Sunday, April 08, 2007

Save the Bunnies!

Happy Easter! To those that don't celebrate it - Happy Fluffy Bunny day. :-) Yesterday, while hubby and I were shopping, an announcement came over the store intercom that the Easter Bunny was in the house and pictures were $4.00 each if you wanted your pic taken with him. We looked at each other, then down at Mini - who was sitting oblivious to it all in the basket, playing with the candles I'd picked up for a ritual weekend.

We took Mini to the photo section of the store, and he smiled when he saw the person in the bunny costume. We thought, GREAT! However, when we took him out of the shopping cart and sat him on the Easter Bunny's knee, it was a different story. The camera lady caught that magic moment between terror and first yowl. Hubby rescued Mini and the camera lady showed us the pic of horror - "Well, I got a picture, but I'm not sure you want it." Hubby nearly fell out laughing. "Oh, yeah. We want it."

So Mini's first pic with the Easter Bunny is a child squirming, looking over his shoulder with a very pronounced frown on his face. I'm sure there is a horror movie box cover with a similar photo on it somewhere. ^_^ Ah, memories...

Anyway, today we are hiding eggs for Mini, and plan to let Oldest walk him around the yard to find them. Oldest by the way, has a serious foot infection and they wouldn't do the surgery. He's on high potency antibiotics, and they have scheduled the surgery for a later date - when they plan to take both toe nails. *sigh* So the toe saga continues. Poor Oldest.

On Friday, while hubby had taken Oldest to the hospital, I managed to get the rest of the house painted. However, when I moved the old dining table I broke it. *_* We've been planning to get another set for a while. We've gone shopping for them, but I never found "the one". We've come close to buying a few times, but we'd consider it and always put it off. Well, no more time for delays now.

I called Hubby as he and Oldest were on their way home and told them what I did. Basically, the old table pulled apart in the middle and wouldn't go back together. So, when hubby got home, he had to go buy a new dining set. And you know something? Super Man that he is, he listened to the kind I said I wanted all those months ago, and that's what he came home with! Hubby received much sugars and kudos. The set resembles a Piedmont set. It has a dark finish cherry, with a country-style table top and tooled slat back chairs. It's practical and it looks great against the new paint. Woot!

Now for the writing bits...
I'm working on my wip today. It's the first time this weekend, I've had full on writing clearance. Gotta love Sundays! I have one chapter I need to get over. Ugh. It's dragging along. :P That one is destined for the FINAL file today.

Bizarre News Flash...
According to AOL news, a school in Rhode Island has banned the Easter Bunny. He is now simply known as Peter Rabbit. Apparently Easter Bunny is too religious for the school. Law makers are said to be "hopping mad" over this, and have proposed an Easter Bunny Act to keep the old tradition, and to prevent anyone from renaming the bunny to anything else.

I don't typically celebrate Easter; however, I'm doing so for my kids, and to honor my mother's wishes. I have no problem celebrating that way along with Ostara. However renaming the Easter Bunny? Isn't that a little extreme? Personally, I love the Easter Bunny, name and all. Talk about the kill joy of politics. The Easter Bunny doesn't have any real religious significance anyway - unless you consider it's pagan beginnings, which most people don't even recognize. Can't people just leave well enough alone? I always figured if there were people offended by the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus - then they simply wouldn't go have their picture made with him. Now all this unhappy controversy. It's sad. When feeling the need to meddle, why can't people just elect to get a freaking hobby? Because truth be told, I'd really like the Easter Bunny to be around for the dozens of grandchildren I'm hoping my boys will produce for me. ^_^

Speaking of Easter bunnies.... I've made a discovery. The endangered wasabe and ginger flavored chocolate Easter bunnies shown in the picture to the left are available from They have four other exotic flavors too, like curry and coconut. Yummilicious! Long live chocolate bunnies! ^_^

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