Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ah, Relaxation...

Not one of my finer moments captured in pixels, but darn it, I was tired! No makeup, my hair all pushed back... Looking at Mini, I'm surprised he didn't fall head-first off the couch. We were sooo zonked. Hubby came home for lunch, and snapped this pic of us with his cellphone. While it's hardly fashion-worthy, there's something about it I find very endearing.

I rested yesterday, but at the same time, I seemed to pull off more than I have on days when I've run at full throttle. I logged in 1800 words on the demons, which is probably the best I've done in a while. That story seems to be moving along now with some consistency; I'm finally seeing results. The characters now seem to be moving toward a singular goal.

I also read through one of my very old sci-fi romance manuscripts yesterday, and began organizing it to some degree. I need to weed out all the comma splices and passive sentences in case I need to use it. I've separated the first three chapters from the rest, and if I've come far along enough with the demons as I enter the weekend, I'll try to doctor the sci-fi story a bit. Either way, whether I get around to it or not, it's amazing to see the progress I've made in my writing since I wrote that story. What's it been? 5... 7 years? Something along those lines. The story itself isn't bad, but the writing is clearly from a stage in my life when I scrawled down strings of words willy nilly, blissfully unaware of my own bad grammar. I wouldn't be embarrassed if someone read the story, but I definitely wouldn't want it published in the shape it's in either.

Hubby mentioned possibly taking off work this Saturday. He's been working most weekends since May, which is kinda sad because Oldest usually likes hanging out with him during summer. They go to the car shows, and stuff like that. I like going to the lake too, but I can't stick around out there like they can. I have to leave after an hour or two or I turn lobster red through my SPF 45, and suffer a freckle explosion. With his dad, Oldest can stay around out there most of the day. I did tell hubby if he does manage to wrangle out of work on Saturday, we should do something family wise, like go on a picnic, or take a trip to the zoo. It's been a while since we did either of those things. It would be good for a change.

That's it for me today. I've lingered around online far too long. I have laundry to tackle (Ho hum), and I really should try to get a little writing done. Happy hump day, everyone!


  1. that is a great photo! I have one on my dresser of my hubby and my youngest zonked out on the couch... both with their mouths slack... the little one on my hubby's tummy. I just love it!


  2. I'd love to be doing that!

  3. Aww... it is endearing. :D

    I feel that way today. Like I could conk out just about anywhere. Enjoy the time with Mini. Next thing you know he's grown!

    And great work on the demons story! You're really fired up there!

    I have some scene fillers I have to do today. I just can't for the life of me think of how I'm going to pull them off.


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