Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday 13...among other things...

The fashion gods hath layeth the smackdown on me yet again.

See the necklace? I bought that off ebay - I won't post the ridiculous price I paid for it, but I will acknowledge the fact I knew I was paying too much at the time, and I knew that I was paying in part for that pink price tag attached with the designer name on it rather than the piece of jewelry itself. What can I say? Before bidding, I didn't have a winged heart necklace with an actual red heart. My girly eye for detail squealed with glee when I saw it listed.

I received the necklace yesterday. I opened the box and the sun came out, birds cavorted merrily, clouds parted and angels rejoiced in the heavens... I put the necklace on and I was one smashingly cool 30 something babe, ya know. Gyspy Rose and all that...

All was well in the CZ fashion world - until I went to get ready for bed. Mini was getting pretty tired by that time, and tired = clingy and grippy. Well, I picked him up as I was brushing my teeth and lo and behold, millions of supremely fast, busy little toddler fingers tentacled toward my necklace...and snapped the red beaded strand. ARRRRGGGGG!! *hissing, writhing, wailing, rabid gnashing of teeth and foaming at the mouth- or maybe that was the toothpaste...*

Anyway, on closer inspection, the red strand popped so high up, it's very easily repairable. So, I shall be breaking out the jewelers pliers (which I own for Cabbage Patch rerooting, not for jewelry) and will put the red strand back together again. I hope.

All this has inevitably brought me to today's...

Thirteen fashion faux pas as worn par moi... (most of them intentionally inflicted upon myself, sad as that may seem)

1.) Layered slouch socks. In all my jr. high school pics I have incredibly thick ankles thanks to the three pairs of layered, slouch socks. Oh, but it's hip to be square... decade involved: 1980s

2.) Tree ring pantyhose... (with cut off shorts, baby doll top and spongy black platform wedges.) Channeling my inner Courtney Love, I guess. :p decade involved: early 1990s

3.) Stirrup pants. decade involved: 1980s

4.) Dayglo sweat shirts with zippers. I don't care what Vivienne Westwood says. These look good on no one. decade involved: 1980s

5.) Suspender shirts. Oh my.... and I thought these were just the coolest. A T shirt with suspenders attached to it! Tres chic! The shirts always rode high in either the back or front, and the suspender straps never stayed on the shoulders. decade involved: 1980s

6.) Granny boots with lace trimmed leggings. I blame Madonna. decade involved: 1980s

7.) BIG blonde hair. I still want to be Debbie Harry... just without the bleach and aqua net. decade involved: late 70s - mid 80s

8.) A green and orange plaid coat with white fur trim collar and cuffs. OMG. Mom! You let me leave the house like that?! My only defense is that I was in kindergarten. (Started my bad fashion early, see?) The pic I have while wearing this, I have a spiderman T shirt on beneath it. Ha! decade involved: late 1970s

9.) Flashdance sweatshirts! Oh yeah, I rocked the Flashdance look. 'Nuff said there. decade involved: 1980s

10.) Flannel shirts with... oh, everything. Channeling my inner lumberjack - aka, grunge.
decade involved: 1990s

11.) Long flowing gyspy skirts with lotsa long necklaces. My hippie phaze. decade involved: 1990s

12.) Black, black, and more black. With black eyeliner, a bazillion black bracelets, black nail polish, and teased black hair. Silver jewelry only. Pre-Hot Topic era, so this wasn't an easily pulled off look. I didn't realize until this phaze of my life, that there is more than one shade of black. Not all black clothes match. And black clothes fade like you wouldn't believe! decade involved: 1980s-1990s

13.) Rainbow Brite luuuv goddess rave girl look - aka, the makeup factory/hair color explosion phaze. Baby doll dresses, multi color hair, lots of wacky tights, and rainbow shirts, and baggy pants. The "what the hell was I thinking?" phaze. Thankfully, not many pics of this era survive. decade involved: 1990s

Somewhere in the world, a Goodwill weeps at my generous years of contribution... Happy Thursday 13 everyone!


  1. LOLOLOLOL!!!!! I remember so many of those - but I was beyond many of those fashions, but I do remember (and owned) many mini-mini skirts and go-go boots (1960s-1970s).

    Happy TT!

  2. I think I'm still in my hippy phase, but omg the rest of these...been there done that. lol

    I still remember aqua net or as my friends and I called it, insta-shellac!

    Great list Cora!

  3. hilarious! I may or may not have committed some of those same fashion crimes in the '80's.

  4. Hahaha! I wore knickers in the 80s. KNICKERS! And off the shoulder t-shirts.

  5. Thanks for the heads up....:)

  6. I'm not ashamed to say I'm all about the flashdance sweatshirts! I don't care that the 80s are over. They're cute. LOL :)

    Cute necklace! I hope you fix it!

  7. Welcome Denise! Ooh, go-go boots... I want a pair of those! :)

    Samantha, I've reverted to a hippie phaze myself. Sandals, jeans... okay, maybe a hippie/grunge thing. Ah, comfie. ^_^

  8. LOL! Welcome Deborah! "may or may not have"... hehehehehehe! I love it! ^_^

    Oh, gosh, Annie! Knickers! The kind with the snaps at the knees! Those were cute. Sort of like pre-capri pants. I'd forgotten all about those...

  9. Welcome, Lori! Happy T13! :)

    Isabelle, it's wild the way a lot of the 80s fashions are coming back. My flashdance days are done, though, I'm afraid. Lying on the bed with pliers tugging at a zipper while sucking in trying to get into those too tight jeans. LOL! So many embarrasing fashion memories... BTW, I did manange to fix the necklace! Woot!

  10. LOL! I love this list... I noticed a lot of 80s stuff in there. ;) Gotta love those 80s fashions. Heeee. Heeeeee.

    Hope you can fix the necklace.

  11. I kind of miss stirrup pants. LOL.

  12. Lol...I still wear mostly balck and only silver jewelry *blush*

    And I still wanta look like Debbie Harry too! I actually did used to, until those stupid kids came along.

    Should I even mention my adoration of huge thick socks? :-)

    What an awesome list!!

  13. Boy do I remember stirrup pants. I refused to buy anything resembling them for my girls. Ha-ha!

  14. Yolanda, Lotsa 80s clothes on there, for sure! ^_^

    Scooper and Annalee, what I remember best about stirrup pants is the way they felt under your foot. Like someone lodged a stick in there for you to walk around on all day. Now add that with those funky jelly shoes. ROFL!

    December, I still wear a lot of silver jewelry too. But nothing like what I did as recorded on the list. Not all at once, like TONs of silver jewelry looted from a treasure box. Hahaha! Its a wonder I could stand upright. Some of that old silver costume jewelry is heavy! ^_^

  15. Re: Layered slouch socks.

    Oh god, I had them in all colors *cringe* I thought I was THE bomb LOL


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