Monday, May 21, 2007

Another week starts

The weekend was spent in edits, which I didn't mind one bit. I needed a relaxing change from trying to write as fast and furiously as possible.

Hubby and I also took a break from the usual on Sunday to go check out a house. I really like it. Not the location so much, although it is in the same school district as we are in now. The best part about it is the yard is HUGE. Perfect for kids. There is a fence with three gates running around the entire back portion of the property, plus a barn for storage and a pool. I imagine the pool would have to be dismanted or relined, but it's there. Also, the house itself has huge bedrooms, and the arrangement of them would be perfect for the boys. As for me, call me a domestic, but I *heart* the big kitchen and laundry room. I was looking at the laundry room and it occurred to me just how much JUNK I could store in there! Muahahaha....

Hubby called the owner, but so far we haven't heard anything back. We're wondering if the place will be in our price range because there has to be at least 3 or 4 acres attached to the place. *sigh* If it's overpriced, it's out. From looking it, I know right away I would want to strip all the floors, have them painted, and a layer of epoxy over the top for shine. That alone would cost us several hundred dollars, but it would have to be done because the floors apparently had carpet over them at one time, and the owners stripped it out.

Then there is this window in the den facing the back yard. It's huge, like floor to ceiling huge. And it's just a window. *_* Doesn't make a lot of design sense to me, and I fail to see the point of having it there. Definitely needs a sliding glass door installed or something. Just a few fixes to the place, but those things add up. We'd have to have side money for that, so the house must be in budget or we'll have to keep looking.

Aside from all this, I'm making notes for my next project. I have a new scene planned for demons, and another story I'm toying around with. A string of loose ideas really. Maybe something useable will come out of all of it...

That's it for me. I need coffee and to make a few calls. I hope you all have a pleasant Monday!


  1. I LOVE that picture. LOL Ohhh the joys of coffee.

    You know it's weird, I just posted on my blog today about our issues with our condo and our thoughts about moving. Sometimes situations come up and you have to look around and hope for the best. I've learned it's best not to have your heart set on something, cause when youre looking out of need, you might just have to go where you have to go, not necessarily a place you adore. *sigh* But, as long as its comfortable and warm that's all that matters right? ;)

    Anyway, I hope it's in your price range! It really sounds wonderful!

  2. Sounds like the house is a good possibility. I hope you get it, if that's the one you want.


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