Saturday, April 28, 2007

Safety First

I worked on my wip yesterday until I finished the rough draft. I blew my 9k goal out of the water. I'm somewhere closer to 11k. Woot!

Today I have the pleasure of printing up the whole thing, organizing it, and red penning it to death... which is what I'll be doing throughout the weekend. I still have the love scenes to flesh out, and I always save those for last - they are the biggest pain to write. If you're not careful, they become monotonous. And who likes monotonous sex, right?

So, I plan for a busy weekend filled with headaches, insane fits of hair pulling, paper jams, grammar confusion, ink cartridge run outs, and all the other glorious things to do with trying to whip a manuscript into shape.

On another note...I dreamed about spiders last night. Well, a spider actually. I think it was a black widow, but it was kind of hard to tell since the critter was more of a silhouette than anything else.

In the dream, the bedroom was full of dim blue light, and I glanced toward the door and saw this black spider crawl into the room byway of the gap under the door. I watched it crawling around for a minute, it had it's front... thingle hoppers lifted - whatever they're called - fangs, I guess. Oh, yeah, he was pissed. He wanted to bite somebody... very probably ME. An aggressive looking spider for sure. And creepy. So I got up, grabbed one of hubby's work boots and attempted to splat him (the spider, not hubby), but I missed.

The spider went crawling off in a different direction and I went back to bed, but in the dream I couldn't get back to sleep after that because I knew the darn thing was in the room with us, and you know how it is... if you don't squash a problem it can come back to haunt you later on?

Not sure what made me dream about something like that. I'm not afraid of spiders, I respect some are have a venomous bite, etc. But they are everywhere here, they get in the house, you see them in the yard - I definitely don't squeal at the sight of a bug with 8 legs. However they are a reoccuring theme in my dreams, so I'm jotting this one down like all the rest. *nods*

That's it for me. Dora is on, Mini is busy, and I best get the coffee brewing so I can stay awake long enough to handle my business... :P Happy Saturday, friends. I hope your weekend is sunny and bright!


  1. Huh. Those are bizarre. I'm personally terrifed of spiders, so a dream like that would have kept me up all night. (Don't laugh, but I squeal like a girl whenever I see one). But you seem to be on to somethign with your theory. If you don't squash a problem right away it comes back to haunt you. Could that be it? I'm getting all Dr. Phil on you, here.

    Anyway, WOAH on your 11k manuscript! Go girl! You're like ridiculously awesome. Rub off some of that magic writing juice please. Cause we all know I need it. I'm a ginormous slacker.

  2. Good deal on the writing!

    You know, there are some big name actors in a movie coming out called "Bug". I can't go watch it or I'll end up dreaming. That truly sounds like the ultimate horror movie to me. Ick.

  3. I'm in awe of your consistency, Cora. I swear I'm not sure I've written more than a chapter all month. I think I'm burning out and need to take a break without feeling guilty.

  4. Isabelle, spiders don't freak me out, but I squeal like a girly girl when I see a wasp. I am terrified of them! The whole lot of the family thinks it's terribly hilarious. :P Let them, I say. At least I'm not the one being stung. Muahaha! *cough*

    Oh, wait... magic writing juice? Where? Where! I want some too! I've been on a case of the writing skidz since Wicked Temptation came out last year. Darn demons.

  5. Thanks Annalee!

    Really? A movie called Bug? I'll have to do a search for it to find some details. I'm not really into the bug movies much unless they're like... Alien. *lol* Intergallactic bugs.

  6. Thanks, Samantha. I have to force myself to write daily or I break my habit of writing first thing in the morning. But there are some days it's just a blog entry and nothing else.

    Like I told Isabelle, I've hit the skidz since Wicked Temptation. And I know what it is. Burn out. I've been forcing myself with the demon novella, and writing doesn't come that way for me. So, I put it down and my werewolves come back.

    After I finish my obligated stories, though, I am taking a nice, month long break. Guilt free. I'm going to take my kids on vacation, completely read through my TBR list, and then rebuild it. The publishing companies will still be here when I get back. *wink*

    Don't let burn out get to you. Instead take a weekend to read something. We all have to refresh at some point. And by the time you pick up your pen again on Monday you'll be full of things to write about. That's what I'm counting on after my vacation. ^_^

  7. Woooohooo for Cora! Congrats on getting the rough draft done. That's great. :)


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