Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dreams and Numbers

Thing morning, right before waking, I dreamed I was sitting this old consignment shop where I used to go when I was pregnant with Oldest. The shop had been moved up a few blocks and converted into a restaurant. I was sitting in the restaurant watching passing traffic through the window when a stack of letters appeared in front of me.

One letter in particular stood out, so I picked it up. Judging from the envelope, it looked like a wedding invitation. I opened it, and the inner lining of the envelope was gold. I pulled out what looked like printed a postcard, along with a rice paper sheet, and a frosted plastic card. On the printed card it showed me several wedding dresses with check boxes beside them like a survey. The boxes had already been checked, and in fine print, the card read something along the lines of: Congratulations! You're a winner! You participated in our contest to choose the most beautiful wedding dress. Your selections were in this order: 8, 9, and 16.

I flipped the card over to inspect it because I did not remember participating in any contest or taking any survey. The prizes had something to do with a glamour package, and there were instructions that I needed to come by the place of business to pick up my prizes before 4 o'clock. However, it didn't give me a date.

I thought it was a fraud at first, but then I picked up the frosted piece of plastic and realized it had words inscribed on it in a way that you would not see them unless you held the plastic up to the light. In a way, like a submliminal messge. Each of the phrases on the plastic were inspirational, and meant to encourage. I thought about the phrases and tucked everything back into the gold lined envelope.

I hadn't planned to picked up my prizes, but after reading the frosted plastic card, I wondered what if? After a moment, I decided I would accept my prizes whatever they might be. I'd go without any expectations, and that way I wouldn't be disappointed.

At that point, I woke up.

I can refer a lot of that dream to my waking life right now, so I guess it was my own subconscious way of giving myself advice. Live, work, and dream without expectations. You can accomplish more with fewer disappointments.

If nothing else, it's something to think about...

Today is Thursday, and I guess I should do some kind of Thursday 13. Here is my list:

Thirteen letters that spell out what I really, truly, desperately need...

1. A

2. L
3. O
4. N
5. G

6. V
7. A
8. C
9. A

If in any doubt, reference this post with Tuesday's post... :P

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. A cruise sounds awesome. I want to take one where they will mind the kids and entertain them while I snooze in the sun.

  2. I agree. A vacation sounds perfect.

    You know what? Some of the best ones are the ones where you just pack up and go. Too much forethought sometimes stalls the whole thing. ;)

  3. *LOL* Great T13! I could use one too!

    As for the dream, I've been dreaming about numbers. Actually one set of 3 numbers. The funny thing is that I keep seeing them in cars' license plates over and over.

  4. I love it. Girl, take a break.


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