Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Put Your Back Into It

If you actually remember the song that goes with today's post title, you win 10 bonus points! :P I am also pleased to announce that the mountain of laundry in my hallway has shrunk by half. *much rejoicing* Oldest is out of school today because some teacher meeting type thing is going on, so I will enlist the poor chap's help to get the rest of it finished and put away. Then we can start all over again! Yay.

Everyone in the countryside either visited or called me yesterday. After about the third call, I put the wip aside and made up my mind I'd work on it when hubby came home in the evening. My aunt in Texas called, mom dropped by, dad called... I was on the phone or entertaining most of the day. That is very unusual here. Most days it's just Mini and me. Speaking of Mini, when I took him to play with the toys in his room yesterday, he pulled out this electronic horse-thing on wheels. It has four buttons on it, each with a different shape and color. He surprised me when told me what each of those shapes were without any help from me. He also knew most of the colors. Yellow threw him for a loop, I think, but he knew all the others. Amazing! It's gotta have something to do with all those coloring sessions in the den - which has also taught him to recognize his name on paper. All those episodes of Dora and Sesame Street probably hasn't hurt either... or maybe he just gains the knowledge while visited by extraterrestrials in the middle of the night. Either way, I am one proud mama!

I plan to work on Chapters 4 and 5 of my wip today. Yep. Whittling my way down the pile now. *thumbs up* So, if any of my editors are reading, I'm getting there!

A Heads Up!
This Thursday, there is going to be a smash up interview with author Kelley Armstrong over at the Midnight Moon Cafe. She's going to be giving away a copy of her new book, No Humans Involved. So be sure to check that out. Interesting stuff!

'Nuff said. And here I thought today's post would be super short. Boy, can I blab! Hehe! ^_^ Okay, okay... I need to get to work. (On the wip AND the remaining laundry.)
Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Is it Ice Cube, You Can Do It?

    The first song that popped into my head is Check Up On It by Beyonce, but I didn't think that would be it.

  2. It's a song by Tre Black - Put Ya Back Into It, or some slang something like that. I don't think he (or the song for that matter) ever got very big, but I saw that pic and that song popped right into my head. Ouch! LOL!

  3. OMG, just looking at that picture hurt my back! *laughing* I've got to attack the laundry pile too. Cross your fingers for me.

  4. What a picture! Ouch. Ha, ha.

    Good work on your WIP! Keep it up!

    I started doing laundry today too. The pile was ridiculous.

  5. I remember a time I used to bend like that. Aging sucks...


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