Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ghost Rider!

Hubby sent me on a mission to buy Ghost Rider on DVD yesterday. Like I had any issue with that... When it came out at the theater, I knew that one would be a must see; however, I couldn't find a sitter for Mini, and it ended up that Hubby and Oldest made the movie trip without us. Ho hum.

I still have a few scant issues of Ghost Rider among my comic collection - which is mostly comprised of old Xmen in various forms (Gen X, X Force/Factor, Uncanny, Wolverine,etc), Gen 13, and Sandman. All my GR's are from the late 80s - early 90s, back when they did the reissue and Johnny Blaze still had long blonde hair.

Although Ol' Nick Cage doesn't look a think like Johnny Blaze from the comics, he pulled it off without a hitch. The movie ROCKED! I don't care what the reviews say, or the die hard fans that thought the movie should have focused on Danny Ketch, for that matter. Casting did a great job, especially with Sam Elliot as Carter Slade.

I thought it was especially cool how they incorporated all Ghost Rider's gear into the movie... such as where he got that badass jacket, the chain, and the shot gun. Maybe if they make a sequel, they'll add in that cool move from the comics where he makes the links in his chain separate during whip action and...

Okay. I should probably stop now before I go all fangirl in front of the known universe, but I'm going to venture out there one step. I can't help but wonder. Is Marvel moving toward a Rise of the Midnight Sons movie? They seem to be manuevering things into place. They've now made movies about Spiderman, Blade, and Ghost Rider. Will Michael Morbius be next? *mini squee* Guess I should be glad I hung onto my Morbius #1. But I digress...

When I bought Ghost Rider yesterday, I picked up a movie for myself as well. Blood and Chocolate looks like it's going to be an awesome werewolf movie! Mini did pretty well through Ghost Rider, but I didn't think he'd tolerate two movies in a row, so I saved that one for today. Once nap time rolls around, I'm hauling my laptop to the den. ^_^

As for writing, I worked on the demons until around midnight. Hopefully I can get in a great big chunk of new material today. I've kind of been working the material backwards. We'll see if that does me any good.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I want to see that movie so badly. Theaters are a long drive for me, tho. I also saw Chocolate Blood--or is it Blood Chocolate?--advertised on TV last night. That looks REALLY good!

  2. Ha, ha! You're so cute. You make me laugh. :)

    Nothing wrong with being a fangirl. I have many fan-isms I hide (not so well). I haven't seen Ghost Rider yet, but I remember when the preview first came to theaters, the audience literally leaned forward in expectation and excitement. One guy in front of me actually whispered to his girlfriend, oh man, he's my favorite. :) I thought that was adorable.

    And good for you for working those demons backwards. Sometimes, you gotta tackle it however you can.

  3. Faith, that's the way it is here with theaters. It's a 45 minute drive to the closest one.

    Ghost Rider is definitely worth at trip to the vid store though. Same with Blood and Chocolate. I just got through watching it tonight and I loved it!

  4. LOL! You're right, Isabelle. I think we all have our fan-isms. It's good to have a fun little quirk here or there, at least I think so. ^_~


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