Friday, July 20, 2007

This is Friday? RANT WARNING

I love my mom. Really, I do. We're very close, but there are days... oh, there are days....

She dropped by this morning to see the boys, and as usual the conversation turned to the housing situation, our move, her plans for remodeling our current house once we're out of it, and all those lovely topics that are absolutely driving me slapnuts crazy right now.

When the conversation dipped precariously into territory regarding my two elderly dogs and the fact we may not be able to put up two custom yards right away to keep the males separated, things got a little heated.

See, what started out as us getting another house in order to give my parents this one, has turned into us also leaving everything behind for them. Appliances, gas service, you name it. My mom also needs the custom dog yard we have here - which takes up a good quarter of an acre - a yard we spent a jaw dropping amount of money on to keep our dogs clear of the neighbors. Common courtesy, you know? Well, with the new range of houses we're being forced to look at right now, to try and keep everyone happy and in the same damn town, it's looking like hubby and I will end up wiping out our savings completely with this move.

When the parents taking over our house gradually began to get more and more expensive, I finally told mom and dad that if everything but our living and dining furniture must stay here, then ONE of our dogs may have to stay in the custom yard on this property temporarily until we can afford to build separated yards at the new home, wherever that may be.

Granted, I know it's a big deal leaving your dog with someone to care for even temporarily, and I do not want anyone else caring for my dogs any better than I'd want someone else caring for my kids, but shit, we've been bending over backwards to make this work for them, while not killing ourselves financially or mentally. Anyway, first thing after Mom arrived this morning, she brought up the dog staying in the fence. Right away, I could hear it in her voice, the wheedling. I could see where the conversation was headed. In a nutshell : I don't want your dog to stay here.

My parents have elderly dogs of their own, and I can see their reservation about taking on another dog. However, given the situation, and given the mood she caught me in this morning while I was trying to wrangle two kids into something clean and out the door for our errand run, I had to say: Mom, I realize that you don't wish to be incovenienced at all with these upcoming moves, and I'm not trying to be a bitch about it, but hubby and I are going to need your and dad's cooperation on some level to make this whole thing work.

And thus the shit bomb fell...

My mom is not a weak woman in any way. She's always had a granite hide, a warrior's spirit, and a lashing Texas tongue on her. When my mother crumpled up and began to pout on me about this much in the same way Oldest pouts on me when I tell him I won't buy him more Yu-gi-oh! cards, I cannot even begin to express my shock. If I'd have pulled that pitiful routine on her, she'd have flat out told me to suck it up. Instead, I stood in the face of a full 20 minute rant because she might potentially have to go to the trouble of dropping down a dish of kibble to my dog for a few weeks. It's not like she has to babysit him. The dog stays in the laundry room, has an exit so he can put himself outside, and doesn't even come in the main part of the house.

While, I'm listening to all this, I feel my own Irish temper kindling. When finally she finished chewing my ass about this, I told her calmly: Fine. I don't want to leave him behind anyway. When we move, you and dad pay to have Laundry Room Dog's corral built, and we'll take him with us.

I mean, otherwise, what other option do we have? My mom said nothing, just glared at me, and looked like she would cry at any given moment. Finally she declared she had things to do and left.

I have to say, I was relieved. Oldest, who witnessed all this while he was eating his Fruity Pebbles, looked at me in horror once she'd gone. "What alien took over gram's body?" I honestly do not know, but searching out houses in distant towns is starting to look better and better every day.

Writing things...

On a brighter note, all is well on the writing front. Things are heating up with the demons. I did retitle that particular wip considering the new direction the story has taken. After the changes I made, the old title just didn't work with it anymore. I also cut out a scene I'd been hanging on to because it I loved the flow of it, and I set it into a file for later use. I had to. It no longer suits the story as is. Geez, I hate letting chapters like that go, but I can't let the story suffer to keep in one well loved chapter.

Tonight I plan to take over the couch and write until the wee hours of the morning. I've already put in about 300 words today. I'm hoping to take that up by another 2000 before dawn. I aim to have this baby finished by the first week in August.

That's it for me this week. Maybe by Monday I can get my blog and posting back on track. At any rate, I hope you all have a snazzy Friday, and an even better weekend!


  1. I can totally sympathize with Mom-difficulties.

  2. Ouch.

    I'm so sorry things have gotten so stressful. Honestly, I wish there was something I could do to help. Moving in and of itself is one of the most stressful things in the world. I hate the entire process. Packing, real estate agents, contracts, what to take, what to leave, argh. It's just sooo frustrating.

    Having to think for two families (yours, and in extension, your mother's/father) well I only imagine that would drive someone to insanity.

    Don't worry, you weren't asking for much. I just think she's feeling the pressure same as you are, only you've been really great about just dealing with it, while she is probably feeling a little lost.

    *hugs* I'm glad you finally worked it out and made nice though. It's hard being mad at mom, right?

    Unless of course you have a mom like mine. HA! ;) Won't go into that one.


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