Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blog Dancing

I think it's safe to say my nerves are shot. Between ornery kids, deadlines, and life in general I am a bundle of stress right now. Last night I couldn't sleep. I just couldn't seem to turn my mind off long enough. Everytime I'd close my eyes, I'd be sitting in front of the computer, editing my manuscript in my dreams. Have you ever done that before? Go to sleep, and think you're still awake, and looking over your work? When you wake up, you realize you've only snoozed about 10 minutes and you feel more tired than ever?

I got up this morning, took care of a few things on that list - I settled the kids down with dire warnings of what would happen if they rattled mommy's chain. Then I took care of one deadline. I feel better now. Like I could nap. I plan to finish reading an ARC for Romance Divas today, then I'll tackle a demon or two toward the evening. Like my momma always said, "Pace yourself." I need to do that. I'm definitely doing that today.

It seems a lot of folks are heading out to nationals in a few weeks. Am I the only one NOT going? I'd love to hit the conventions, I really would. And this year they are close to home. But I don't have anything to really offer by way of material, and I was told that kind of makes it a moot trip if you don't have anything to present to an editor or agent. So it's home for me during those days. I imagine things will get very quiet around the blogosphere while that's happening. Whoever is going - I hope you take tons of pictures for posting. You know, for the rest of us. :*>

Yesterday, when I ran to the post office, I decided to drop by the store on that side of town. I had Oldest and Mini with me, and Mini fell asleep in the Jeep almost as soon as we left home, so I kept the car running, and sent Oldest in with a few dollars to pick up the things I needed. (One of those hot items being a desperately needed pair of kitchen scissors. For whatever reason, the gnomes have taken the old pair. But I digress....)

Anyway, I told Oldest as he was getting out, he could buy a treat for himself, but please bring dear ol' mom a pack of Reeces PB cups. He nodded and went in. A few minutes later, he came out, I checked that we had everything, and we headed for home. Oldest ate his treat on the way home, but I left mine for later. At the house, I took Mini and put him to bed, and did a few chores. At last I went for the PB cups.

I opened them, took out the first one and bit into it. I chewed a minute, then stopped. Chewed and stopped. Something wasn't right. There was a weird taste to the peanut butter. I glanced down at the PB cup in my hand and I shit you NOT - there is yellow OOZE coming out of this cup beneath the peanut butter. For a split second I felt seriously dizzy.

I grabbed a paper towel, and spit for about 15 minutes. I then ran for a toothbrush. When I was fairly certain I wasn't about to HURL, I came back to the kitchen, grabbed up the PB cup pack, and prepared to call the store we bought them from. Before I grabbed the phone, however, I felt compelled to break open the other PB cup to check it. So I did. And yes, there is more yellow ooze. I'm starting to freak out a bit about this -and that's when I notice the wrapper...

Reese's Peanut Butter and Banana Creme Cups
*bwa bwa bwa*

Well. So I see. That makes sense. :P And now that I'm not having a complete cow anymore, I realize that funky taste that was mixed in there with the peanut butter did taste like that fake, Laffy Taffy type of banana flavoring. Hm. In my opinion, it's a crime of chocolate, but what can you do? To each his own...

That's it for me today. The dishes are calling. Hope you have a snazzy Tuesday!


  1. Banana creme Reese's peanut butter cups? That sounds kind of disgusting, no wonder you freaked out! I hope you're not as stressed today, but I understand. That was me a couple of weeks ago and I was a big bundle of stressed out nerves.

  2. ROFL! What is it with Reese's messing with a good thing?! Why change the tried and true PB cups when they do so well? I mean, caramel? Banana?! That's just wrong.

    Although I seriously don't blame you for freaking out. I may have cried because my first thought would have been: BUG.

    I'm not going to nationals either. I'm still such a newbie, and with my first contracted book not even out yet, people would probably just wonder how I got in. ;) So, I figure I'll leave that to when I have something to say, or show, for myself. :) So no worries. You've still got me. (Strangely enough, I'm certain that does nothing to make you feel better, lol)

  3. Sorry to hear you were so stressed out, Karen. I tell you, I think I just need a good long vacation. But every time I step away from the comp I feel like I've missed something. *_* It's a horrible cycle.

    And oh yeah, those banana creme cups are outright ICK. LOL!

  4. Isabelle, BUG did actually cross my mind. Only there was no crunch. :{ That's ick just thinking about it. ROFL!

    Glad I still got you during nationals week! Although I think we'd both find it fun to get into trouble *cough* make contacts at the convention. :D BTW, do you have a release date slated yet for your book?

  5. OMG talk to me about stress! I hope you're doing better. My seven months of stress seemed to have culminated in my long awaited move. I actually felt at peace today for about six hours, it was amazing! :)

  6. Lol!!

    Reese's peanut butter cups are perfect just as they are. Why does everything have to be messed about with these days?

    And I'm not going to Nationals either.

  7. Samantha, I'm glad you took that time and ran with it. I'm still waiting for my moment. LOL! When it arrives, I hope I don't sleep through the entire thing. ^_^

  8. I agree, December. I don't know why they had to go mucking with the PB cups. ^_^

  9. Cora,
    LOL! I have tried the Big Cups, the dark chocolate, and the white chocolate Reese's, but I WILL NOT try those! LOL...too funny!

  10. Demon hunter! Those big cups are so deliciously, incredibly EVIL. *Homer Simpson drool* (Shoot, now I want one! Heh.) The white choco ones are pretty good too.

    Side note: I honestly can't recommend the banana creme. LOLOL! ^_^

  11. I'm not going to Nationals, but I am going to Romantic Times in April '08. It's in Pittsburgh, so it's only an hour flight from me. I can't wait.


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