Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Movies I can watch over and over again...

1.)The Fifth Element

2.)Return of the Living Dead (1985)

3.)The Howling


5.)Event Horizon

6.)The Thing (with Kurt Russell)

7.)Big Trouble in Little China (I know, I know...Kurt Russell)

8.)Escape from LA (Alas, Kurt, now I know I should be ashamed...)




12.)Independence Day

13.)Dracula 2000

Lots of mind rotting television there. Gotta love it! ^_^
Happy Thursday!


  1. #7!

    You like your creepy, don't you? :D

  2. I love "The Fifth Element." In fact, my sister and I got our brother hooked on that movie!!

    Happy 13!!

  3. Oh yeah... those last 4 are in my DVD collection. *wg* If you ever come to visit me, we can watch these over margaritas and chocolate.

  4. LOL, Ann! Yeah,I guess I do like creepy. ^_^

    Come on, David Lopan was pretty funny - hearing an ancient man saying, "This is really pissing me off to no end!"

    Good stuff.:D

  5. Sounds awesome, Tempest! Call up Cass, I'll bring the rest of the dvd collection, and we can all veg out. That should be the ultimate summer plan! ^_^

  6. YEAH! great list!

  7. Don't shoot me but I haven't seen even one of those movies. I feel so deprived.

    At least now I know what to rent tomorrow night

  8. Thanks for dropping in, Michelle! ^_^

  9. Ava, lots of goodies on that list. Most are horror movies, though. Just thought I'd mention that incase you decide to rent a few. ;)

  10. Yeah, boy, you do like your creepy. I'll stick with Michael Biehn and Alien over and over again.

  11. I don't do creepy or horror very well. I'm a scaredy-cat. I admit it. LOL I was afraid of the dark until like, last year.

    But there are some goodies on that list. Fifth Element rocks. And I'm a huge Independence Day fan. :D Alien- that's just a classic.

  12. What a fab list you have there Cora! :D

    I love me some horror flicks! I'm starving for some horror right now... haven't watched a movie in a while. A horror one, at least. ;)

  13. I love The Fifth Element too but never owned it.

    My favorite BW movie is Armageddon. I used to have it on VHS and watched it so many times it got squiggly.

    That and French Kiss. I ruined French Kiss too.

    And Hope Floats.

    Those are the only 3 movies I ever ruined but there are plenty I can watch over and over.


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