Tuesday, May 29, 2007

2nd Rounds are Done!

I just sent back my 2nd round of edits. Whew! I've been working on them all day, and I'm relieved to have them out of the way. I have a little time between now and the next round to start working on the Rune story I owe Cobblestone Press. That has to be finished and turned in by the end of August. Gotta get jumping on that, or I'll be in another last minute crunch.

Hubby and I got word over the holidays that the people selling the four acres are wanting more money than what we were prepared to offer, so we turned down the property.

As of today, once again we are on the hunt. As soon as hubby gets home in a few minutes, we are taking a ride to go look at a house on 5 acres. We were told the "house needs some work", and depending on what that means will greatly affect our decision. For the price on the place, if we have to do new plumbing or a arrange for a new roof we're gonna pass. The things people are trying to pass off for the price these days will suprise you. For example, there's a termite infested shack down the road from here for $65,000. *shakes head* To tell the truth, I can't imagine a bank that would even finance a place like that...

Today my good writing buddy Tempest Knight, author of Enduring Promise, is blogging about her book over at Dark Ice Goddess blog. Be sure to drop by and check that out!

That's it for me. I need to find where the gnomes hid my shoes (AGAIN!) before hubby gets here.

Happy Tuesday, folks!


  1. Boy, that feeling of sending in completed edits is so, so much better than sending in a completed ms, isn't it?

    I love it, it's my favorite thing in writing. Almost. Okay, I love all of it.

  2. LOL! I love it all too, December. But boy, I do dig sending in those completed edits. ^_^

  3. Wow, you're working really fast on these edits. Excellent! One more round to go and you're done. :)

    I hope you find a nice place soon. I know what you mean about how much people want to sell off their homes. Sometimes I wonder if they pluck a number out of thin air. Lol.

    Have a nice day! And have fun with your Rune story. I'm in the process of getting mine done too.

  4. Oh my goodness, I know exactly what you mean. Remember I was saying I might be selling my place? Yea, no. We changed our mind. The price of some of the places out there... UGLY places! We just couldn't afford it. So we're going to try an upgrade to our condo instead. New appliances, fix some crummy roofing and tile issues. Maybe once it's done I'll be glad we stayed.

    YAY on the second round of edits! You're pretty great with those! :) Mind answering a question for me? What exactly is the Runes series about? They all seem to be different!

  5. Congrats on almost having your rune finished, Yolanda! I put off writing mine and did the werewolf story. Now I need to play catch up. ^_^

  6. Isabelle, the Rune books are all part of a series line Cobblestone Press is putting out.


    There is a list of the books that are currently available as well as a book trailer to watch. I have Thurisaz, the thorn rune, and so mine will have a theme revolving around that. Everyone has their rune theme to work with, and is what their book will be based on.

    Congrats on deciding to fix up your condo. I tell you, if it weren't for my parents needing a place right now, I'd forget about finding something else at all. But they only have a few months to get out of there, so whether it's a place we find for them, or something we find better suited for us... we'll have to choose something. It would probably be a lot easier if my parents were willing to move out of the immediate area, but I guess I can't ask them to do that. It's all very complicated. lol


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