Friday, July 06, 2007

I Want Doughnuts

Grrawwr! I want doughnuts NOW. That pink one on the bottom is asking for it, I swear. Even if it is sans sprinkles. You know the sad thing about all this? I've been doing so well. I'm down five pounds, and I haven't craved anything for over a week. Then stress hits, and brings a full blown case of pms with it. :/

We have been waiting to hear about the house. We presented everything to the bank, made our offer, we even have the bloody downpayment... and they have not been returning our calls. We know the guy who is working our case is there, but with Hubby's job, he can't get away to go over there and speak to him personally. At least until today. He's planning a suprise visit on that banker. I mean really, just tell us: are you going to finance the house or not? Yes or no is fine, because if you don't think it's worth the asking price, say so. Don't you think we'd want to skip a bad investment? Do you think we'll not survive the shock, and will never look for another house again? What's the deal?

The banker said to call him the day after we filled out our paperwork. We did. Repeatedly. No one ever is there or returns the call. I called mom this morning and told her I don't think this is a good sign. But I'm not so much worried about not getting this property, as I am annoyed that we could be looking elsewhere while waiting for this man to decide to give us the loan. Houses get snapped up quickly here, so you have to be ready when they come available. I realize the house we're looking into is an older one, and we knew from the start the bank might not like the idea of financing it. We've already got a backup house in mind if that one falls through. But geeeezzzzz....

So today is banker wrangling day. And errand day. One way or another we hope to have an answer about the house. If not, we'll probably begin asking about our second choice. The thing is, it's bigger than the other place, and more expensive. We won't be able to move my parents into it because of insurance costs, which means we'd have to move there and give them our house. A double move. I hate to admit it, but I'd already gotten use to the idea we'd be avoiding that.

On another note...

The rainy weather is lingering. The guys are going to see the Transformers this weekend while I do a bit of writing, which works for me because I don't care to get out much in the rain. Too, I want to catch up a bit. It's been busy this week, and I think it's catching up with me. I didn't stay up quite so late last night working. I want to make up for that if I can.

At any rate, today is Friday, and I'm dancing in my sneakers for that. I'm sooo ready for the weekend. Maybe I'll get to sleep late tomorrow morning. That would be awesome...

I'm outta here. The rain has ceased, and I'm gonna make a break for it. Hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!

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  1. I know what you mean. Strawberry sprinkled doughnuts are the hardest to resist.

    The rain is still lingering here too. Guess its decided it wants to stay a while longer. I actually dont mind it so much. I love the rain.

    I hope everything with the house works out. Stupid bankers. Don't they realize you guys are adults and can handle no, if that's the case? They're so silly.


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