Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Okay, where's the coffee?

It's one of those days. Oh, yeah... There isn't enough coffee on the planet to deal with it.

Oldest is almost 16 - the age of infinite knowledge - and of the mind that he wants to ride his bike to his friend's house. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem. Ride a bike to a friend's house. That's what kids do. (And teenagers who are afraid to drive.)

However, Oldest's friend lives 8 freaking miles away. Even for a kid who's in shape, that's too damn far to ride a bike. My Oldest's usual ride of choice is the couch. And yet, he persists. He has for the past week.

Hubby and I (separately) took him in the Jeep at the beginning of the week and clocked the distance for him, mostly to show him it's too far and down too many isolated country roads to trek on a freaking bicycle. Still, he keeps up about it. I guess he's just having the brainfart of the century in regards to distance. I finally had to unsheath the claws this morning and warn him, "BACK OFF." I was pre-coffee after all.

I agreed to drive him to Ph's house, and by all that is holy, this better end the whole discussion of biking 8 miles before I lose control of all my mutant powers and shift into the snarling, claw wielding, chocolate craving BEAST that may very well snap him like a twig. *go forth and be merry, young grasshopper*

On another note, hubby came home with a raging fever yesterday. Ah, lovely, a summer cold. "Please, honey, don't breathe my direction. Yes, I do love you. Yes, I'm serious." Pats head. *sigh* (Tempest, if you're reading this, I'm one step away from hopping a flight. So if I show up on your doorstep, please take me in.)

Last night, I stayed up until well after midnight working on the demon story. My main, sexy male character (not quite a hero) started to get all angsty with me and not talk. Since this is the 3rd time I've written this story, I decided we had to have a little tete a tete. It went something along the lines of: Okay, pal. Get your demonic, sword-wielding ass in there and seduce the heroine, or I am going to write you into a really bad fairytale where you will meet a standard, vanquished-from-the-mortal-realm demise at the end. Oh, yeah, and I will make it hurt.

Clearly, Mr. Demon understood I meant business, because shortly thereafter, he went in for a half chapter round before I called it a night and went on to bed. *dusts hands* Sometimes you just gotta put your foot down.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. You couldn't pay me to ride a bike that far.

  2. Oh, gosh... me and you both, Kelley. I'd never last two miles. And Oldest wants to do this in 90 degree heat too. *shakes head*

  3. He's at that age. You know, the "I can do anything because I'm invincible and you can't argue with me either because I'm also never wrong" age. I feel for you, hun. LOL *hugs*

  4. I'm so lucky with my current 16 year old. He's like a stepford kid most of the time, but OMG the younger one? =O
    Can I just skip from 13 to 21?


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