Sunday, May 06, 2007

Goin' down down baby

Ack! I missed a blogging day. I hate that, but couldn't be helped. We've had people in and out of the house all weekend and tomorrow is Oldest's surgery - we're having to get things ready for that.

I stayed up until midnight last night working on my wip. I have one more chapter to work through, then it will pretty much be ready to go. I'd like to print everything up and give it a read through before I send it though.

So it's almost ready to go. Hopefully by tonight. I promised it on Sunday, but it may be closer to midnight - or even very early Monday morning before I can get it out. I worried over that for a little while today, but with a squalling toddler at my heels and a teenager in pain, I just threw up my hands and decided there are times it just can't be helped. Despite it all, I'm quite happy with the story itself. It's tres hot... and it's over TWICE the length I intended it to be. *booty dance*

I know I'm late on my blog rounds, but please bear with me. Things will be semi normal again after Monday. Once everything is situated, I plan to hit everyone on my blog list and pay a visit. It sounds goofy, but I feel like I'm missing out when I can't make the rounds everyday. LOL!

Off I go, back to the writing cave. Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. Happy Sunday Cora! Good luck on getting the wip done!


  2. Hope all goes with your Oldest's surgery!

  3. YAY for your (quasi-)finished WIP Cora! I knew you could do it! It'll be done and polished in no time, knowing you. ;)


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