Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rainy Days Were Made For Writing

It's raining today, so I'm taking my chances that I'll actually be able to post. One of the finer points of country living is the oh-so-reliable internet connection.

Today's picture is the real deal, taken from the door this morning. The windchimes you see are the gift hubby and I selected together for our 16th wedding anniversary this past October. So there's a bit of trivia for you. I wish I could've taken a picture of the sage garden in the front yard, but hubby's bike is blocking the view. :P

I managed to get the printer up and running yesterday. Whee! Late last night I did a massive print up of the wip and began doing a story check. I got to the last few pages and caught several things, so there's not too much left to do there. It's polished about all I can polish it - on those chapters. *relief* I will start on fight scene rewrites today. Those are actually my favorite to work with, as they come more easily to me. Hopefully the rain won't lull me into Zen Cow mode too quickly so I can get something done. *lol*

Stay dry, folks! Happy Tuesday. :)


  1. Nice pic! We have country internet too - a big wind always scares me. LOL

    Good luck with the writing! I have edits to do today too...

  2. That's a gorgeous view. It's not quite that green here, except during rainy season.

  3. I love the rain, though it doesn't do much else but put me to sleep. The sound is so soothing, I can't help but nod off.

    The writing sounds great. I hope you get it all done in time. :)

  4. Love the wind chimes and the view. Best of luck on that WIP!

  5. LOL, Karen! I know about the big wind moments. Here, if a bird lands on the lines, the phones are down. ^_^ Good luck with your edits!

  6. Hi Annie, it is quite green here. Lots of woods and cow pastures, etc. By fall it all looks dried out and skeletal though, lol. ^_^

  7. Same with me Isabelle! The rain falls and I go into zen cow mode. Zzzz... I can't help it! ^_^

  8. Hi Mia! Great to see you around! :)


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