Saturday, June 02, 2007

It's a difficult job...

I turned in my final round of edits yesterday afternoon, and have in hand (or at least on my desktop) my final draft for Dominant Territory. *dancing bananas* Nothing to do now but wait for the cover and the ARCs. ^_^

Next up, I really must finish that demon/rune story; however, that hasn't stopped me from slackassing near the book rack. I finally, finally read the Lilith Saintcrow books Tempest recommended to me months ago.

I bought the books several months ago, and they have been sitting on my TBR shelf ever since, untouched. Not even the cover cracked. When edits rolled around for D/T, I didn't want to clutter my brain with a new project, so I picked up Working for the Devil and started reading a few pages. Those few pages turned in me reading the entire damn book in one sitting, toddler in the house and all. Freaking amazing. And what a great book! Futuristic necromancers with face tattoo being hired by the devil to kill one of his own. I'm there! Once I finished Working for the Devil, I immediately went to the TBR shelf and picked up Dead Man Rising. I devoured that one too. Awesome, kick ass, girl power books. If you haven't picked up either of these books, I highly recommend them. I'll definitely be looking for more Lilith Saintcrow books on my next trip to BaM.

That's it for me today. I'm off to post at the MMC, then crack open this extreme Blaze novel I just bought. I'm wondering how hot this thing really is - compared to HOT as I know it. Has Harlequin at last ventured into the realm of naughty bits and buttsecks? Probably not, but I intend to find out. *salute*

Happy Saturday!


  1. OMG, weren't those awesome? I've been waiting with extreme impatience for the next books.

    My one complaint was that I thought Japhrimel fell for Dani awfully fast. But it wasn't enough to mar my enjoyment of the books. I just sort of shrugged and went with it because the books were just that good.

  2. I'm going to have to check this author out! You guys seem really excited! :D

    GREAT JOB with edits, btw. You must be so psyched!


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