. Cora,
    Congratulations on the hair color AND the bestseller list. May you have many more books that do just as well! :*)

  6. Thanks Demon hunter!

    Hey, did you know you won a copy of Dominant Territory through the Midnight Moon Cafe on the 29th?

    You can email me at corazane @ (no spaces) to claim your book at any time. Just tell me what ebook format you prefer. :)


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