Wednesday, May 23, 2007

That. Is. Scary.

Now I know for sure why some kids won't eat their vegetables. Look at that thing!! It looks like it's at some resort, or maybe a theme park. *shivers* Fruit rabbit of my nightmares...

Anyway, the white house is a no-go. Hubby and I viewed it, and definitely not for the asking price. I do believe that's why it's for sale by owner, instead of an agency. An appraiser/bank isn't going to value it for their asking price, hubby and I have been that route before. So, I wish them the best, but the house is not for us. Already though, we have continued the search, and hubby is calling an agency today about a few acres for sale toward town. Maybe that will turn up some promising news.

I finished reading Raintree: Inferno by Linda Howard last night. (Just for the record, I bought it yesterday morning!) In the book Dante Raintree is the Dranir king - which is a paranormal type of king, with oogly boogly powers and all that - as well as the owner of a casino called Inferno. His power is control of over fire, and he keeps candles all over the place so he can tell if his power is getting out of check. Well, one of the gamblers in the casino seems to have a lucky winning streak night after night, and although they can't detect how she is cheating, he has his security manager bring the woman up to his office.

Lorna Clay is "good with numbers", or so she says. She is in fact a precognitive clairvoyant. The minute she steps into Dante's office, every candle in the room flares to life. Dante is immediately taken with Lorna, but it seems he is determined to catch her on the cheating. While Lorna vehemently denies any wrong doing, a fire breaks out in the casino. Dante heards people (including Lorna) downstairs, then he goes to tackle the blaze, but to his own shock, he is unable to put out the flames. The Ansara - rivals to the clan Raintree - have only just begun their quest to kill the Raintree Dranir. And Lorna is caught in the middle...

I really, really liked this book. I don't usually read Linda Howard, *ducks tomatoes* but I've been trying to get my hands on the Silhouette Nocturne books as they arrive in my area. Although it has a cliffhanger type of ending - the book is actually the first in a trilogy - I wasn't disappointed at all. Everything in the main telling of the story found closure, the ending just happens to give the reader that little push into the next book, who I believe is written by Beverly Barton. (The other book in the trilogy is written by Linda Winstead Jones.) So if you're look for something paranormal but a little different, Raintree: Inferno is a good place to start.

That's all for me today. I need to get some kind of writing done, even if it's not usable. Gotta stay in that habit. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! ^_^


  1. That veggie rabbit is freaky stuff. **shudders**

  2. I like Linda Howard so I might check that out.

  3. Oh, I've seen this book at Borders, and I've been tempted to buy it but I wasn't sure. Now I'm going to pick it up. Heh!


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