Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Art By Mini

I got up this morning planning to jump right in on writing, but as I went to fix Mini's breakfast, I opened the pantry and... um, well, there's a pack of oatmeal. That's it. Blueberry oatmeal.

Ok. Not a crisis. Mini is eyeing the pack with hungry eyes, but I know darn well he won't eat it. I mix the stuff up anyway. He takes one look in the bowl and says, "Yuck." :P Off he goes wandering into the den to watch Wow, Wow, Wubzy, and Oldest comes lumbering in through the door like a zombie. He rummages through the cabinet. "There's no cereal."

No kidding, Jack!

There's no way around it. I know I have to go to the store. I put my shoes on, a bra (you didn't think I was a cave girl, didja?), and slip on some jean shorts that semi-sorta match my pajama shirt. I am going to get Mini's sandals and the phone rings. It's mom. She's reminding me the bank closes early on Wednesday. In other words: are you going today? HINT, HINT. Get thee to the bank, daughter, and fetcheth the paperwork for my house!

Yes, mommy, lovely. I have two slavering wildebeasts to feed, but no, I have not forgotten the house. Not by far. But I can't do anything with the bank until hubby has a day off from work, hint, hint. The minute I'm off the phone with Mom, I run to get the sandals and the phone rings again. Sheesh! It's hubby...

I finally get out of the house around 10, and Oldest is nagging on me, so I drop him off at the library. I told him I'd be back in about 45 minutes, so don't do anything scatterbrained - like leave the library. He just rolled his eyes at me. I took Mini on over to Wally World - this was going to be a quick grocery trip you see? But I got side tracked at the card aisle with all the birthdays coming up in July... What is it with snarky birthday cards anyway? They're listed as funny, but if I got a card that told me I had enough candles on my cake to scorch the dining room ceiling, you can bet your ass that person isn't getting an Xmas gift from me. Maybe a pair of mittens. Or a scarf at best. And I will make sure the print is atrocious, too boot. I'm not against funny cards, but since when did insulting people become synonomous with humor? But I digress...

Mini and I made a pretty good trip around the store, and I swear to Pete I didn't buy anything expensive or outrageous. Okay. So I bought a shirt. But it was under $10.00 so give me credit. *sad eyes* I get out to the Jeep with my cart full of goodies (food!), and I can hear Ruby Soho playing somewhere in the parking lot. I look around a minute before I realize the song is coming from my cell phone - inside the Jeep. I make a dive for it, and again, it's hubby. "Where the heck are you?" he asks.

"I'm in the Walmart parking lot. Where the heck are you?" He goes on to tell me Oldest has called him three or so times looking for me - I am LATE coming to pick him up from the library. Has it been more than 45 minutes? I check the clock and realize it's almost noon. I sigh. Ah well, we all know Walmart is a den for lost souls. So I lost an hour. Oldest was in a safe place. He even had access to air conditioning, the net, a bathroom, video survelliance, and free drinking water while I went missing. There are worse things, trust me on that.

I got hubby off the phone, tossed the food in the back of the Jeep, buckled in Mini and raced off to pick up Oldest. He was waiting in the lobby for us to drive up. Once he clamored into the front seat, he shut the door and promptly informed me, "I have late fees."

I can't be sure, but I think maybe that was zombie talk for: "Mom, you're late."

Yesterday was similarly hectic. I had to update my virus/firewall protection and discovered (not that I was shocked, mind) that I couldn't download a 90mb program on dialup. Haha to me for trying. :P I called hubby at work, and after some discussion, we worked up a plan - he would come and get my laptop and take it to work, where he has highspeed. Yeah, baby! That part of the plan went off without a hitch. He got everything, brought my comp back at the end of the day, and I learned about 30 minutes later that I needed my freaking password from last year's subscription to get this puppy cooking. *frustration*

I don't know how, maybe the saints are smiling on me, but after a few tries, I managed to guess my old pass - I can't quite figure out if that's a good thing or not. Am I really that predictable? I'm not going to think about that too much; the main thing is I got my new stuff up and running. At least that's one thing taken care of...

All in all, things are on track and peachy as usual - or at least typical of a Tuesday. Anyway, Mini just asked for a "sammich", so I guess it must be around lunch time. I better get back to mommy duty.

PS. One last thing before I call it a day! LK, I have not forgotten your taggage... Here it is!

Eight Random things about me...

1. Sunflower seeds are my favorite snack.
2. My current shoes (the ones not being held hostage somewhere by gnomes) are teal and blue plaid printed canvas. Inside the shoes, it's flower print.
3. I receive messages from extraterrestrials on my Lexmark printer. At least, I did a few minutes ago. I turned on my printer and it started printing out a page with a bunch of numerical gobbledy gook on it. It's alien code, I tell you... the government's just covering up the truth!
4. I really wish I had a tropical shaved ice, like, right now. Mm... Wedding Cake. It's my favorite flavor.
5. I am itching to order a new softie cpk from www.cabbagepatchkids.com but I think my hubby might knock a knot on my head if it actually did it.
6. I am also itching to go on vacation, althought chances are looking slim for us these days. We just can't seem to get away. I'd really like to take the boys to the ocean.
7. Here's a crazy one - I really wouldn't mind having one more baby before I'm 35. (Can you hear my biological clock ticking?) Boy or girl baby, it doesn't matter. Just a little healthy ninny-beast to make tracks around the house with Mini.
8. I currently have a thing for rainbows. I'm not sure why.

And there you have it! 8 things. Very random, yes, ideed-y. Not sure who I can tag for this one. I guess, if you haven't done it, you're tagged. Muahahahaha! *karma check*

PSS. Today's artwork is by the one and only Mini. He had fun playing around on my laptop paint program. I could be reading a bit into it, being his mother and everything, but I say the lil squirt has some talent. ^_^ Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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