Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dad! (And the Thursday 13)

Guess who gets to eat cake and ice cream today? Ooh, I know, I know! *raises hand* Dad has no idea we're throwing him a party today. It should be fun! We bought him an OC Chopper's cake with all the trimmings. It looks soooo yummy...

No photo of it, though. (The pic to the left is NOT the cake.) I must go and pick up dad's cake today, and finish wrapping the gifts.

In celebration of dad's birthday, today's 13 will feature...

Thirteen of the WACKIEST AND WORST Birthday Presents I've Ever Received (Not to be ungrateful, but sometimes you just open a gift box and think "what the heck?")

1.) A christmas sweater with blinking Rudolph nose. - My birthday is in August.

2.) A Bissel vacuum cleaner, complete with a bazillion torture attachments, from my mom. - The gift that keeps on sucking. (A birthday/late housewarming gift. Dual duty!)

3.) One gorgeously wrapped blue box from an aunt. Upon closer inspection of the tag, I noticed it read, "Happy Graduation, Elizabeth!" *_* Contained a pretty ceramic jewelry box that plays music - a gift I still have.

4.) A large tupperware container of magentic blocks - to give to Oldest. (???)

5.)Two used t-shirts. (Actually two separate gifts. I actually don't mind used clothes, but some circumstaces bear remembering.) One shirt - a Jimmy'z shirt with spiders. I'd admired it on my friend the week before. (Incidentally, she'd swiped it *cough, cough* gotten it used from a cousin of hers. She then boxed it and gave it to me on my birthday. The other T, an aqua blue Guess t-shirt with English Bulldog pups on it. Friend B who gave me the Guess T wore the shirt to a party the week before (I SAW THE PICTURES!) and she told me the shirt was new. I thought that was pretty strange. For the record, I wore the heck out of both shirts.

6.) A gag gift bag with thong underwear, Ky, a bottle of Bean-o, Nair, and red lipstick...along with some more crazy stuff in there. Okay, ladies... so what're you trying to say? :p

7.) Chocolate covered ants.

8.) The scariest babyface crocheted wall hanging you have EVER SEEN.

9.) A half burned candle with a christmas bow stuck on it.

10.) A box of stuffed animals my friend was going to take to the Goodwill, but never did. Box came to me wrapped and everything. Ha ha, very funny. I took it to the goodwill for her. ^_^

11.) The miraculous, amazing, wonderful INVISIBLE pet! Actually a "real" toy. A slightly-larger-than palm sized metal cage with attached water bottle and hamster wheel. Apply batteries and voila! You have an invisible pet!

12.) A copy of Cool Careers for Dummies. Why, thank you very much! ^_^

13.) A tiny vial of glitter-filled pink water on a chain. Front label reads: (large letters) Elixir of Immortality. (And in small microscopic letters.) Do NOT drink! Back label reads: Caution! Contains small parts. Not meant for human consumption. **I love this thing!

There you have it. My 3rd ever Thursday 13! May you have a wonderful day! ^_^


  1. I LOVED your list, Cora! I like #3, the re-gift from your aunt. I've gotten some of those...and I've given them out too. ;-)

    And #13 just cracked me up. Elixir of Immortality--drink it and you will die. LOL

  2. This is one of my favorite TT's every - I laughed my butt off (well, not literally, i wish I could do that, hehehe)

    Anyway, great TT

  3. LOL! My mom is the worst gift giver. I have a bright orange and blue covered wagon to prove it ;)

  4. Happy b-day to your dad! Great TTs!

  5. LOL! Even though the cake in the picture isn't the cake it looks delish! Those are some wacky gifts!

    My brother-in-law & sister-in-law got a BRICK covered in needlepoint done on that plastic stuff as a wedding gift. The yarn colors used were hideous!

    Happy TTing!

  6. You poor thing! Some of those were just awful!

    Special K Family

  7. I'm not sure you could beat that first one. OMG I laughed myself silly picturing it. lol :)

  8. Those are some awesome gifts!!

  9. I loved that list! I wonder if I could trade in my real chinchilla for one of those invisible pets.

  10. Funny list! Made me laugh!!

  11. I don't know...not everything in #6 seems like such a bad gift :)

    Really funny list! The worst gift I ever got was for a wedding present. They were these modern art statues of stick figures that I swear had spent too much time reading the Kama Sutra....LOL...thank goodness for exchange policies!!!

    Happy TT! Jessica The Rock Chick

  12. Funny list, Cora. That is so sweet to have a surprise birthday party for you dad. Have fun! :*)

  13. People are so rude. Come on...a half used candle! Great list. Hope you visit my TT!

  14. Great list. Cool Careers for Dummies. LOL.

  15. The birthday cake looks very colorful and yummy!Happy belated birthday to your Dad!The list of 13 wackiest birthday gifts is hilarious!You'll find some great birthday gifts ideas on my blog though.Have a great day!


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