Saturday, April 14, 2007

Raining on my Saturday

Crap weather outside, but I'm hoping to make a trip to the used bookstore. I'm always on the lookout for OOP titles I haven't read. I have a loooong list of futuristics I scout for on a regular basis (at u/b, eBay, and Amazon) , but it seems some of them may be lost forever - and that's really sad.

Hopefully some of those early (and groundbreaking, IMO) authors will dust those old books off and put them up for sale as ebooks somewhere. Come on, ladies! You know who you are. Out of print these days simply means, "my book is no longer in paper format." Get those books online. Put them on Fictionwise and Mobipocket. Get a domain name, or fire up your old one. There are people out there just like me, who wish they'd gotten a copy of your book years ago but missed out. Throw us a bone. Make your book available, and we'll buy it!

From my bookshelf...
A recommended read.

Hm. It's been a long time since I've recommended a book. I didn't realize that. Oh well. What a better time than the weekend, right? My pick for a fun, lounging on the couch, weekend read is Ja-Rael's Lioness , an erotic futuristic romance by Angelique Anjou.
*book contains graphic sex, language, and some violence - 18+ readers only*
Elise is one of a scattered few remaining humans who escaped the dying planet to land on a new, albeit miserable, alien world. She and her shipmates - people Elise is not overly fond of - are barely scraping by, living off mushrooms and getting by with only a few scraps of remaining Earth technology they have left.
Ja-Rael is a Meeri from a neighboring planet. He's catlike, a doctor, and looking to illegally gather enough beasts to take back to his homeworld so he may purchase a mate. However, he comes across Elise and mistakingly believes she is a fabled, maned lioness. In his culture, stealing a female would mean death, but he is determined not to lose such a rare and beautiful creature. He steals Elise away from her encampment, and whisks her away to planet Meeri where he must now hide the fact that he captured her on a forbidden planet, and also the fact that she isn't Meeri at all.
Don't let the drab book cover fool you. This is a fun read. It's not an overly complicated storyline, but Elise and Ja-Rael are a fun couple to follow. There are some truly funny moments in this book. Since Elise and Ja-Rael don't speak the same language, there are quite a few instances where they get their wires crossed, and meaning are "lost in translation". Elise is grouchy, unhappy with her lot, and uncertain of herself a lot of the time. Ja-Rael is patient to a point, but at the end of the day he knows what needs to be done, and he's a guy who always does his job. The sex is hot and frequent, and fitting of the story being that it is an erotic/carnal title. However, if you're not a fan of shapeshifter books, or if the idea of alien-cat creatures and humans getting it on puts you off, this story isn't for you. I personally loved the book, sex and all. Ja-Rael's Lioness is a fun, lighthearted read. Definitely worth a look!
That's all for me today, folks. I must get ready for my outing. Have a great weekend!


  1. Going to the used book store on a rainy day - sounds ideal. My husband loves combing the used book stores for long-lost stories. He usually carries a mental list about books other people are looking for. We could almost open our own used book store with all of our books.

    I enjoyed reading the excerpt - I liked her voice. Thanks for the sneak peak

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Julia! I could while away an entire day at a used bookstore looking for long-lost stories. Great hobby to have. ^_^

  3. Been meaning to read that book... think I may own it in eBook. LOL. I'd have to look.


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