Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pics from the yard

Happy Independence Day!

We've called off our BBQ because of rain, but that won't stop us from celebrating tonight. We'll have fried chicken, macaroni, baked beans, watermelon and salad. Good stuff, even if the meat wasn't cooked in the yard.

I did a bit of writing last night, but didn't get as much done as usual. Only a few hundred words. Ho hum. It just wasn't happening for me. I think I was just too tired to concentrate. I've been staying up super late these days, and when I do finally feel tired enough to get to bed, I have insomnia. I end up getting out of bed again and laying about on the couch until the early hours of morning.

Anyway, I started up on the wip again when I got up, and I've put in a few hours writing time, but it's sooo hard to commit on a holiday...

This morning when I let the dog out, I realized how pretty and green the yard looked. We've gotten so much rain lately the ground can't seem to soak it all up. The grass looks like it's about to need another trim as well, and there are mushrooms popping up all over the yard.

It's still very pretty out, so I grabbed up the digi cam shortly after I talked to hubby on the phone this morning, and did a walk around outside. I noticed our crepe myrtles are LOADED with blooms this year. And my fig tree (precious...) has started producing too, even though it's still quite short and there are only maybe two fig buds on there.

No pics of the fig tree (I didn't think about that until now) but I did get some of the palm and crepes. Oh, and the elephant ears.... Just three years ago, they were taller than hubby. This year, they stayed very low all summer. I thought for a while they weren't going to come up at all, and wondered if the wild rabbits that are always sitting around in our side yard had gotten to the bulbs. (Not sure if they eat bulbs, but hey, it crossed my mind.) But then suddenly after all this rain began pooling up in the area, they began to grow.

They're not as tall as they've been in the past, but they are still pretty. That's them in the very top picture, next to the side of the house. The ones around back are a smidge taller, but who's measuring. ^_~

That's it for me today. I think Mini is getting ready for a nap. He's in my lap and singing an ode to ketchup, (I don't get it, but it makes since to him) so it's either that, or he's hungry.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and if you're celebrating... Happy July 4th! :-)


  1. Oh, Cora, what a beautiful yard. :D

    Yea, it's pretty drizzly here too. We were supposed to hit the pool today, but no such luck. :( Which stinks, because I really wanted to work on my tan. But, oh well. So it is.

    Enjoy the food! (It sounds wonderful) And GET SOME REST!

  2. Love your garden! We had a lot rain yesterday, but today it was bright and sunny. You know, the kind of day to spend it at the beach. Heh!

  3. What beautiful plants and trees! I love flowers and we have finally got a few rain showers here in Alabama to green things up again. Maybe my garden will make it after all. Hope you have a good one!

  4. Thanks, Isabelle. :-) Yeah, all this rain just keeps coming. We'd hoped to take the boys to the beach again soon, but it just won't let up.

  5. Lucky thing, Tempest! I bet it was gorgeous there! One day, I mean it, you're going to open your door and I'll be standing there with my suitcase. *LOL*

  6. Thanks, Mia! I will happily wish some of our rain your way if you need it. *wink*


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