Monday, June 18, 2007

Pouring My Heart Out

Yesterday was a fun Father's Day. My parents took Mini and Oldest to church with them, so hubby and I had a little time to ourselves. *reels in shock* It was a fun, romantic day. We haven't had one like that since our anniversary this past October.

For his special daddy day, hubby picked out a VHS to DVD recorder so he can tape some of our OOP horror titles and other top picks from of our VHS dust collection. Heh. The recorder has a book with it that's thick as a mattress, and when he took it out of the box, he handed it to me. I'm sure you can imagine my response to that. Something along the lines of: "Oh, no, you don't, Buster. That's your gift."

I still haven't read the manual to my digital camera. Or the DV-R Handycam. *_* I luvs you, honey, but good luck getting me to read that chunk of Snoozeville.

On to writing...

I'm pleased to announce the demons are on track - for freaking once! Ornery buggers. They're talking to me again, thankfully, but it seems I couldn't get their attention with my smart, sexy heroine alone. Hm. Maybe I shouldn't say that too loud, lest I be smighted again by the angel of Yea-This-Manuscript-Sucks. Can you feel the love?

While freewriting yesterday, (necromantic channeling for literary demons) I wrote five full pages of a contemporary erotic romance - which is not something I typically read. Of course I read a Harlequin Presents every now and again, or a friend's ebook. (Cassandra Curtis' Compulsion was smokin' HAWT.) But I admit I'm typically drawn to darker elements in my romance. Some of it even leans toward horror. However, I wasn't thinking about that yesterday when I sat with a pen, cleared my thoughts, and let it all flow out. In about 10 minutes of writing - timed, so my muse won't get carried away - I managed almost a full chapter. And when I reached the cut off time, and read through everything I'd written, I was very taken with the overall story.

For months I've been mulling around what to offer Kensington, and
I think the erotica/contemporary may be THE ONE. I actually began the freewriting session from the beginning of the story - not in the center, or the ending - so I actually have the jump on a first chapter. That is extremely rare for me. Maybe it's a sign. Now to just finish up the three other projects I have pending and maybe I can make some magic happen in that corner.

I should really get to work. Wow, Wow, Wubzy is almost over, I have clothes to put in the dryer, and Mini will be wanting breakfast in about fifteen minutes. Too, I can hear the demons calling. As much as I like to think I'm in control... *shakes head*

BTW, today's pics are art works made completely out of Legos snap blocks. Want to see more of this artist's stunning work? Check this out. It's defintely worth a look!

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. First of all, those lego art things are AMAZING. Where did you even find him?

    Second, YAY on the contemporary! I don't read them usually either. I like my stuff with a little magic, or as you said, some dark elements as well. But I just read a contemporary this weekend that made me change my mind! I think if you find a good one, with a good story, captivating characters, and good writing, it can draw you in just as well! So I'm excited for you. Will you give us a glimpse into what its about? :D Please...

    And good luck on the demons story. I hope it really does find its way for you now. Maybe they're done playing games and are ready to live their lives.

  2. Hey Cora! Glad you had a great weekend.

    I'm like that too, usually read and write stuff that has a darker edge of some kind. But hey, if the muse wants to go the contemporary way, why not? Go with the flow. Good luck! :D

  3. Isabelle, I found out about the lego art on CNN, and did a search. :) Pretty amazing works, aren't they?

    The contemporary story has one of those "hero discovering the heroine has more personal depth/ dimensions than he previously thought" story lines. A bit like Strange Bedpersons, by Jennifer Crusie in a way -- only naughty. LOL! It's hard to tell about it without giving the whole plot away, and that would ruin the whole thing. ~_^ I'll reveal more as I get closer to working on it. Okay?

    Thanks for the good luck, btw. I really need it. Those darn demons blow hot and cold all the time. Never know what they're going to throw at me. For the time being, they are playing nice.

  4. Great advice, Yolanda! :) Thanks for the pick-me-up!


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