Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sleepy Sunday

Yesterday went by in kind of a blurr. Hubby came in and took both boys to see Transformers the movie. I knew that probably wouldn't work, since Mini can't keep quiet to save his life.

They came in and told me that about midway through the movie, Mini popped his head up and said, "Where'd Mimi go?" And then he started freaking out, looking for his mommy. Yep. You guessed it. The movie was pretty much over at that point.

They stayed through the rest of it so Oldest could finish watching it. But I understand that hubby had to pace outside the theater with Mini in his arms from that point on. Poor hubby...

While the guys battled Saturday evening movie traffic, I stayed home, watched The Last Unicorn and worked on my wip. I got in five pages yesterday, so the time home alone worked it's magic. Woot! *chicken dance*

Now for a last grab for fun this weekend, I'm running a contest over at the Midnight Moon Cafe. So if you'd like to walk away with a free box of exotic flavor chocolates, pay me a visit there. The contest is super simple (just name your favorite flavor or brand of chocolate in an email). The full rules are posted at the Cafe, and the contest itself runs through Tuesday, July 10.

That's it for me today. I'm about to go hunt for my shoes, and take a trip to the store. We need grindage... Happy Sunday, everyone!

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