Saturday, June 23, 2007

Going to the Country...

When I got up this morning, hubby was home and he was all smiles... Ok. Normally I'd be a little worried about that, being pre-coffee and all, but this was a little different. Hubby took the day off from work, and he had his designs set on luring Oldest, Mini, and I out to the Ruston Peach Festival.

He didn't have to do much wrangling. We got the boys and the stroller in the Jeep, and off we went! We arrived around 9 am, and wow, what a crush! We somehow managed to get a parking space right on Trenton Street - which is a freaking miracle in itself - but even better, we managed to get a spot right next to Railroad Park. What does this mean? Well, we didn't have to walk very far in the blazing heat to get to the festival!

Ruston might be known for it's peaches, but it's sure as heck not known for it's parking. Almost everything downtown is parallel, and there is very little of that. Most people pulled up along side streets, we noticed, and some streets were so congested with parked cars and trucks, I can't imagine how they would even get out of there.

Anyway, we got this snaaaazzy parking spot, and walked to the festival. Once we got our pink armbands, we decided to do the rounds. I'm not sure who the band was - Percy Sledge played yesterday - but they did lots of 70s-80s songs. Stuff by CCR and Bryan Adams and such.

First things first, we went to buy a Dasani to put in Mini's bottle, and we realize that this year they've implemented those annoying coupons. Another first for TPF, as far as I know. So, basically, 50 cents a ticket at one booth and you need five tickets to for a 20oz. bottle of soda. We ended up finding a hotdog vender taking straight cash. *dance, dance* No 15 minute wait just to fill up a sippy for us.

And so we were on our way...

On Park Avenue (which is where we are in the group pic of Oldest, Mini, and me), Hubby decides to take Oldest over to the Army trailer - they have a fight simulator and are giving away a bunch of stuff. So, I walked around with Mini, checking out the baby picture contest displays, the window quilts, before taking refuge in the water misters near the park bleachers.

Hubby and Oldest finally found us again. Actually I called then on my cell phone twice and told them we were hot and where we were waiting. And so we all met up again. ^_^ On our way out, Mini got his hand painted. We didn't do his face. We thought he might freak out if he couldn't see what the girl was doing. He chose a simple red star design.

From there we went to eat at the buffet. Mm, sesame chicken... We were going to go to the Civic Center and check out the things there too, but after we went out to eat, a thunderstorm rolled in. By the time we drove back through town, some of the booths were packing up. Darn! I wish I'd gotten one of those red razorback piggy banks made out of creamery jugs. Oh well, maybe next year...

Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. Looks like so much fun! :)

    I'm so glad you had a good time! Despite this awful heat, right?

  2. Mini is so cute with his red star on his hand. :) Kids just love that face painting stuff. Glad you had a good time. :)

  3. Isabelle, the festival was a blast, but OMG the heat! I'm sunburnt today, but not so bad as I thought I might get.

    The clincher is this: like a dummy I wore cargo pants thinking they'd be breezy. Wrong! I ended up rolling them up like capri pants, LOL! Oh yeah, definitely not one of my shinier moments. ^_^

  4. Thanks, Cass! Mini had a really good time at the fest. ^_^

  5. OMG! Look at those red piggies! They're so cute!

    Awwww... Mini looks so exhausted. Heh!

  6. I tagged you. Visit my blog to find out all about it.

  7. Tempest! Those red piggies are awesome, aren't they? I wanted one soooo bad. It would've looked cute standing up in the sage garden. ^_^

  8. I'm on my way, lk! ^_^


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