Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Late Day Post

Is it really Tuesday? Seems I lost a day somewhere between here and there.

Today I drove Oldest to art camp, and when I got home Hubby had left a message on the home phone for me to call him. I did, and he let me know the other couple who had offered to buy the latest house backed out of the deal. Woot!

Hubby called the owners of the house and made arrangements that they will not accept new offers. They agreed, so we have talked to the bank to see if they will finance the property. So far, so good... However, we still have the title search, appraisal, and survey to get through. Keep your fingers crossed for us. This is my 1st choice house out of four - and it is the only one in Louisiana. If this house falls through, hubby and I will be planning a week long trip to Kansas to view property there.

I spent most of the day entertaining Mini. He has a summer cold, and woke up two nights ago roasting with fever. I gave him baby Tylenol and spent the night rocking him while watching black and white episodes of The Twilight Zone. He's still running a bit of fever here and there, and I'm exhausted from caregiving, but it seems to be mostly out of his system. I can't imagine where he could've picked up anything - no one else in the house seems to be sick.

Today while entertaining him, I broke out the guitar. It's been several months since I've played anything, probably close to a year. But I had a few punk albums scattered about, and was teaching my son the fine melodies of Rancid and Pennywise, when I finally got the idea to play something for him.

I have a stack of amplifiers in one corner of the den, and he's been using them as Hotwheels car ramps since he's been old enough to sit up and play over there. Well, I pulled out one of the smaller amps and hooked it up. He grew interested when he saw the red power light come on, but I knew I had him fully engaged when I adjusted the knobs - oh boy, do toddlers LOVE that sort of thing. Moving parts. Eureka!

Next, of course, I tugged on the strap and plugged in the guitar. The contacts made a squelchy noise, which is normal when plugging in while powered up. Mini jumped a bit, but there was nothing going to pry him away from red lights and knobs. Oh, no no no... I unstrapped the guitar for a second and and picked him up to set him in the recliner so the amp would not be throwing vibes off in his face. I then took a seat in the desk chair, rolled a bit closer to the amp, strapped the guitar on again and played Olympia, WA (Rancid) for him.

Mini. Went. Nuts.

He likes to hop and bop to music on TV. This was music in his living room. In about five seconds flat, Mini was doing a baby boogie/mosh session in front of the TV. Reminds me a bit of myself when I was little, only my dad would play his Beach Boy records for me instead of punk tunes.

After seeing Mini Bear dance, and hearing him talk about the "gee-tar" all evening since, it feels like I've passed on a kind of magical legacy. My dad would be proud. ^_^


  1. *LOL* Oh, I can see Mini doing his version of a punk-slam dance. Maybe he'd be the one to pick the guitar and become punker. ;)

  2. I'm hoping at least one of the kids will have rock star blood in him, lol! ;)

  3. oh Cora, I love reading your blog. :) I love the pictures you paint of your family and your life.

    Good luck on the house, fingers definitely crossed.

  4. Oh my goodness, that is so freaking cute. :D Sounds like my house as a child. My mom used to sing Guns N' Roses to me as my lullaby. Ha, ha. I grew up jamming all sorts of good 80s music. Which is why now I'm such an 80s freak, I think.

    And can I just say I'm jealous that you can play the guitar? You're my new hero. lol

    I really really really hope that you get that house.

    And worry not, you've definitely imparted magic. That image of you and mini will be in my head for a long time coming.

  5. OMG! I can so picture that, Cora! LOL
    Never heard of those groups, but I know I have some Green Day and The Clash around here somewhere. :)


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