Monday, July 02, 2007

Birthdays, Lives, and Dreams

I'm late posting today! Before I say anything else... super mega HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the gracious and talented Tempest Knight! I wish you light, love, and laughter, my friend. :)

Early this morning, around 3 AM, Mini woke up crying. He dove on me, so there I am with a toddler pretty much on my head, and he's got a death grip on my shirt. I finally managed to sit up with him, and he started muttering something about me missing and a truck picture that wasn't colored. Poor thing! I picked him up and rocked him, but after his dream there was no going back to sleep for him. I'd come to bed around 1 AM (I'd been up writing), and he never went back to bed, so I've pretty zombie-fied all day. Thank. The. Gods. For. Coffee.

I had errands to run earlier, so Mini and I piled up in the Jeep and went on a run. Oldest is in a typical teenage angsty mood - and I warn him my ansty lack of sleep mood is probably far more fatal than his - so I left him home to brood over his corn Pops. The little bear and I went first thing to take care of a bill, and I get a phone call while I'm in line - it's hubby! He's in town, too, so we arrange to meet at the hardware store just to steal a few minutes time together - the three of us. That was pretty romantic of hubby. Mini seemed more interested in his bag of chips, but at least I thought so. :)

When we got home, I got in touch with a few friends. It seems the stork is very busy visiting homes in the US south these days, so for those who didn't know - be aware. LOL! Three friends are currently pregnant, and I'm very happy for them. :) (Just for my own notes: so far, team blue is winning. Boys 2/ Girls 0. Soon as B. gets her utrasounds, we'll know if at least one little lady will come from the crop. I hope there's at least one - someone to keep those little boys in line. ^_^)

I spent the rest of the day writing on and off. I added another 1-2k to my wip and so I feel like I accomplished something. Whew! It's been a long, busy day. I'm glad it's finally winding down.


  1. Aww... how cute of hubby to steal some minutes away with the family. :D Sounds awesome.

    Try and get some rest before you reach burnout mode! You're doing some amazing work, though. That's definitely to be commended. :D

  2. Thanks for the b-day wishes, chica! Wish you were hear for the ice cream, cake, and margaritas! Heh!


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