Monday, May 14, 2007

Unfortunate Victims of Photography

Mother's Day was spent in a frenzy, but the guys did their part to bestoweth much luv. *weepy* Yesterday Hubby brought in a dozen blush roses, and after church, Oldest brought me a red carnation. I put all the flowers in a vase and stuck it on the dining room table. Everyone who walked in the house yesterday would see them and say, "Ooh, flowers!" And lean over for a sniff. It was kind of funny after a while. I wish I had a camera zeroed in on the table all day. I'd have something to send in to AFV.

This is the last week of school for Oldest. He's also taking finals this week. He thought it was last week, but instead it's going on now. He'll get out every day at 11am, so it's kind of like a precursor to summer. Once he gets home today, I'm loading him and Mini into the Jeep and we're going shopping.

Mini's birthday is coming up on the 25th, and a few days ago when I went to W/M they had this enormous toy ark with all the animals and Noah, etc. on sale for $7.50. I'm hoping they still have it. It would be a perfect b-day gift. He digs animals, boats, etc. Lots of pieces come with it, so he can have something to toss around too. :p Ah, kids...

For today's pictures, I know they seem pretty random, but when I came across them both(although, particularly the COLON TUNNEL - Cripes, what genius came up with that hideous thing?! And for kids no less...) I couldn't help thinking these folks are all unfortunate victims of photography.

Oh, sure, we've all been victims of the camera at some point or another. But these folks... oh, boy. People - even complete strangers such as moi - are going to be showing these puppies off for years to come. For that reason, these anonymous folks get my "Holy Cow, it's Monday" salute!

Now, doesn't looking at these pictures make you glad to be you? *devil horns* Hehehe! Happy Monday, everyone! ^_^


  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Love the pics! Hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!

  2. Oh man!!! Why would anyone get their picture taken in that... thing?!!? :) Too funny!


  3. What a bizarre tube! So weird!

    Eldest has her finals starting this week. And don't they grow so fast? I remember mine as if I didn't take them that long ago. Scary. *sigh*


  4. Oh lord, that picture scared me!! Happy Mother's Day.

  5. The fact that a Colon Tunnel even exists disgusts me. Eww times three hundred.

  6. Happy Mommy's day to you too, Mia! :-)

    Cole, ROFL! I was wondering that very same thing! I guess they weren't aware that picture could come back to haunt them. Hehe! ^_^

    ME, the pic of the baby about got my eggs in an uproar. He is a handsome charmer. Oh, so cute. They do grow up super fast. It really doesn't seem like Oldest should be in highschool yet, but alas... :)

  7. Happy Mother's Day to you too, Annie! That tunnel is pretty scary... *_*

    ROFLMAO, Isabelle! I agree. I can image some guy sitting around thinking. Hm, I think I'll build a colon tunnel. Ha! ^_^


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