Monday, July 16, 2007

Need More Sleep

I'm still recovering from the weekend...which totally rocked! Friday I stayed in the Jeep with the kids most of the day, then had to get right back in and run more errands Saturday. Hubby was off this past weekend, so we zipped over to BigCityVille and went to Books a Million and Toys R Us.

I got home Saturday evening in time for the Midnight Moon Cafe Tarot and Hydromancy chat. It started around 7pm central and was kind of slow at the start, only a few people that first hour, but after that the party was on! The Moon Maids and I left the chat open ended because we didn't know how long our readings might take... We ended up doing readings for just about everyone who popped in (Cass did most of them, bless her!) and the chat ran until after midnight. I'd say that's a fairly successful chat, lol. It was tons of fun, everyone went away pleased with their readings. And that says nothing for the book, and tarot deck giveaways. It was a really good time, Saturday night. We're already talking plans for another tarot/hydromancy chat around October.

I have prizes to mail off today, but once I'm home, I have writing to do. I managed only sporadic writing jags over the weekend. We spent most of our time house hunting, and chasing the kids around.

Hopefully Monday will be as pleasant as the weekend was. One can wish, anyway. ^_^


  1. What a cool chat! Great idea.

  2. Dangit, I missed it! :*)

  3. Wow it sounds very successful! Wish I'd paid better attention and knew about it before it actually happened. lol Next time definitely. :)

  4. Hey Cora! Excellent weekends do rock! ;)

  5. Oh yeah, the chat was totally cool! Everyone was riveted to the readings! *wg*

  6. :) Sounds like a good time!So glad to hear it panned out even better than planned. You ladies rock.


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