Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday Thirteen...and stuff

Late last night, I finished polishing Chapter one of the wip - I've been moving throughout the manuscript chapter by chapter to ensure I actually read through the material instead of skimming it. When I finally put away the laptop, and the house was sooo quite. Everything was calm. I'm thinking, Woot! Mini doesn't realize he's sleeping in his Diego bed. I'm going to sneak off to the big bed now and be able to sleep flat on my back for once!

Usually Mini will wake up in the middle of the night and crawl into bed with me and hubby. This is very crowded in a queen sized bed, and not recommended if you actually intend to sleep. Per example: Mini likes to sprawl out and kick his legs up on me and his daddy. Nothing wakes you up quite like a kick to the boob at 3 A.M. - trust me on that.

I snuck off into the bedroom - ah, air conditioner and a fan running. Hubby is actually on his side of the bed. No need to shove him over. Now the art of climbing into the bed without waking up the entire house... See, hubby wanted to save money when he bought our bed *giggle* and even though I told him you pay for what you get with mattresses, once he makes up his mind about something, there's no stopping him. So, here we are, months later, cheap mattress and box springs that squeal like a rutting wildebeast in the final throes of death when you climb on the bed. Boy, is it loud, too! I manage to climb in, get covered up. I glance over at the toddler bed... Mini stirs, but only a few toes. Whee! I'm in. I snuggle in and close my eyes.

Two seconds later, hubby stirs, the wildebeast mattress screams in mad pain as he gets up to go for a glass of water. I'm gritting my teeth the whole time. Yep. Here he comes back. Climbs into bed...more mattress screaching. I look over at the Diego bed, and Mini is laying there all sprawled out, but his eyes are WIDE OPEN. *sigh*

One of these nights, I will not have to spend the night sleeping on one side. :P

Anyway, today I hope to get two chapters completed... if I can. I couldn't manage it yesterday, so it may only be wishful thinking. Only four chapters to go though. Not too shabby...

Thirteen symbols that reoccur in my dreams...

1.) being chased by someone – usually in the dark, and I usually wake right before the catch me/tackle me

2.) spiders – big and small, sometimes only spider, sometimes there are thousands of tiny ones . They can be on webs, spinning, or without a web. One of my most common dream symbols.

3.) Frogs – I've had at least four memorable frog dreams. The one I remember best, my first frog dream, I dreamed it while riding in a car on the way to visit my Gran in TX. I was in kindergarten at the time.

4.) piles of laundry - sometimes the piles are small, sometimes they are like rolling mountains of clothes *sigh*

5.) shopping in a grocery store or a drug store ala Rite Aide – nine times out of ten, I'm either shopping for make up, or looking for something I know the store used to sell, but for whatever reason, I get there and walk the store for hours but can't find what I'm looking for

6.) giving birth to animals: kittens (which I dreamed of while pregnant with Mini), puppies, and once even a dragon

7.) a white farm house with a big front porch – looks fairly standard outside. Inside it's painted red, and is freak me out kind of scary

8.) I often dream of water – usually I'm either floating or walking underwater, but I don't need to breathe

9.) My grandmother – I've had at least 6 dreams of her since her death some 14 years ago. Every time I dream of her, she appears youthful. Smiling and happy.

10.) My grandparents' house. I lived there in the early 80s. They moved from that place shortly before they died, but I still dream of the original house. Many good memories of that place. I miss it a lot.

11.) Pets – present and past

12.) I dream of waking up in the backseat of a moving car – and when I sit up to see where I am or what's going on, no one is in the driver's seat.

13.) I've dreamed several times of receiving an inheritance. It's usually a house – large, and white with amenities that scream of the 1970s, *lol* Every time I dream this, though, there is someone angry I'm receiving it.

That's it for me... I'm off to work. Happy Thursday, everyone!

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  1. At first I thought 'oh no, she's dreaming of water. I hope she doesn't pee herself.'
    Leave it to a writer to dream of giving birth to animals. I always felt like I was carrying an alien. It didn't help that at my baby shower a couple of friends who hated my daughter's dad, gave me an alien head that reminded them of his head.

  2. Cora,
    I love weird dreams. I don't ever get any story ideas from them, but I love the really scary ones!

  3. You had a dream where you gave birth to a dragon? That is sooo cool, my friend Lila would LOVE you! lol

    Happy Thursday Cora, good luck with those two chapters...and the bed. ;-)

  4. This was an interesting list, Cora. I dream about my grandma too, as well as others in my family who have passed on. Those dreams are always happy and comforting and I enjoye them.

  5. I know there's a lot of interpretation for those symbols. I guess it would be nice to know too what they mean.

    Thanks for sharing these with us.

    Happy Thursday!

  6. Interesting dreams. Mine are always very much like an episode of some show. It feels completely real, I usually don't know I'm dreaming and I'm doing things I'd be doing in real life. Very strange.

  7. I dream of people I've lost, an empty white house, and animals.

  8. Dreaming of laundry? That sounds more like a nightmare to me!


  9. Wow, Scooper! An alien head? *lol* Now there's an interesting baby shower gift. ^_^ That's cool if you mentioned it, and your friends bought that. Means they are good listeners. *wink*

  10. Hi Demon Hunter! I will analyze dreams for days if they're especially weird. The scary ones I try not to think of too much. lol

  11. Samantha, when I was pregnant with Mini (and before I realized it), I dreamed I was pregnant with a litter of kittens. I felt them moving, and the next thing I know, hubby is hand them over bundled in a blanket and I'm like, "Cute, hon, but what the heck is this!"

    The dragon one was very similar. Only when I unwrapped the blanket, there is this "lizard" the size of a small dog in my arms. I looked at the thing, and was shocked. "Holy mama, a dragon!"

  12. Hi Daisy, great to see you. That's absolutely right. I never considered it, but every dream about my grandma I've had has been a comfort dream. Thanks for the insight! :)

  13. Thanks, Tempest! ^_^

  14. Thank you for visiting, mommyba! :)

  15. That's neat Isabelle! I usually do realize I'm dreaming at some point, and have even thought to myself while dreaming, "If this gets worse, I'm just gonna wake up."

    I know that sounds completely weird, lol.

  16. Thanks for dropping in, Annie! :)

  17. Sheelagh! ROFL! I didn't think of it, but yes, dreaming of laundry does sound like a nightmare! ^_^

  18. Ok, giving birth to animals would probably trip me out. :) I have some of the wierdest dreams sometimes... very vivid, with lots of colors and sometimes I redream them with minor changes.

    Dreams are fascinating things. Course some of yours are pretty darn wierd... you wierdo :)

  19. I have spiders in my dreams way too much as well.


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