Sunday, July 22, 2007

Travelin' Sunday

Today I woke up to find Mini standing an inch from my face. "Miiiimiiiii.... Wake up!" I stayed up writing so late last night, I never felt hubby or Mini climb out of bed. Hubby came into the room, picked up Mini and carried him to the den. He shut the door behind him, and I heard him say, "Let mommy sleep." Bless him.

It was too late though. I tossed and turned for another thirty minutes, but decided it was time to roll out of bed. I glanced at the clock, and it was almost 8am. I came into the den to find Mini and hubby sitting on the couch watching Go, Diego, Go. And there was even a pot of coffee made. I had to glance around. Am I really in the right house?

Hubby suggested we go for a drive. I've been wanting to go to Bonnie and Clyde Trade Days for a while now. It's supposed to take place the third weekend of every month. It's basically a huge outdoor flea market with everything from food, to rusted iron bits, to glasswear and old furniture. It's a really cool place if you're into that sort of thing. I definitely fall into the category of one of those "into that kinda thing" people. ^_^ We asked Oldest - the lump that we could see through his bedroom doorway - if he wanted to go with us or to church with his gram. He was out of the bed in a flash - "Trade days!"

We corralled everyone into hubby's truck, and thirty minutes later we were on our way. As soon as we reached Arcadia (Trade Days central) we realized it probably wasn't open this weekend. There wasn't enough traffic to indicate it. We stopped for a tank of gas, and decided then and there if the flea market wasn't open, we'd just play it by ear. Turns out they held the flea market LAST weekend. We stopped by the Outlet Mall, but it wasn't yet open, so we climbed back into the truck, and after checking on a few properties we'd been considering in that area, we headed on to Ruston.

We stopped by Ryans for breakfast before heading on to Lowes. There we put Mini into one of those carts shaped like a race car and went around looking at the appliances and shower kits before heading out to the garden area. While browsing I found a section of deep red brick edging, and pointed it out to hubbby. When our two little old lady dogs passed away last year, I said I wanted to edge their grave area with that, and top it with white rock. As bizarre as that might sound, I want a pretty resting place for them. We bought the edging and two bags of whiterock for them. I still have to get a bottle of grass killer - which we forgot to buy, and then I'll start landscaping the graves. I suppose it's best to do it now. When mom and dad take over the house, they won't know where the old ladies are, so it's best to mark them. It could very well save my parents any horrible discoveries.

On our way home, we stopped and bought the boys an Icee. While waiting for hubby, I had an epiphany. A writing epiphany. Oh yeah. You know I was packin'. I jotted down a make or break scene in no time, and so I will have that to type up this evening to add to the demons.

Speaking of demons...

This is the fourth rewrite on this story. As I've mentioned a million times before, the demon tale is a proposed story, and part of the deal with the book is it has to have certain elements. The elements aren't noticeable, and I won't mention them, however I have struggled tooth and nail from the beginning to make the whole damn thing work. Then this fourth draft came around. It's completely different from the other story I'd been trying to "force" to work. It's so much different, I had to change the title. Even so, there is more of the proposed elements in this one than I had in any other draft.

I have hated this story until only very recently. I am back in love with this project. Hubby and I were making a Harry Potter run the other day, and I told him a breakdown of the story and he looked over at me. "You're going to waste this story line on an erotic romance?" Okay. Give him a half credit. He loved the story line, and while he is supportive of what I do, he's also one of those guys who rolls his eyes at romance novels. Especially erotic ones.(Although he has never read a romance novel, erotic or otherwise, in his life.)The point is I finally am back to writing with heart. *thumbs up*

My dad just arrived, so I am going to cut my post short. Overall, it's been a good day. I hope it carries over to Monday.

Brightest wishes!


  1. Ohhhhh, Cora, now I'm all excited for you! Writing with heart makes all the difference, honestly. Sometimes, when I try to force a project I'm not really feeling, I end up not just hating the project, but hating writing, because I feel completely disconnected. So I know exactly what you mean. :D

    YAY for that! And YAY that hubby was impressed. I know it's going to be great. ;)

  2. Wow, you've been busy, but writing all the while. Cool. Good post.

  3. What a great Sunday. sigh. I miss weekends like that. :(

    I know exactly what you're talking about with the writing, Cora. I just went through exactly the same thing with Torrid Hearts. I was having an awful time trying to make the book what the publisher wanted, then I remembered that it was my story and I had to be true to my characters and their story. In the end I was very happy with the book. :)

    and on a side note, I had my ex read through it and he said almost the exact same thing as your husband said. LMAO He wanted me to turn it into a high fantasy novel.

  4. Fourth rewrite??! I can so relate! But sometimes not giving up can have the best results! :-)


  5. Thanks, Isabelle. I've walked through fire with this book, so it's nice to see it taking shape for a change. :)

  6. Hi Demon! :) It's been so busy it's quite possible the writing is the only thing that's been keeping me sane. *lol*

  7. Wow, Samantha! Thanks for posting that about Torrid Hearts. Great inspiration, knowing you pulled it off, and to your liking. That is a very big deal to me.

  8. Hi Cole! Yes, the fourth rewrite on this thing. I just didn't like the way it turned out before, on all those other drafts. It just didn't feel... I don't know. Intimate, I guess. The characters didn't feel real to me. I couldn't stand for that. I had to break them down and give them a good old fashioned kick in the pants. lol!


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