Thursday, July 05, 2007

Can't Stop The Rain

No Thursday 13 for me today. Ho hum. I just haven't had the time. First thing this morning I had to get the kids dressed and make a run to the city and take care of some errands. That took up most the morning, and by the time we got back, Mini was ready for his nap. Of course it rained all the while we were out, and didn't fizzle out until after we made it home.

I half wonder if the local hospital flooded again, what with all this bad weather. The fire deparment had to pump the water out of the first floor just a few weeks ago, and since then we've only had more rain. It's been falling almost every day of the past two weeks. Aside from what you'd expect... soggy yard, kids tracking mud in the house, it's playing heck on my connection speed as well. Hubby's on highspeed sattelite connection at work, and even with that there are days he has connection trouble.

This has truly been one of the wettest June/July's I can remember. Usually summers are hot and dry here. Well, there's the humidity of course, but the rain usually peaks out around April or May.

On a brigher note, I got a new Kid in today. Miss Summer Ivy. I ordered her straight from the .com. She was just too cute to pass up. It's hard to tell by her pic, but her eyes are very, very green and she's beautifully blushed. I also had the BLGH staff add a chin dimple to her. She is absolutely stunning. The pics I took just don't do her justice. After seeing her, I wish I'd been able to get her twin brother, too, but someone adopted him before I could snap him up.

On to writing things...

Writing is going well. No stalls lately. *knock on wood* I took the laptop into the living room last night after everyone went to bed and wrote 1400 words straight up. I tried to push it further, but after that I was spent. I closed up the laptop, grabbed out my notepad and scrawled out a few things, mostly plotting the direction of the story a little more. Overall, I can't ask for a better writing session than last night. *thumbs up* Let's hope the streak lasts.

Geez, I just got to thinking... Is it really Thursday? It doesn't even feel much like it to me. Somewhere I must've missed a day this week. Oh, right. The 4th. Holidays taking a bite out of things... At any rate, I'm thrilled tomorrow's Friday. Seems like it shouldn't be, but I'm not going to knock it! If all goes well, I'll be making a trip to the bookstore this weekend. There are a few new titles out I'm wanting to pick up.

That's it for me today. I have to do a laundry transfer (washer to dryer), and look around for my shoes. (Darn gnomes!) Hope your day is a bright one. :-)

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  1. I kind of miss the rain. Though, too much of a good thing is bad.

    Cute collectible.


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