Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Come on, lucky seven!

Okay, 7th time's the charm. I started this blog post hours ago, but each time something has happened and I've had to walk away from it to do something else. So let's try this one more time...

First things first. I came straight online this morning and started doing my rounds to all the places I *heart*. Like the Cafe, and my doll groups. I got in a new Cabbage Patch SS kid in yesterday, and had to go squee about it amongst all the angsty doll bitchery going on over at the groups. Once that was up, I thought I'd blog a bit and try to get some writing done. Try is the key here.... I have been roadblocked every five minutes today. Around noon I gave it up and decided I'd wait until the kids are in bed. *twirls big stick of doom in warning*

On another note, I have an excerpt for Dominant Territory up at the Midnight Moon Cafe today. So pop over there if you want to take a peek at that. Also, my friend Cerri Ellis has a Summer Sizzler blog party going on at her Shape of Imagination blog. There is information up about it at the Cafe, but the gist is you can visit her blog, and you read about the articles with summer sizzler attached to the titles and you can win books. Cool beans!

That's all for me today. I'm gonna take my laptop and doom stick to the den to try writing again. It's worth a shot. Happy Tuesday!

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