Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bad location, Sagging Middle

It seems our house has become the local Mecca for Yu-gi-oh! tournaments. I'm not exactly sure what provoked this, but kids have been showing up right and left to duel with Oldest for the past two weeks or so.

Yesterday, after Oldest got home from school I took him shopping (he wanted cards) and bought the ark for Mini (yay!). Mini fell asleep in the car seat on the way back home, so once we turned into the driveway I told Oldest to unload the Jeep - most of the stuff was his anyway. I unbuckled Mini, and took him in to bed.

Just as I was coming out of the bedroom this beat up old brown truck pulls up into our yard. I'm telling you - this thing looked like it probably wasn't street legal. It had to be a farm truck. I'm thinking, Who the heck is this? This teenager - probably a junior or senior in highschool - which is quite a bit older than Oldest, got out, and slung his back pack over his shoulder.

I looked over at my son, who I felt very close to throttling at that moment and told him, You two had better keep it quiet. Visions of Oldest and this guy getting loud over cards came to my mind. I pictured Mini waking up within seconds of the front door opening. Lucky for me, that didn't happen. They were quiet as field mice - no chewing sounds included. They dueled for HOURS. Sheesh. If only Oldest would put that much effort into his homework...

Speaking of homework... School! Oldest made a 95% on his Phys. Science final. Wonderful news! I turned to Oldest, congratulated him, hugged him after he told me. Then I said to him: Now I know for sure you've been goofing off in that class up to this moment. Busted! :P

Nothing else to report today. I finished my Lora Leigh smutfest yesterday - Tempting the Beast. (An Ellora's Cave Trade PB). It's a very sexy series book following Ms. Leigh's lab created Breed (shapeshifter cats). I typically dig wolves over cats, I guess because in the real world most cats leave the female after mating. Deadbeats. I like these Breed because they aren't anything like that. They're big, hunky, a little on the poor tortured soul side, and they kick ass. Did I mention they're also sexy? Anyway, I guess I'm going to have to find Lora Leigh's other books now, because I liked this one. I hear she even has a few Breed paperbacks with St. Martin out now. I'll have to hit BN.com and do a search...

That's it for me today. Nothing eventful, I know. A bit of a rambling post, so if you've managed to read this far, give yourself a gold star. ^_^

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

That's it for me today.


  1. Sweet, I get a gold star! :)

    Ok, I'm not exactly sure what the Yu-gi-oh tournaments are all about, but I'm amazed that one can be in the process in total silence. That's pretty serious stuff. I've heard the kids at the school talk about them, but never seen it in action. I may have to get a little more nosy. ;)

    I have to do some more reading. The summer is good for that. I think I'll hit the library and just go nuts.

  2. Oh it's like here too, Cora. Both my boys are Yu-gi-oh nuts. They go every Saturday to Books a million where they hold duels. It's crazy, but it keeps them entertained. lol

  3. They were surprisingly quiet, Isabelle. And oh boy, do they take it seriously. Hehe!

  4. LOL! Yes, it's YGO and Naruto here. *sigh* The Naruto is a bit shouty for my nerves to take very long. ^_^

    My Oldest loves going to BAM on Saturday. They do the game play there in our area too - every weekend. Too bad it's not closer, I could drop Oldest off for a few hours and let him play. ^_^


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