Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Blue Period

Yesterday Oldest went with my mom to Texas to bring back a truck full of furniture. Poor guy. It turned out to be more work than he thought it would be. The relatives didn't pack the furniture well in the truck, so he and my mom had to pull over twice to keep the highways from being littered with book cases and a sofa.

I spent a semi-quiet day with Mini. Hubby and I viewed a house, which I have no idea how will turn out. The viewing went well until the guy told us what he was asking. Too much. We made our offer, and left it at that. It's likely that one is out for good, since he said he had others interested. Ah, well, the right one will come...

I am going through a blue phase, I think. Furniture wise, I mean. First, I painted the walls in the house a pale, aqua green-blue. Now I've bought an antique aqua hutch. It's the 1940's shade of aqua, which is rather bright. I am pretty sure I will paint this thing once I have it in the new house - where ever that might be - but it is sure a handy thing. It has three long shelves and cabinets beneath. Very sturdy, which is a must in our house since all the males seem to have a TOE CURSE. They basically walk through the house all Fred Flintstone-esque and stub toes on the furniture. If the old hutch was rickety, I'd imagine a few toe curses would end up with the thing overturned...

Tomorrow back to the grind. Hubby and I will continue the search, and mom will continue to decorate my house with me still in it. Ah, the life. ^_^

Happy Sunday!


  1. First of all, today's image is gorgeous. I stared at it for so long. I happen to love blue too. It's a great color.

    Keep looking girl. The house is out there, just waiting to be discovered. ;) *hugs* You'll find it!

  2. Thanks a bunch, Isabelle.

    I'm glad you like the pic, btw. I found it online and I couldn't stop staring at it either, lol. I thought it was fitting. ;)


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